A New Piece of the Puzzle: Enigma Perfume

Few weeks ago, my aunt’s husband arrived from Qatar disguised as Santa Claus. Not really, but I felt like Christmas when he visited our home and bestowed us with his avuncular gifts. I got the compulsory bags of chocolates and teas, as well as some make-up. Like any of my other uncles, he never failed to add a new bottle of my favorite Alyssa Ashley lotion to my supply. Aside from body creams and hair essentials, he also brought several boxes of perfume for me. Why do all my relatives abroad have the same ideas on what to give to their nieces? Not that I am complaining about their generosity, but this particular uncle even bought me an iPad 4! What a waste since I am not a fan of Apple products.

Excited with all my new stuff, I ate the sweets right away while I nauseated myself by spraying various scents on the wrist and back of my hand. I was overwhelmed with the accumulated smell that I thought I won’t try using them any soon. Good thing I decided to wear one a few days ago because I found a favorite from my loot. Guess Very Irresistible Givenchy will have to take a vacation for a while.

enigma perfume

Enigma Perfume by Alexandra De Markoff is something I immediately liked after spraying it. At first, I prepared myself for the onslaught of a strong scent since it was from rose and jasmine. I am not fond of floral scent and I thank whoever concocted the formula because it did not smell like flowers at all! Well, it has a tinge of both, but the overpowering and rich smell of musk and sandalwood has my approval. Aside from having my favorite scent in the bottle, it also provides an oriental feel to my olfactory senses – a feminine scent with a touch of spice and something else. Oh, an enigma indeed!

I wore it one time I went shopping with my family and for whatever reason, I felt more confident. I would go as far as to say I felt fabulous, but my friends will laugh when they read this. Anyway, I like wearing it and I hope my Dad or other uncle will get me my second bottle soon.

I can say this is better than the perfume I got as a gift from my Korean friend. What do you think?

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One thought on “A New Piece of the Puzzle: Enigma Perfume

  1. I wish I had uncles like him!!.. Seriously, how lucky of you to get so many stuff.. I love receiving perfumes as gifts. Indeed when you wear an awesome perfume, it will boost your confidence to new heights. Only one perfume does that for me.. Hypnose by Lancome!. Gorgeous smell…

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