30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 7 (Five things you couldn’t possibly live without)

For today’s topic, I am supposed to write some things that I couldn’t live without. It wasn’t that easy to think for my answers in this entry. Why? I believe I can think of more than five things for this and prioritizing them will prove to be a little difficult. However, after some thoughts, I came up with these five valuable items:

  • Mobile phone

I think this is the most important thing for me. We live in a globalized and highly electronic world where everything can be reached or done by this powerful gadget. As the fastest way of communication, almost everyone owns this.

I cannot live without my mobile phone. It is my tool for connecting with my friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. I use it for SMS, E-mail, online messengers and chat, music, reading, etc. I think you know all the advantages of owning a phone so I won’t make this long. Good job my brainy readers! 🙂

  • Food

If you know me personally, you will be a living testament on how much I love eating. A lot. Like every two/three hours eating. Yeah, yeah, I know what your next question will be. “What is Monica’s weight?” I won’t give an exact number, but for my reader’s peace of mind I’d like you guys to know that I haven’t reached the 45kg mark, but is instead always classified as underweight.

So food. It’s a no-brainer to know that this must be included in today’s theme. I mean, who can’t live without food? Even those in hunger strikes try to grab something to munch secretly.

  • Books, eBooks, newspapers, and sometimes magazines (collective answer)

You guys probably know that I love reading; it feels like second to breathing. I read almost everything that is interesting to me. May it be  a sign post, back of cereal box, medicine information, nutrition content, broadsheet, magazine, journal, book – you name it I read it. My life isn’t complete if I cannot read something, especially a book, over a few days. Like a drug addict, books are my meth.

  • Shelter

Like item #2, this is one of the basic necessities for man. Living in a tropical country will prove to be a challenge if you don’t have a cozy home to live in. It may not be grand, but at least you will have a refuge from the heat of the sun and unforgiving torrential rains of frequent typhoons.

  • Money

Let’s be practical. Everyone needs it to survive. And for some, this can be translated to power and social status.

There. I have given the five things that I couldn’t live without. But I guess these aren’t enough. How about for those that are not “things”? When I started drafting this post, something was nagging me that I must write another five to finish the entry. Therefore, I will be indulging that small voice in my head and produce another list with the five “abstract things” I couldn’t live without.

  1. Love. Who can? We are created by Him with this. When we came here on earth and said hello to our existence, we were all programmed to love and expect to be loved. Even those who pretend that they don’t need this are actually denying more of the fact that they want to receive it.
  2. Family. Of course. My family is always there for me since I was born. They give me everything that I need in life and more. These are the people who are always there for me – through thick and thin, ups and downs. These are the lovely beings who understand me and will forever accept me no matter what my transgressions are. And of course, they love me.
  3. Memory. My friends tease me of having a sharp memory, albeit a selective one. I’m not like those visual geniuses who can easily remember anything that they have seen or read even just for few seconds. No. Instead, I can easily commit to memory those minute details – conversation, birthday, special dates, titles, etc. More importantly, I can vividly remember most of the experiences I had for my 22 years of existence. And I couldn’t live without them. No memories means no Monica. I am not who I am now because of those.
  4. Passion for reading and learning. I couldn’t and wouldn’t live without these two. They are like cherry on my ice cream, whipped cream of my green tea latte, blueberry on my blueberry cheese cake, choco chip of my chocolate cookie. Without them, life is not something to look forward to.
  5. Faith. I still believe in the existence of someone higher than us all. He guides, protects and loves us. Believing in Him is something that I wouldn’t trade. I couldn’t live without my faith.

Apologies for this a bit long post. I just felt like I need to justify things and create my top five abstract and concrete “things” I couldn’t live without.

Please don’t be shy and share to us one or the entire five things you could die without. I’ll be listening. 

21 thoughts on “30-day Blogging Challenge: Day 7 (Five things you couldn’t possibly live without)

    1. Your comments are as beautiful as you, LA. You do have a point there. Whenever I have bad memories, I just think that I can still make new happy memories and replace the old ones. ^^

    1. Oh, it is a must read! Really. I was overwhelmed by the story. I don’t want to be a spoiler, but it is really good. I enjoyed it even though I rarely read that genre of books. It is a true story. Some people aren’t happy with it, but I love the story. You can try. If you can’t find a print copy, I can share you an e-file.

      1. Oh that would be amazing Monica as I read most books on the go – on my phone would you do this for me? LA x

    1. Of course. I can’t go in life without books. It’s like water, food, and books – man’s basic necessity! Haha

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