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I know I haven’t written something personal in a while and this one, my story as a busy princess, has been overdue for quite sometime. If you have been following my posts in my social networking sites the past few weeks, then it won’t come as a surprise how I can’t manage to write even a single post in my site. For others who were not updated in my active and busy lifestyle, get a chance to be acquainted with me through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Just simply click the buttons below the page or follow me here [or not, if you believe I will just flood your newsfeed. :)] But for the record, let me share some big news that might make you forgive my lack of blogging presence last week.


As I have indicated in my previous post, I wanted to pursue further education in 2014. Thankfully, I finally found the right motivation to move forward and achieve this goal. With confidence on my time management skills and equipped with enough resources, I have applied for my degree on Master of Arts in Political Science focus on Global Politics at Ateneo de Manila University. The title may sound a handful, but it is just similar to my undergraduate degree on International Relations and Diplomacy.

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Unlike most countries, the Philippine universities usually start its semester in June. So last June 16, I excitingly started taking my classes. Like most graduate studies, my classes often start late in the afternoon or early evening, save for one subject. So far, I am proud to notice that Ateneo has an excellent, competent, specialized, and well experienced faculty to transfer knowledge to the students.


Some of you may already know that I can read and write Hangul (Korean) since I was in high school. Still, I felt the need to improve my conversational skills, so I decided to take formal education to supplement my understanding of the language. A friend highly recommended Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines for an affordable and best Korean language and culture education in the country. Since it is partly subsidized by the Korean embassy (I think), I assumed it also follows that it has excellent instructors as well.

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The institution offers four levels – Basic, Elementary I, Elementary II, and Intermediate I. Feeling confident of my basic skills, I skipped the first level and enrolled for Elementary I course instead. So far, I am enjoying my classes here. The first part was boring since I practically knew everything in there, but the last and current chapters are something new for me. 🙂


If you are living in the Philippines, you could imagine the distance from my graduate school which is in Quezon City to my family home at Paranaque City. Both cities are in the National Capital Region (the country’s capital), but it takes an hour and few minutes to drive one way, thanks to our legendary traffic jam. If I do commute, it will take approximately four transfers before I arrive in my destination, with 2-3 hours travel time. Again, one way.

Thus, I have decided to find my own place near the school. It wasn’t an easy decision – I have been living with my parents and siblings since I was a babe, and never had an occasion to be separated aside from two weeks’ worth of traveling. Still, I do not want to be physically, mentally, and financially exhausted every day when I commute to and from my university. I am happy to note here that my family understood my situation and supported me in my decision to start living alone.

However, living alone is not that easy, as I later found out. Before, I never did a single house chore, but all has changed now that I have my own home. I did not imagine how tiring and time consuming it is to clean and organize my place, prepare and cook food, wash the dishes, list things-to-buy and do the grocery, arrange my laundry bag to be sent to my condominium’s affiliate laundromat, and budget my funds. Then throw graduate and foreign language studies into the mix. And oh, blogging and events as well.

busy princess

[credits: simplearts.deviantart.com]

I just imagine I am a fairy tale princess doing all the house work!

I was shocked to find out how much time I needed to get all those things above done and accomplished almost every day. I was even more surprised to realize how little free time I have. However, I have a positive feeling that once I finally adjusted to this lifestyle, I could do my tasks more efficiently and manage my time better. By next month, I declare that I should be fully back to normal.

For now, I hope my dear readers will find it in their hearts to understand and cheer me on this new world that I am currently living. I am yet to adjust you see, as proven by my burnt eggs, cut skin, and uncooked yet burnt chicken. Perhaps I’ll tell you more about my kitchen mishaps in the next post.

Did something big happened to you recently? Please share it to us! Have you mastered the art of cooking perfect sunny-side ups? How about burnt chicken breading but with uncooked meat?

6 thoughts on “A Busy Princess | My Story

  1. Wow Nica!.. These are huge steps going forward in your life. I wish you all the best with everything, be it the studies or evening the cooking!. I know it’s entirely new living alone for you. i hope you cope well. Hats off to you for juggling everything well. Also, it was lovely reading such a personal post 🙂

  2. You will do fine my good friend, soon you’ll be living off of microwave dinners as you don’t have time or energy to do anything…I am intrigued about the chicken though….

  3. oh wow.. household chores could be a bummer at times. and yet, there r days that cleaning takes away your stress. anyway, i hope you could adjust immediately with your lifestyle. and it seemed like you are pursuing your dreams step by step. best of luck! ^_^

  4. I find you so “masipag” and determined to do all these things on top of your busy day. 🙂 Good luck to all those!:) I’m sure you can do it as long as you have your heart in it!

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