30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 10 (A photo of you taken over ten years ago)

For today’s challenge, I have to post a photo of me ten years ago. Actually, I am a bit shy to post anything because a photo taken a decade ago would hint my current age. Hmm, Oh well. Here it goes:

This was taken during the commencement exercise as I finished grade school. See my short hair there? I was feeling confident to wear any hair style at that time. Clue word: at that time. I have natural wavy hair so I feel a bit self-conscious now when I see my crown looks outrageous in the graduation photos.

The school required the students to march in their procession wearing white dress for girls and white long sleeves with black slacks for boys. Therefore, I was captured wearing the “ethereal” white dress. I was feeling proud then, being the one to choose the design myself. Haha! I don’t know now if that proves my weak fashion sense. And oh, the white socks and black shoes wasn’t my idea!

In both images, I was called in the stage for different reasons. I graduated as a valedictorian and thus have these crazy awards that made my parents complained whenever they had to go up and down to wear the medals around my neck.

I remember this day as a very happy one. It’s like my entire family (both nuclear and extended) were there for the event. Haha seriously. After the program, we went out to celebrate. When we arrived home, we also had a mini-party. There were so many gifts, but I could only remember a huge illustrated English dictionary (my favorite) and a brand new mobile phone (my third or fourth, I guess).

My elementary graduation photos. How about you? When and where were you ten years ago?

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