10 Gift Ideas for Bookworms (Books excluded!)

There are only 18 days before Christmas and we can already feel the Yuletide Season! Shops displaying holiday icons, FM radios playing Christmas songs, shopping malls offering great sales are some signs that the festive season is arriving. In this time, the spirit of love is apparent in the air and the art of giving gifts is also common. Along with that comes the most common problem some of us have – what shall I give him/her?

For this post, I am offering my list of gift suggestions for us, bookworms! Who else? Now, for a change, and as what the title suggests, this list won’t contain any book recommendation. Instead, I came up with some things that I feel are necessary for our lives of living with books.

Let’s cut the chase and go to these gift ideas!


1. Kindle/E-book readers. I know some vowed to read the printed words, but the world is changing and we cannot ignore the advantages a portable reader has. Amazon recently released Kindle Paperwhite and there are good reviews about it. Living in a country where Amazon is not that popular, many of us here do not own a Kindle, but I think I will try to own one in the future.


2. Bookbags. For those who love hard copies of books, a book bag will be your best friend. This ensures that your loved and well-valued books won’t be exposed with the elements, unless you joined them with chocolate wrappers inside your bag. More importantly, a book bag will enable you to travel more books with you wherever you go.


3. New and better bookshelves. I think it is already given that we have our own shelves, but as we acquire more books, the world of our beloved pages become small and we need to purchase another house for them. So there goes another bookshelf.bookmark2

4. Stylish bookmarks. Even some books do not want us to put them down and instead finish in one sitting, some still need breaks so bookmarks are necessary! Find something that will surely fit the reader’s personality, and you will immediately get one score in the reader’s heart.bookends

bookends25. Unique bookends. If you have enough space in your shelf, the next problem will be on how to ensure that your books won’t fall over. Bookends are created for this. Try to get something with unique design, too!booklight

6. Bendable book lights. Even if our eye doctors prohibit us from tiring our eyes much and using them even in the dark, nothing can stop us from finishing a novel. So thank you for those who devised this new creation – book lights! This takes us the hassle from reading in the dark by clipping the device in the book. No need to light up the entire room, then!highlighter

7. Flag highlighters. Some of us highlight our books for those quotable quotes a character mentioned. Some even want to mark an entire page because of an important revelation in that installment. Whatever the case may be, we do not have to damage our books by putting dog ears on them. With highlighters and post-its, we can save folding our books and decreasing its value.

journal8. Notepad/journal. Others may find actions mentioned in number seven horrifying, so they are contented writing quotes and other things in a journal. Or sometimes, they use this to list the books they have read/wanting to read for a month!

bookworm sofa9. Comfortable couch (foot rest can be an option). Nothing can compare with the feeling of seating in your favorite chair in the center of the room while reading a book. Try to buy a design as above so you will really feel surrounded by books!

rick riordan shirts10. T-shirts and coffee mugs bearing favorite authors and characters. For fans, we love to have some book memorabilia – may it be signed books, t-shirts, mugs. These things remind us of the authors and characters we know and loved and they inspire us to read more.

So there goes my list of gift ideas for bookworms. There are other nominees, and should you think those two are not enough, here are the other three which did not make it to the top ten.

coffee1. Hot cup of coffee, chocolate, or tea. Others prefer to concentrate deeply in what they are reading, while some fellows like me love to drink something while drinking. For us, another gift idea could be a hot drink while we read. It can be a bag of Arabic coffee or pure green tea.moxy fruvous

2. A CD of Moxy Fruvous’ My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors. This album has the song My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors which tells the story of a man who loves a bookworm and their lives together. It is hilarious, but true.perfume

3. Perfume which smells like book. Bookworms love the smell of books, and perhaps some wants to smell like one!

That’s it for now. I will be going to my company’s holiday party tomorrow and I hope to get some things I have mentioned above. Just kidding! I hope this list helped you in considering what to get for your bookworm friend/lover. If you have any other gift ideas, please feel free to comment below and share your thoughts. 

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94 thoughts on “10 Gift Ideas for Bookworms (Books excluded!)

  1. I personally love the smell of books; but I doubt my list would have “perfume which smells like books” on the list. :))) I know you meant well, cookie, but… hahahaha!!!
    See you at the party tomorrow dear!

  2. What about a book tokens to buy more books?

    My parents are going to buy me a bookshelf (owed from my 21st birthday but I’ve nowhere to put it) when I finally move home. I’m much too excited about filling it and I haven’t even got it yet.

    I don’t use little bending lights. There’s nothing that beats a proper cup of coffee and a book.

  3. Those are such fabulous gift ideas! I recently got an e-reader for my birthday from my fiancé, though I certainly wouldn’t mind getting those bookends or that amazing couch. I once sent him a really fancy customized bookmark from this site: http://kyledesigns.com The end results turned out great. 🙂

  4. I <3 my kindle. It's not the paper white one but when I need to read in the dark, I just read on my tablet since it also has a kindle application.

  5. I am one of those people that find the actions outlined in #7 horrifying but I do love #8! I have a few journals already with little references to situations or quotes in books that I can refer back to. Plus, bookmarks are a fabulous idea! I’m always losing mine or putting them down and forgetting where they are when they aren’t in a book so they are always a great idea for me.

  6. Great list!! Other bookworm ideas: bookplate stickers (“from the library of…”) and fingerless gloves to keep your hands warm when they stick out of the covers to hold your book up.

  7. I like the idea of fun bookmarks, but only if they are also sturdy! I have one that I made my first year of teaching with my students as a holiday gift. It’s basically a strip of folded file folder covered in wrapping paper with a magnet on the ends so that when you put it between two pages, it sticks together and can’t fall out!

    It’s my favorite bookmark and it has lasted 5 years!

  8. One more item to add to the list…someone with a nice soft voice to read a book to you when your eyes are tired and you just want to sit and listen…now, is that so much to ask for??!!

    1. Really? How lucky you are! I wish I have a huge world map in my room, but Mom detested the idea so I would settle for globe bookends. Good thing you have them! I like book bags, but they don’t last for me. Too heavy things inside kill them. 🙂

  9. Love the Moxy Fruvous idea! I haven’t heard someone mention their name in quite some time.

    And thanks for turning me on to Demeter! I have never heard of them before and I don’t wear perfume but this company could change that.

    1. Wow. You know them? Very few people know about this, I think. In fact, I won’t know about this good song without the help of my friend, Micah. She introduced me to this song and I love it!

      I also don’t wear perfume most of the time, but perhaps a bookish scent will do 🙂

  10. I do love my notebooks. I’m always looking for new shapes and types. And pens, different kinds of pens. ^_^ Great list, although the perfume not so much for me, and definitely no highlighters for my books! I’m one of those people :). Funniest thing, I fought Kindle for a while, but, I ended up getting one. It makes reading so much easier. I’d add sticky notes, colorful sticky notes. 🙂 I love you lists, Gongjunim, great post!

    1. Lovely as always 🙂 My notebooks are so East Asian inspired – lots of flowers and cute characters, panda, frogs, and rabbits! I love different kinds and colors of pens, too. Aha. So now you have a Kindle? Lucky you! I think I will want to get one in the near future. It seems a lot easier, indeed. Oh, Kindle, Kindle~~~

  11. Book smell perfume?!?! I’d never heard of that before – how cool is that? 🙂 Last year, I tried making bookmarks myself as a gift, that’s certainly fun, especially if you go a little crazy and inventive. 🙂

  12. Hey Princess were are you. Haven’t been posting. I like your reviews. Something with coffee is my favorite. Anyhow , look forward to your future post and that cute smill of yours.

    Chef Randall

  13. These are great ideas!
    I already have a book light but it has only one head. The one you pictured here looks much more convenient.
    I had no idea book-scent perfume existed. Brilliant!

  14. Love the idea of bendable book lights. Never come across them before. I presume they are battery powered. Any more comments on them? Do they work well? How long do the batteries last for? Any particular model you recommend?

    1. Acrually, I haven’t tried one myself though a friend told me that yes, they are battery operated. As for how long it will last, I guess it depends on how long you read using it. I’m sorry I cannot recommend a model right now as I haven’t tried one.

  15. What a nice varied list, I loved it especially the book lights that looked like they would work well, the music-hmm, the scent–who knew? My favorite recliner chair is next to a book shelf and has lighting on both sides, an adjacent table with a spot for a mug of mocha hot chocolate and a heavy duty lap robe to keep me comfortable while reading. And yes I’m horrified by #7, marking in books, no please don’t…

      1. yeah my husband is a welder and he made some kind of gear thing that looks pretty cook but it turned out didn’t work right so i use that to separate some of my books, like the ones i’ve read from the ones i haven’t… it works pretty well…

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