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My natural black hair is growing healthy these past few weeks and I could easily spot the growth in my dyed hair. Having a dark brown color helped because I didn’t have to suffer from those “colored guinea pigs” hairstyle. Still, I think it is only fair for everyone that I should have a touch-up for my hair growth; I didn’t want to be an eyesore with unbalanced hair color even ombre style is in.

I wasn’t satisfied with my last dye job so for days following my decision to have a retouch/recolor of my hair, I did a lot of researching over the Internet and reading through various blogs and reviews about salons offering decent quality hair color treatment in affordable price. As a fan of Korean culture, I ended up choosing a Korean hair salon.

Aaron Yoo Hair Salon has been operating in the Philippines for years now. Owned by a Korean, Mr. Aaron Yoo, this mane heaven exudes a stylish with a tinge of Korean atmosphere at first glance. The place was spacious enough with a black and white theme. Reading materials were also available, but a lot are in Korean, so if you are a Korean culture fan like me, you will like browsing through the magazines. Aside from the interior design though, what caught my attention was the range of products the salon had on display. On further inspection, most, if not all, of them were from Korea. Knowing our East Asian friends of being organic/natural treatment lovers, I breathed a sigh of relief seeing that the salon I chose would use safe and harmless chemicals on my already damaged and abused hair.

First, I was ushered to sit down and register in their salon’s database. Yes, you read that correctly. It was my first time to experience a salon asking me to type my information for their use. I think it is an organized way of knowing your patrons. I was a bit afraid they might use my contact details for advertorials, but I never experienced such. Thus, I think it is solely for their loyalty and bonus point programs for returning customers.

After that, a hair expert had my scalp diagnosis. She examined my hair from roots to tips and even scalp. Then, she showed me photos taken by the salon’s device and I was embarrassed to see the evidence of my damaged, neglected hair. I had unhealthy scalp and weak, almost translucent, hair. When she offered to give me a treatment that could somehow make my condition better, and after few more minutes of persuading its effect, I agreed since I thought I badly needed it. I was correct.


This was the treatment used for my damaged hair. I forgot the exact price, but roughly around Php1,500.

Camera 360

Then it was time to play with the color palette and take my pick of hair color. I chose a lighter brown hue because I wanted to have the dye more visible than before.

Camera 360

After the treatment and blow dry, I was very happy when I saw the result. I didn’t have time to take photos in the salon, please bear with my shameless selca!

Camera 360  Camera 360

I was very satisfied with my dye job. The color was vibrant and permanent, and the treatment made my hair softer and glossier. Furthermore, I noticed after a few days that I have less falling hair as well. My scalp was getting healthier!

Here’s a photo of me the day after the treatment. Event post soon to be up!

Camera 360

I give Aaron Yoo Hair Salon 9/10 stars with a room for improvement. Ambience wise, it was suitable and comfortable. For accessibility, I loved the fact that the branch I went to was located in Ace Plaza, the same building for Ace Water Hotel and Spa! As for the attendants and hair stylists, everyone was very accommodating and friendly. They had sunny smiles and attentive persona fit for their roles. For treatments, I have only tried hair color and they did it well. I am soon to try more of their promos and packages and hope that they will deliver the same results, too.

Overall, I highly recommend Aaron Yoo Hair Salon for those who want to have their locks in soft, glossy, and vibrant color. If you are tired of your current hair style, you can also avail their milk rebond or go for the current “Korean wave” digiperm. I have seen that they still hold their promo packages even in holiday season, so what a better way to flaunt a new look in an affordable price!

What’s your current hair color? Do you go to hair salon to have a dye job or do you do it on your own? Ever have a dream hairstyle? Just share all of them here!

Aaron Yoo Hair Salon

2F Ace Hotel United St., cor Brixton St., Kapitlyo inside ACE Hotel & Suite
Tel. (02) 565-9139, 0915-4524530

G/F Amber Place Jose Escriva Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City
Tel. (02) 584-7866, 0915-7779261

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  1. You look great Nica!. So so cute. I love the work. I have black hair but I would never dye it. Its already so damaged. Actually I have had my scalp examined before and got a treatment done for it. It felt really nice!

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