Alessandro’s Striplac – World’s First Peel-Off Gel Polish

Having an active lifestyle as a graduate student, fashion and beauty blogger, and volunteer leader among other things, it isn’t easy to maintain beautiful nails. Getting drowned under my hectic schedule juggling school, blog, and events, I sometimes don’t have the time to have my nails done. Two years ago I would’ve shrugged when someone noticed my plain or chipped manicure, but now I am more conscious of my appearance.

When I have the luxury of time, I take a trip to the nearest salon or nail spa to pamper myself. I usually use regular polishes since it is economical, but a chip or crack will surely appear after a few hours or the next day. Manicure is very high maintenance for clumsy old me.

I was so happy the day normal gel polishes were introduced. I now don’t have to endure manicure damage in less than two days upon application. My fingernails will have immaculate and chip-free polish! Sadly, even this type has disadvantages. I may have solid and perfect nail color, but it will take another visit to a nail spa to have it removed. Most establishments charge a different fee just by doing this and it doesn’t come cheap. The removal process takes more than fifteen minutes, too. Worse than the expensive and time-consuming trip is the after effect of normal gel polish – my fingernails become yellow and dry. Thus, I am better off with normal gel polish if I don’t have a need to wear a long-lasting manicure.

Am I doomed to have scratched and chipped manicure forever?

Introducing Alessandro

A few hours ago, a good friend of mine invited me for an intimate nail polish party. Aside from the joy of seeing and chatting with her again, I had the luckiest opportunity to be introduced to my fingernails savior!

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Alessandro has been a household name for gel polish since 1989. It is honored to have high quality and revolutionary products and services which have been unrivalled in quality, exclusivity, and innovation for the past 25 years. With many exclusive patents and “world’s firsts”, Alessandro reaffirms its leading role in the nail polish industry.

Striplac – World’s First Peel-Off Gel Polish


alessandro, striplac, gel polish, manicure, peel off, nail spa, starter kit

Keeping on top of its craft, Alessandro recently launched a nail polish revolution that could change the lives of many women. Striplac, the world’s first peel-off UV/LED gel nail polish, doesn’t chip and damage nails. It doesn’t need any type of nail polish remover – you can simply peel it off!

alessandro, striplac, gel polish, manicure, peel off, nail spa, starter kit

I had the chance to be the first in the Philippines to try Alessandro’s Striplac Nail Polish. In application of my manicure, I was presented with this Starter Kit:

Starter Kit

Everything you need for the application of Alessandro Striplac is here inside the Starter Kit: 1 multifunctional nail file, 1 cuticle pusher, 1 set of cleansing pads, 1 UV/LED twin coat polish(base and top coat polish), 1 peel off UV nail polish, and 1 UV/LED lamp.

alessandro, striplac, gel polish, manicure, peel off, nail spa, starter kit

To celebrate its opening here in the Philippines, Alessandro Striplac Starter Kit will be on promo sale at only Php 3900.

Striplac Application

Ms. Lyn was the nail technician assigned to me. Upon seeing my fingers, she exclaimed how beautiful and long my nails are. It immediately brought a smile on my face. We are now friends! 🙂

Step #1: My fingernails were filed evenly to have my desire nail shape using a multifunctional nail file included in the kit.

Step #2: Using a cuticle pusher, my nail technician pushed back my cuticles.

Step #3: I just realized that I used Alessandro Dream Collection hand cream and it might have an effect with my Striplac’s polish, so cleansing pads were used to wipe that off.

Step #4: A thin layer of base coat using the “twin coat” was applied to each of my fingernail and then held under the UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.

Step #5: My chosen nail polish, Hawaiian Dream, was applied for the first coat then held for 60 seconds under the UV/LED lamp to dry. The process was repeated for the second coat.

Step #6: The top coat was applied using the “twin coat polish” and dried under the lamp for 60 seconds.

Step #7: Cleansing pads were rubbed over my nails to have that smooth and final soft gel look.

alessandro, striplac, gel polish, manicure, peel off, nail spa, starter kit

I so love my pink nails. They are very shiny and smooth!

Since my manicure is just new and I am not yet tempted to peel mine, let me just share the official video of Striplac including the peel-off removal of the nail polish.

Gongjumonica Thoughts

  1. I was sceptic about Striplac at first, but after trying it by myself, I am now a believer of its revolutionary power.
  2. It really dries fast. I don’t need to wait for long to do things for fear of getting my manicure damaged.
  3. The nail polish itself smells good. What a bonus!
  4. It is really an easy, peel-off gel polish. I was surprised to see my nail color on my right index finger so easily peeled off!! There is really no need for any chemical or a visit to a nail bar.
  5. The gel is soft and doesn’t feel thick like the ones I had before.
  6. Anyone can use the Starter Kit with ease because everything one needs for the Striplac nail polish application is already included in this set.

alessandro, striplac, gel polish, manicure, peel off, nail spa, starter kitAlessandro Striplac UV Nail Polish is really an impressive and innovative item which I am sure will easily become a favourite in the industry. After its launch, it will be no surprise when it will sell like pancakes here! Being the first world, I am glad to be also the first to try it in my country before its official launch.

alessandro, striplac, gel polish, manicure, peel off, nail spa, starter kit

On Wednesdays we wear pink

Striplac is a time-saving, nail-friendly innovation that is simply perfect for all women out there – mothers who do a lot of work at home and in the office, teenagers who change their polish as often as their moods switch, professionals who are busy working hard in their career, bloggers who are always out meeting people and attending events, etc. I hope everyone can get a chance to try it!

alessandro, striplac, gel polish, manicure, peel off, nail spa, starter kit

I know all of my female readers are so excited to try Alessandro Striplac UV Nail Polish. Here’s a good news! It will have its opening tomorrow at SM Makati and you can drop by and experience the quick and easy application and removal of its gel polishes. I hope to see you there!

Do you agree that Alessandro Striplac just made our lives more comfortable with its new revolutionary peel-off gel polish?

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  1. Got this kit from the launching in Dusseldorf last March 2014. This is really cool ♡♡♡ Really useful when you are in rush and got no time to visit nailspa. 🙂

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