30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 26 (A childhood memory)

There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.  ~Elizabeth Lawrence

Even as a child, I was a loner. Playing with other children my age was okay, but I prefer being alone. I didn’t like to play outdoors, especially under the scorching heat of the sun, for fear of sweating too much. I had this (strange?) outcome that whenever I feel hot and sweaty, I was easily pissed. Until now. So I rarely go outside to play. Instead, I found companions in the forms of chess and other board games, and of course, books. My parents could leave me in a corner for a day with those mentioned things plus food and I’ll be good for the day. Simple as that.

So I didn’t have much of childhood friends. If ever I changed my mind for a day and play, it would be with my siblings and cousins. Especially my sister.

My younger sister, Muriel, is a year younger than me. Being the eldest child, I never, according to my parents, had that elder child syndrome of being jealous with the new born sibling. At that moment, perhaps all I could think of (if a one year old already have that much to think) would be “Yeah, I’m not alone!”

We grew up very close together. More often than not, we were taken as twins! My mom had this phase to clothe us in matching outfits – shirts, shorts, jumpers, shoes, hairstyle, accessories, you name it. I think it lasted until I was ten? Gah. When we learned how to protest on my mother’s hilarious and extremely embarrassing way of clothing us, she made her way to adjust: same style, different color things! Really. I had blue Mickey Mouse shirt, she had red. Blue eyeglasses for me, pink for her. Red Converse for me, gray for her. And so on. It’s like I had a twin born a year later. LOL.

Even though many people looked at us whenever we go out, perhaps trying to decipher how come we wore same outfits but looked far from identical twins, we tried not to care. We were best friends. We always had fun together even when she tried to copy me when I wanted to be independent from my mom’s fashion style. We always had each other. My younger brother came six years after; long enough for my sister and me to be too close, stronger than your Hydrogen bond.

Now, for today’s post I will share you one of my excursions with my younger sis. Photos were taken at Euroland Garden with my two aunts.

my sister and I

These photos remind me of my happy childhood with my sister, and later, with my brother. It was fun, especially when I was in the mood to socialize with others. I am blessed to have siblings as I think I could be a real anti-social if my parents didn’t give them to me. I value them.

Do you have a sister? Or a brother? How was it like when you were kids? 

6 thoughts on “30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 26 (A childhood memory)

  1. You’re sooo cute! Both of you! I’m the oldest of five children, one brother and three sister, and I adore having siblings. We fight a lot, but we’re also always there for each other, no matter what. That’s so fabulous about family… 🙂

    1. I agree with you, not with the point that I was cute LOL. No matter how much you fight, you are stuck with one another. As we grow, we had a sort of sibling rivalry but it also passed. In the end, we realized that we do not have to compete with each other. We must be friends and sisters forever. 🙂

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