As I kiss blogging goodbye…

Last year, I was nursing a broken heart when a colleague introduced me to blogging. It could be an outlet of my emotions, voice of my thoughts, medium of my personality, bla bla. If a sales lady talks me of buying a new can opener with her melodious voice, I know for a fact that I will purchase one even if I don’t really need it. That is why it didn’t take long for my friend to persuade me to create a free account in this platform and write a mandatory introductory post.

I struggled for the first few months. I did not have any experience maintaining a blog and it takes a lot of patience learning most of the things here in WordPress. I think I posted a lot of nonsense topics which earned one or two likes and no comment at all. I feel somewhat depressed. I know that I opened the site just for my personal use, but it would please my ego to know that at least other people are reading what I wrote. So I worked hard. I tried thinking of more interesting topics to write about instead of posting lyrics of Korean songs and their translation. Haha. After a few more months, I got noticed. I slowly received a growing number of likers. commenters, and followers. When I received my first blog award, I felt like being in school again. I am an achiever and it feels nice to receive recognition again. Oh, how happy I was at that time!

After that milestone, I continued what I was doing. I was polite to all the people visiting my blog. I read their works as they read mine. Quid pro quo. I gained some friends, too. Some even went as far as to extend the acquaintance personally. Now, I have virtual-turned-real friends. And just because of blogging! I was having fun. I didn’t expect I could gain a lot just by blogging.

However, they say that all good things must come to an end.

I am happy blogging about my thoughts to all the world to see. My life became an open book as I share my stories to you and I appreciate the way you accept them. I celebrated my first blog anniversary with a bang. But there were days when I feel incompetent. I feel that some of my posts are Dumpster-worthy. Not worth reading. A waste of time. And what hurts is the fact that you guys continue to read my trashy thoughts and even like and share an opinion or two. People continue to follow my site. For whatever reason? To read rubbish things written by me?

I feel guilty. I have this urge to give more to you. More than what you deserve. No matter how much I tried to squeeze out all my creative juices, I always come out with nothing. It ends up me polluting the cyber sphere with second-rate writings.

It is then that I decided to stop blogging. I don’t know if this will be a temporary hiatus or for good. I am not closing doors to anything and don’t want to see myself eating my words in the future. For now, I feel like getting a breather. Find my muse. Catch some inspiration. Whatever it takes to give you, my readers, what you deserve.

It has been a pleasure being with you on this momentous journey of my life. I did not know that I could write more than a hundred different topics. It’s a bonus that others read, like, and comment on them. I am glad that I was lucky enough to meet such wonderful and creative people from all over the world. Rest assured that if and when I come back, I will reward you with thought-provoking posts according to your liking.

It is at this point that I would like to end this post by saying a single statement which I would like to impart to you my dear readers:


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115 thoughts on “As I kiss blogging goodbye…

    1. Oh, dear. I didn’t mean to make you cry. Swear! Honestly, this post is somewhat true. I also feel discouraged writing especially when there’s nothing much new to write about. Still, we must not give up. Continue writing and blogging! Aja!

  1. Nice April Fools joke, you had me going there for a bit. But if that seriously was going to be your final blog post, I think it would’ve been a really nice way to end it.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. Blogging brings happiness to my life so I don’t think I will quit in the near future. Still, I will bear your comment in mind and prepare something similar when I draft my goodbye post.

  2. You totally got me!! Ha ha!

    Whew, I’m glad this is a joke. You were one of the first bloggers to visit my new blog and because of you I opened a Goodreads account. I like you! Don’t go away!

    1. Oh, that’s so sweet and endearing of you to say, Nia. I am happy to be part of your blog. And Goodreads is just so addicting, right? How’s your 2013 reading challenge? I’m almost done with mine! Haha

      1. My Japanese studies are going awesome! I learn something new every week in my night class and I love it! 🙂

        I admit, keeping up with Japanese is hard when you have a very active life. Especially when I see that you almost reach the 50 books mark. Maybe start reading books in Japanese? ;P Anyway, this is one of the reason why I took an external Japanese class.

  3. This was mean, cruel and disturbing…just as it should have been if you were to pull it off. You are a stinker my precious adopted granddaughter on the other side of the world. I am not speaking to you for at least the rest of the morning. So get along now…us fools will celebrate our day without you.

  4. LOL! Had just read a similar post like your’s in Alastairs’s blog and hence I sensed it from that title itself. Pooyyi! For this time, I’m not a FOOL. 😀 😉


      1. Hahaha! Glad to hear that you danced for that very great achievement. LOL. 😀 😉 Have a good day ahead, Monica. God bless. Cheers.m/ 🙂


  5. *applause* I was fully prepared for a slew of April Fool’s posts and this one still got me until the end. I almost skipped halfway through to comment, so thanks for writing that last part in bright lettering. I bow to your superior prank skills.

  6. Wowwww! You got me there for a while, I wanted to read more as to why you would quit blogging since I was truly finding reading your blog interesting. Well you got me. Good job!

    1. Well, if you’ll read more of my entries you’ll realize that there’s actually truth in this post. I am a terrible writer. I use blogging as an excuse to torment others with how my mind works. If you can cope with that, we can be friends LOL

  7. I was really scared you were going away! Good prank. Don’t do that to me again! 😉 I really enjoy your posts.

    1. That’s so sweet of you to say. It never fails to overwhelm me when I read that you guys appreciate and enjoy my posts. Sorry for giving a prank. I can’t promise not to do something similar next year though… 😀

    1. Now, this is funny. Yes, I know I look sweet and innocent. But all of us children do. I have many sides of me – one sweet, one naughty like this one, and one political. You may check on the latter in one of my menu tabs in the top of this page – My Other Side.

  8. hehe I was thinking how I hoped you would change your mind in time and come back to your blog. Yes, you had us fooled! Funny, though, the reasons some of us turn to writing. It’s a great outlet. Glad you’re staying, Monica 🙂

    1. Thank you, Meggie. I am glad to be staying and indulging you with more of my “trashy” posts. True, writing is our outlet for those things we can’t normally speak out loud. Still, my number one hobby will still be reading. Haha!

    1. Oh, yes! Thanks for being sport about it. I didn’t mean any of you emotional harm with this prank. I promised to be a better blogger though.

      I hope to see Vienna in the future. It’s in my top five places to visit before I die. Now, it sounds like a topic for my next blog post.

      Greetings from Manila 🙂

  9. hehe, although I didn’t know your blog or any of your posts before, I somehow knew this was an april fool’s day joke from the middle of the text. good one, though 🙂

  10. Believe me, as soon as I read the title of this post, I had a smile on my face and a thought on my mind “You think am gonna fall for this??”. Girl, seriously. I know how much you love blogging and I would never fall for a prank like that. But obviously I did read the post as I wanted to know what you wrote that made this post a long one. I expected you to reveal your prank a bit faster into the post. Hehe. Written excellently. No wonder many fell for the prank. But I know you too well, Nica!

      1. On every April 1st, I make up my mind that I wont fall for any pranks. So whatever people tell me, instead of believing it right away I think it over a few secs. This way I have avoided falling for pranks for a long time. But with your post, I didn’t have to think for even a sec. The title was a dead give away!. Seriously, a smile spread on my face and I knew right away what you were upto 😛

        P.S : You can continue annoying me. I don’t mind it one bit :).. Coz I love you loads, Nica…

  11. Oh My! I was really upset when I was going through it. Midway, my thoughts were like “Oh man! all those amazing book reviews and Korean songs, i wont be able to read them o(╥﹏╥)o ” and then BOOM “April Fools Day” ⊙▂⊙

    Your blog posts are just amazing, they’re so not dumpster-worthy. They are thumbs-up-worthy (´∀`)b
    Good Luck!

  12. Oh wow, you really had me. I was starting to feel really upset that I hadn’t been more encouraging and more supportive and already composing in my head how I would express myself so that you wouldn’t feel pressured … 🙂
    Anyway, serves me right for dropping off the radar for so long. Have a beautiful day and know that I love your blog!

    1. Thank you! We all have our depressed and discouraged moments and I admit that what I have written here are mostly true except for the giving up blogging. I sometimes feel incompetent, true.

      Anyhow, thanks for supporting me. I hope this does not make you pessimist, too. I love your blog!

      1. No, I’m not pessimistic! 🙂
        About feeling incompetent: I know exactly what you mean, that sometimes we feel like frauds when people like something we have written, even though we don’t see it as special or even very good. But one important thing to remember is that nobody likes perfection. Perfection is boring. And another important thing to remember is that most of the time we are our worst critics – we often judge ourselves so much more harshly and hold ourselves up to some kind of unachievable standard that we will always fall short of it. Others often don’t have the same demands on us – they judge what they see and not what could have been there.
        I love the way you engage on your blog, and how authentic and charismatic your writing is. You almost always make me smile or even laugh out loud and your enthusiasm for the books you love has made me buy (and start reading) a number of books I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. *hug*

  13. Oh, gosh you are good! I was shaking my head in denial the entire post and then I saw the bright pink text at the bottom. You are a mean, mean woman 😛 (I keed!)

    1. Hehe. Why will stop blogging when bloggers like you are still here? ‘sides, we haven’t done our reading buddy kind of thing!

      I think I have chosen pink so it will be easily visible to the readers. I don’t want them to misunderstood my post and immediately unfollow me haha!

  14. Ah!! I was just finally logging in to thank you for stopping by my blog and liking a post when I saw yours and got so sad that I might have missed you!! Good April Fool’s joke!! Thank you again and looking forward to reading more of you!

    1. Oops. Sorry to have that sort of misunderstanding though it was intended. It was nice playing pranks at this age. I am so glad you have read the entire post and saw that bright pink text. Thank you for visiting my site in return 🙂

  15. I am glad you decided to stay around! Thank you for liking just fuffy… I am you a year ago, finding my way, my truth and my voice…. looking forward to exploring your site.

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