30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 24 (A movie no one would expect you to love)

Unlike books, I don’t spend much time watching movies. Sure, I go to cinemas at least once a month to watch in silver screen, but I think I haven’t watched enough movies. If I may put it in ratio, perhaps the rate will be 15:1 in favor of the printed words. I don’t have anything against films; it’s just that I find it more interesting and personal to read stories in fine details in a book than to spend watching it come to life in cinemas. Even though a movie may take only two to three hours compared to a day or two for a book, I still prefer the latter.

So if someone asks me if I have watched this movie, I mostly answer in a negative. I only have few movies in my memory bank that I found it a little difficult to answer today’s challenge. Alas, as I was accessing my previous email accounts, I found an inspiration.


I was in grade school when I first watched the movie, “A.I” or Artificial Intelligence. It was directed by no other than Steven Spielberg, but was originally a concept of Stanley Kubrick. A science fiction drama set in the 22nd century, it tells about a story of David, a child android programmed to have the ability to love humans.

As usual, I won’t go into details for those who haven’t watched it. I’d just discuss here the reasons why I unexpectedly like this movie. Well, I am not a fan of sci-fi. I find advanced movies set in the future not too high-tech and instead a bit silly. Yeah, the world may not be far from being ruled by humanoids and flying trains, but I don’t think getting too excited about future events and turning them into a movie is a good approach. In time, we will all go there (supposedly we’re still alive by then) so there’s no need to rush. Even though I commend those brilliant minds with imagination as wide as the galaxy, I am still not enamored with science fiction.

But why do I like this film? The family drama at the first half of the story shows that even in the advanced years of the world, emotions still prevail. That is something I am often afraid for in the future. With the rise of mechas and autobots, it may come a time when human feelings will only be found in antiquated books. But in this movie, the characters were guided by emotions. Another reason, which is connected to the first one, is the universal need to be loved and belong. This was very much seen in the character of David, who, as an android, possessed these emotions. Up until the end, his only dream is to be loved by my namesake, Monica, his adoptive mother.

Most of all, I like this movie because of its shift from a family drama to violence to fairytale. I’m a sucker for happy endings. In the end, David had his wish to be loved. He had Monica for himself and even had the opportunity to sleep with his mom. As Monica drifted to her final sleep, David also went to a place where dreams exist.

Have you watched this movie? If you haven’t, I hoped this writing has piqued your curiosity enough for you to search it. This post will be open to your comments and reviews!

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7 thoughts on “30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 24 (A movie no one would expect you to love)

      1. Hmmm…. I could list hundreds of books but, movies? Most sci-fi movies are about the tech, or politics. I guess Avatar comes close because the main character changes his understanding of the world but…. :/

  1. l also liked that movie, but for me it is not unexpected because I really like science fiction. Although, I must admit that sci fi is one of the genres with worst quality movies so it is really difficult to find something good.

    1. Oh, amazing! I don’t find a lot of people liking that movie. More often than not, they haven’t watched that movie. Haha. I was like eleven or twelve when I watched that film and was very fascinated especially with the blue fairy. 🙂

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