30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 16 (A song that makes you cry)

I love music and I especially like songs which have good lyrics and meanings. I admire songwriters who have the ability to put into words a certain feeling a person can have. Those songs can really move me. Sometimes, even instrumental music can do that to me. One piece by Yiruma, titled “Loved Me” is an instrumental masterpiece which mostly leaves my eyes watered after listening to it.

For a song that makes me cry and feel so burdened, I guess a song from a Filipino singer will be my answer. The song is titled “Let Me be the One” by Jimmy Bondoc.

I don’t like conflicts in relationships. And of course, break-ups. I think everyone does. I guess my own failed relationships in the past molded the personality that I currently have. Yes, I have been stronger, but along with that, I also became cynical.

“Let Me Be The One”


Somebody told me you were leavin’

I didn’t know

Somebody told me you’re unhappy

But it doesn’t show

Somebody told me that you don’t want me no more

So you’re walkin’ out the door

Nobody told me you’ve been cryin’

Every night

Nobody told me you’d been dyin’

But didn’t want to fight

Nobody told me that you fell out of love from me

So I’m settin’ you free


Let me be the one to break it up

So you won’t have to make excuses

We don’t need to find a set up where

Someone wins and someone loses

We just have to say our love was true

But has now become a lie

So I’m tellin’ you I love you one last time

And goodbye

Somebody told me you still loved me

Don’t know why

Nobody told me that you only

Needed time to fly

Somebody told me that you want to come back when

Our love is real again

[ref then bridge]


Just turn around and walk away

You don’t have to live like this

But if you love me still then stay

Don’t keep me waiting for that final kiss

We can work together through this test

Or we can work through it apart

I just need to get this off my chest

That you will always have my heart


This song is like a plea from a man to end things between him and his girl. The first two lines of the chorus really pain my heart:

Let me be the one to break it up

So you won’t have to make excuses

Most split-ups are really messy. More often than not, the couple ends up in separate ways and promise never to contact each other again. Only few settle to become friends. Why? I know you guys know this already, but the heartache of breaking with the one you used to love can really make someone’s world go upside down. More importantly, the reasons given why a couple must break-up can definitely burn bridges. Sometimes, they also make scars to those who were dumped. Results? Vengeance, low self-esteem, vow never to be involved again, etc.

Why this song makes me cry? Hmm. I think the theme of selfless love is obvious in the song. The man really loved his girl and is willing to set her free. He feels that she is no longer happy with their relationship and even if he still loves her, he decided to be the one to end things between them. He may not know her true reasons, but he doesn’t want her to give and invent excuses why they must split. As I have mentioned in the paragraph above, giving reasons for break-ups may only aggravate the crumbling relationship between a couple. It may only worsen things. In the end, the guy still wants to be a gentleman and be the one to break them up.

I don’t wish this to happen to you, but if you find yourself in a relationship that is no longer healthy between you and your partner, what will you do? Will you be the one to speak up and end things? How do you handle break-ups?

9 thoughts on “30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 16 (A song that makes you cry)

  1. A solution can be found only by speaking or else it will burden them as well as their surroundings too. It’s better to be frank, open heart and practical while making decisions….

      1. Life is a mixed one… when you break up once or twice in your life, you will be knowing how to handle things….experience makes a man/women perfect 🙂 Hopefully you will handle it well too 🙂

  2. i attended one of jimmy bondoc’s concert back in 2004 and he shared that someone committed suicide because of this song after a break up. jimmy nearly cried. you might want to check his song “the man i was with you”.

  3. A song that makes me cry..”You are my sunhine”
    Especially this part -> “You’ll never know dear~ How much I love you” ㅠ.,ㅜ
    So sad~~
    “You make me happy~~when skies are gray” oh~~ so sad~~ but it is real good ^^*
    “Please don’t take my sunshine away~~” Oh my~~ so sad and good!!! ^^*

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