30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 11 (A photo of you taken recently)

Before I answer today’s topic, I want to post a photo in relation to my previous blog entry. In Day 10, my photo ten years ago was my elementary graduation photo.

A decade after, here is my university graduation shot:


I graduated with a bachelor degree in International Relations. Wearing a goofy smile, I was holding my medal for getting a Latin honor in my studies.

Since I guess this won’t classify as really “recently”, here are my photos taken a month or weeks ago. Warning: I really look ugly.

in my cousin’s wedding

with my oh lovely baby cousins

Comparing now, aren’t you? Well, some say I looked different ten years ago – I gained weight which helps me not to look as malnourished a decade ago. On one hand, others insist that I still look the same even though I always wear my hair straight these days.

So what do you guys think? Did I “improve” that much? LOL XD

26 thoughts on “30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 11 (A photo of you taken recently)

      1. See, now you read other people commenting with the same tone, you do believe me when I said ‘you are gorgeous’, don’t you? Ah, don’t give me another blush, that won’t work this time. 😉

        Subhan Zein

      1. Yup i felt it 🙂 or maybe my eye sight is bad however 🙂 beautiful 🙂 I know you will be wearing white color in your marriage 🙂

              1. I always see beauty through words and heart 🙂 not in face 🙂 If a person is blind he knows which is the real beauty is 🙂

                    1. I see the inside beauty of a person though sometimes I guess it is only human nature to appreciate and/or notice the outside beauty easier than what is inside.

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