A Beautiful Change

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes according to the great teacher, Lao Tzu. I definitely agree with his wisdom and I echo that change is one of the permanent things we experience while existing. Change can either be for better or worse, but one thing is certain – a person will not be the same anymore. Take a change of appearance, for example. One feels different from what he/she was before, and more often than not, this is an improvement.

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HBC Philippines, a popular cosmetic brand in the country, recently held a bloggers talk at Stacy’s Café, Bonifacio Global City. There, a sneak peek on its huge event on June 12 was unveiled. In celebration of Philippine Independence, there will be a National Makeover Day to commemorate the freedom every one of us has.  With the right to be beautiful, each Filipino can enjoy a transformative change with the help of free services and products only from HBC.

hbc, nationalmakeoverday, beautifulchange, hbcphilippines, beauty, makeup

The National Makeover Day, the first in the country, also goes with the tagline,

“Say YES to a beautiful change!”

Blogger friends opened up and shared their beautiful change with everyone and I was surprised that these lovely ladies also had the same concerns and experiences I had. I thought I was the only one! It was enlightening to note that a lot of people my age have been through the same thing – problems with pimples, hair, skin color, among others.


hbc, nationalmakeoverday, beautifulchange, hbcphilippines, beauty, makeup

hbc, nationalmakeoverday, beautifulchange, hbcphilippines, beauty, makeup

with fellow beauty and lifestyle bloggers

Curious about my beautiful change?

I grew up without any vain bone in my body. Honestly, I only combed my hair once (right after shower) until senior high. I didn’t even bother faithfully applying lotion and sunscreen on my skin. Makeup was only worn when I joined musical play, intermission number, oratorical, declamation, and storytelling contests. Alas, not a single beauty pageant. I was uncommonly skinny and eternally underweight that some looked at me with pity in their eyes. They thought I couldn’t support my meals and vitamins. Moreover, I was comfortable with the company of the opposite gender that others mistakenly took me for a tomboy. Well, I took appearances for granted, so I guess I somehow deserved that. 🙂

When I started studying in university, everything changed. I started combing my hair frequently and fed my skin with what it needs. I ate more. I began wearing shoes with heels more than an inch and dress with length higher than my knees. Later, I died my hair light brown. Then recently, I got curious and learned how to use makeup and mix and match clothes. All these and more gradually unfurled my wings. Along with the knowledge that I am changing for the better, I gained confidence and increased my self-worth. I was transformed. I was metamorphosed.

hbc, nationalmakeoverday, beautifulchange, hbcphilippines, beauty, makeup

Me and my twin-ky, the other Monica 🙂

Want to get your beautiful change? HBC Philippines will be giving free facial, diamond peel, hair color, foot spa, etc. at the National Makeover Day at Trinoma Mall Activity Center tomorrow, June 12, 2014. Three beauty and personality development talks will also be offered at the event. Celebrities Jake Cuenca and Mateo Guidicelli, together with Miss Universe 2011 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup, will also grace the event.

Excited and ready to be beautifully changed? Then make sure to drop by at Trinoma Mall tomorrow to be part of the country’s first National Makeover Day!

What’s your beautiful change?

10 thoughts on “A Beautiful Change

  1. I wish I lived there and could go! I was similar to you when I was younger with not really paying attention to my look but I try to do better now.

  2. Yeah we are the same. During my high school days I didnt give proper attention to my appearance, I was a tomboy. But after reading lots of beauty magasines and enter my crush (hihi), I became more attentive to my looks, since then beautiful me emerge, lol ) And I love it

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