30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 12 (A song that you want played at your wedding)

I suddenly woke up by the growing voices outside the room. “God, let me get more sleep,” I silently pleaded. I was beat and harassed for the last few days that catching some z’s seemed impossible. Oh well, I’ll reunite with my neglected bed as soon as the preparations are finished. “Preparations for what?” my sleep-deprived brain asked my being. “For what?” Oh! Then I bolted out of bed.

I pulled my robe and made myself decent before I opened my hotel room. Outside, familiar faces crowded the doorway, all speaking at once. “Okay, okay. I got you guys,” I said while looking at them with my hands held up. “We’ve been preparing for this for more than three years. We got this. Now, let’s do it one step at a time.”


 “What’s taking so long?” I asked for the nth time. I’ve been fidgeting in my seat as I impatiently wait for a go sign. So far, nothing of a sort happened and it was making me feel more agitated. “Mom? Don’t you think something bad happened in there?” My mom glanced at my dad with an I-don’t-know-why-she’s-crazy look then answered, “Don’t let your nerves control you. Smile. Today is your day.”

Yes, today is my day. I gazed at the enormous gothic cathedral where the ceremony is about to take place. “This is definitely my day,” I murmured as I scanned the holy ground and find those flower decorations we have agreed months ago. We were so busy at that time, all those things passed so swiftly. Now looking at the product of those plannings, I breathe a sign of relief.

My reverie was broken by a light tap in my window. “Ma’am, you’re in,” the head coordinator beamed at me. I could count the days we spent together to make this day as perfect as it should be. I am grateful that even those mood swings and sudden business meetings, she remained as friendly yet professional to me.

I went out of the white vintage Rolls Royce followed by my parents. My mom’s eyes were already misted. “Oh, mom. I won’t die,” I joked. “This is far from a death sentence to me,” her daughter assured her.

Taking a deep breath, I gave the coordinator my nod.

The double doors opened and I was arrested by the beauty of what was in front of me. The church was so grand today, I mused. Hmm, understatement of the year. White flowers intricately decorated each pew.  A sea of faces vaguely registered. A sonorous voice broke my trance. The coordinator smiled at me.

I smiled back and looked ahead. I took my first step to eternity.

Another day passes by, I’m dreamin’ of you
And though I know it might be just a dream, dreams come true
Somewhere, somehow I’ll find you even though it takes all of my life (all of my life, oh)
And when I finally do (and when I finally do)
I know inside my heart (I know inside my heart)
That there could be no doubt, I knew it from the start

More steps, then I reached where my parents stood. My mom was crying her heart out. I wanted to comfort and assure her again that I won’t receive any gunshot today, but I couldn’t bring myself to joke again. Something was caught in my throat. Well, someone ought to cry during a wedding. My mom would probably receive an award for that.

I continually walked with beaming faces all around me. I wasn’t sure if they were enviously gazing my wedding dress which took a while to be made due to my consistent changing of designs or at my Asiatic wild lilies which looked like fresh picks from the wilderness. Or is it because I’m glowing inside out; the captivating beauty of a bride?

Haha, I laughed internally. I was getting crazy. “Stop your monologues, Monica,” I scolded myself. I instead concentrated in my dainty bride steps.

(you are the one)
You are the one that I’ve been searching for my whole life through
(you are the one)
You are the one that I’ve been looking for and now that I have found you
I’ll never let you go, I’ll hold you in my arms ‘coz you are the one

Few steps closer then I reached my man. He was wearing his goofy smile and his eyes – watery? Oh. Perhaps he’s already concerned of how expensive this “simple” wedding cost. “Don’t be a sissy,” my alter-ego reprimanded me. “Be serious!”

Dad made the traditional “transferring” of the daughter to her husband-to-be and when I accepted my groom’s arm did he only breathed a sign of relief.

Forever is meaningless word even though you’re here with me
Here by my side, here in my heart

We faced the altar and walked to it. The song “You are the One” by Serenity stopped.

The priest smiled to us and opened his mouth to start the ceremony.

That’s when I woke up. And found myself in the bed, currently 22 years old. Oh. A literal dream wedding.

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    1. The lucky guy? I hope he feels lucky when this day comes 🙂 For now, he is just a figment of my imagination. Currently unattached. ^^

    1. Oh no, far from it! I don’t even have a boyfriend 🙂 Yesterday’s topic is about a wedding song so this was my post.

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