30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 19 (A talent of yours)

Hello my dear readers. The topic for today filled me with dread. Perhaps after giving my answer for the question for this day, some of you might stop reading my posts or even un-follow my blog.

You see, the theme is “A talent of yours”. It took me a long time to answer this one. Lovelies, I’m sorry to say, but I think I am a very untalented person.

I believe talent is something that you have since you were born and honed as you grew up. I’m not sure there is anything in me that could classify as a talent.

Singing. I love music and singing, but that doesn’t follow that I’m good at it. Oh, but I’m always in tune. Due to media, I have this connotation that a talent for singing equates belching Mt- Everest-high notes while sitting or lying down. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that. Earlier today, a friend and I went to Music Bank, a huge karaoke house. After singing a few songs, my friend commented, “Why do you choose male/rock band music?” Hehe. But aside from videoke singing, I always participate in choir. Yes, choir! I was once a member of my church choir and Glee Club in high school.

Acting. Since time immemorial (okay, exaggeration here), I’ve been recruited to a lot of acting organizations. I even remembered someone asking my parents’ permission for me to appear on TV (yes, television!) commercial. I think I was in my early years in grade school and was extremely thin (if you complain about thin crust pizza, well, perhaps that’s how I looked). What’s funny? They were persuading me to advertise a children’s milk brand! Hilarious. Perhaps no one will buy that milk if the model looks like a walking stick.

However, I starred in different Broadway extravaganza events in high school. In university, I applied for fun in our drama club, Tanghalang Batingaw, and was immediately accepted. Uh, not that immediately, because one must showcase his/her acting capabilities before the panel (yes, like Philippines’ Got Talent) will deem the person “acceptable”. At one point, I was chosen to be the leading lady in one of the plays, but I didn’t feel any special about it.

Declamation/Oration/Storytelling. I think since I was four or five years old, I was ALWAYS volunteered to join such contests. Really. Even if I didn’t want to. When I was a bit younger, it was storytelling – fables, Filipino legends, to even popular fairytales. In my later years in elementary until high school, it was declamation.

My crazy high school, a specialized public high school system in the Philippines that operates as an attached agency of the Philippine Department of Science and Technology, is an institution which offers scholarships to Filipino students who are gifted in the sciences and mathematics. Admission to the PSHS is by competitive examination only. The system is known to have a very challenging curriculum which produces the best professionals in the country. But the students there were not only honed by advanced and killer science and mathematics subjects, but also English. In my school, we have a month or two of English celebration. Even if my country’s native tongue isn’t English, the school believes that making the students feel comfortable with the language will help in their future career in both domestic and international world. So during our English months, we always had competition for those three things I have mentioned in the paragraph above. I was always chosen (believe me, I don’t know why) to participate in declamation and oration. It was fun, especially when I got the first or second place because it means exemption for upcoming major exams.  🙂  But did I feel talented? No.

Foreign languages. In my About Page, I think I have mentioned that I have background in speaking Filipino (my native tongue, but always feel like speaking in tongue twisters), English (of course), Japanese (studied for two years in university), Mandarin Chinese (studied for one semester and few more times with my Fil-Chinese friends) and Korean (self-study and from tons of my Korean friends). Well, I am not so fluent with the last three, but I can understand more than the beginners. When I was in Japan last 2009, I felt like I could understand 80-85% of what the Japanese strangers are saying and 90% for my coordinator and foster family. I could also read and write Hiragana and Katakana, but only know less than a hundred Kanji characters. As for Mandarin, it became easy with my knowledge for Nihongo, but the accent and the characters made me insane sometimes. For Korean language, it was so easy. Really. I learned reading and writing Hangeul since I was in high school, long before I even met my first ever Korean friend. Aha! Also because of history, I know a bit of Spanish, too. 🙂

Some people say that I have a knack in learning foreign languages. I don’t know if it is true, but I feel comfortable and interesting speaking in different tongues. Well, perhaps my parents prohibiting me from speaking Filipino (English policy) when I was young may be a factor.

Writing. I’m a very talkative person and if you really know me you can easily see that I have I have a short attention span for some things. Result? I talk and write randomly about anything I see or think. More often, I will talk or ask about something that just popped inside my head. Seriously. Sometimes I wonder if I even make sense in what I’m talking  and writing about, but another part of me is saying, “Don’t bother”. And oh, yeah! I think I also like to argue with myself. Ha-ha. So do I have a talent for writing? I don’t think so. Do you?

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  1. Don’t be ridiculous, you cannot say you have no talent after a big long list like that! I don’t think that talent is something you feel special about. I’m sure the greatest writers did not walk around, saying: Oh, I’m such a talented writer! They just did what came natural to them, what they felt they HAD to do to be truly themselves, and that’s what your talent is. So even if it does not feel special to you, I think you have a great talent for languages and you also have a talent for writing! And probably all the other things, but I’m reserving judgment until I’ve actually heard you sing. 🙂

    1. Hahaha funny comment, but thanks! I really can’t say I am talented with those in my list, though I have to agree with you that people don’t often brag telling others about talent. I think that talent is something others, and not yourself, recognize, If someone says you are a talented writer, then perhaps you are.

      Oh, Filipinos really love to sing. I’m not sure if singing loves me, too. We’ll see. 🙂

  2. I think your post shows that you do have talent for writing. And oh my, you can speak a lot of languages!
    I don’t think I have talent for writing, and my English is not that good, but that doesn’t stop me from writing often. 🙂

    1. Thanks for you kind words. I cannot speak 100% with those languages, but I can say I am in conversational level, except for Mandarin. Your blog is so wonderful, and I disagree that you don’t have a talent for writing. Reading your posts about Korean-foreigner relationships are so helpful especially to others who are experiencing the situation you are delving in your posts. Good luck in everything and please send my regards to Kimchi man.

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