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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00025]Two weeks ago, I hosted a tour for The Pope’s Stone, a historical fiction revolving around the lives of two descendants a century apart. I have rated the book 4 out of 5 stars and if you want to read my thoughts on this novel, you may click here. Aside from the review, I also hosted an international giveaway. Four lucky winners will be electronically drawn using rafflecopter and will receive a paperback copy of the book plus a simple journal.

Four lucky winners will receive this package

Four lucky winners will receive this package

At this point I would like to give the spotlight to the person behind the brilliantly written and wonderfully weaved story. Aren’t you curious to know some things about the man who wrote The Pope’s Stone? I was lucky enough to steal some of his sleeping time by agreeing to have this interview. Hope you enjoy getting to know Marc Kuhn.


Me: Thank you for giving us the honor to chat with you. May you please tell us something about yourself?

I am currently retired from a career in broadcasting.  I worked in radio most of my life.  i was on the air, but just a little bit.  Mainly, I worked “behind the scenes” in the news and programming departments.  I rose to Program Director and did that for several radio stations.  The PD is in charge of everything on the air—the announcers, the materials they use, and the music they play.  I also got to be the producer for the broadcasts of professional football games for two very popular teams.  My career was very exciting at times, but also very busy and lots of stress!  Meanwhile, I married the girl I took to the high school prom!  We dated all through college.  Afterwards we got married…45 years ago!  We have two children and 8 grandkids, including dear Monica, our adopted granddaughter on the other side of the world, as I call her.

Me: What inspired you to write this book?

 I have always written in my career, either newscasts or promotional copy, but not books like I am today.  I always wanted to write a book but I never had any ideas.  Then one day I sat down and wrote some fun poems for children.  It turned into a book.  Then I wrote a few more.  Last year I read a story about the building of the Washington Monument and found a little known item very interesting.  It gave me an idea and the next thing I knew—bang!—I wrote a book about it.  Then I started looking for other ideas and found another one. It got me thinking about another book, the one I am currently writing.  It’s lots of fun, once you get into it.

Me: Is being a writer your dream profession?

If I had my life to do over, I may have become a columnist for a newspaper.  I would probably have written a piece several times a week like my current blog.  It would be about different things going on in real life, or just crazy stuff like we all think about from time to time.

Me: Tell us your most rewarding experience as a published writer.

The most rewarding thing is the first time you see your work actually in the form of a published book that you can hold in your hands.  Next, was the recent review tour that Monica produced.  It was quite humbling to read how people who were complete strangers read my book and expressed such enjoyment over it.

Me: Tell us in few sentences why we must read your book.

I’m not sure it is a “must” since you should read for enjoyment which means you can pick and choose what you like.  I like the story I wrote.  It was my first big effort and I know others t hat follow will be written better.  But for a first book I think it is an interesting concept and it is full of actually history lessons that are not “pushed” onto the reader, but simply work their way into the story.  So, if you like books and a good story…and maybe a little history…then you should find this book enjoyable.

Me: What were the challenges that you faced in creating this novel, The Pope’s Stone?

Getting the history right.  I insisted that every detail about events and places in the book that are real be very accurate and correct.  That took a lot of work.  The best compliment I got was from a marvelous lady who lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia, a primary location in the book.  She could not believe me when I told her I had never physically visited the town.  All my descriptions and details were based on my reading and research…and a lot of help from Google Satellite!

Me: Why did you get interested writing this genre?

I have always had an interest in American history.  And I admire the writing of novelist James Michener and American historian/author David McCullough.

Me: What book did you wish you had written yourself?

I am happy that I have had one or two original ideas and have pursued them, transforming them into manuscripts.  I could as not ask more of myself.  I am sure other authors feel the same way about their efforts.  There are other books I admire and respect, but i do not necessarily wish that I had written them—I only wish I could write as well as some of them…and be as successful!

Me: If you could be a literary character who would you be and why?

It would have to be a “good guy” – I could not be a ruthless villain!  Maybe Atticus from To Kill a Mockingbird.

Me: Have u ever had a writer’s block? If so, how did you overcome it?

Many times.  I just stop and go get involved in something else for awhile.  Then I slap myself in the face, get a cup of good coffee, sit down and think in my thinking chair and then start writing.

Me: What are the books currently in your nightstand?

One called CONTAGIOUS by Jonah Berger which just came out.  It’s about topics/items becoming “viral” and why some become talked about and spread all over while others dwell on the bottom.  I have another young adult book called WONDER b y RJ Palacio that is very popular now…and I am almost finished a book called INTO THE LANDS OF SNOW written by a fellow indie-publisher and blogger, Ellis Nelson.

Me: Any current/future projects?

Yes, very much so.  I am heavy into writing another historical/mystery novel.  I hope to have it published by the end of the year.  The first draft is just about done, then there will be lots of editing and rewriting to do.  I am very excited about it…and all the lessons I learned from writing THE POPE’S STONE have been useful in writing this book.

Me: What can you advice to those aspiring writers?

Don’t be shy.  If you have a need to  express yourself, whether it is in writing, art, photography, whatever…just do it.  And build your skills constantly.


What do you on your free time?

I have a really nice camera and I am trying to learn what every gizmo on it does.

If someone will write you a biography, what would be its title?


If you have won the lottery, what will be the first thing you will buy?

A really nice cruise for my wife so she and I could lounge around on deckchairs figuring out the best uses for your new fortune!

Where is your favorite place to travel?

Alaska was great, but I went when it wasn’t cold.  I hate the cold.  My favorite place on earth is the Chesapeake Bay, especially the area around Annapolis, Maryland (guess where my new novel takes place!).  Washington, D.C. is also a favorite.  Someday I hope to make it to Europe, Paris especially.

Any pet peeves?

Arrogance.  I don’t like arrogant people. 


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Now, the tour is finally over. The giveaway ends few hours ago and we will soon announce the names of those selected. On behalf of all the participants of The Pope’s Stone Tour, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for supporting me and my friends in this endeavor. I especially would like to transfer the spotlight to those who expressed their opinions about the novel and the routine of keeping a journal. Of course, we are very much overwhelmed by those likes, comments, and follows made by you. Some even went as far as declaring themselves as fans!

Words are not enough to express our sincerest gratitude to all of you. That is why the author, Marc Kuhn, decided to give thanks by showering you guys with free copies of his novel. You heard (read) that right! Starting today, March 23, until tomorrow The Pope’s Stone will be AVAILABLE FOR FREE in Amazon. Isn’t that wonderful news?

For those of you who have a Kindle or Kindle application, kindly to this link and you will be directed to the free download.

Don’t have a Kindle or a Kindle app? No worries! You may download and install the application by following the link below. Once done, you may go the link above.

I hope that this will be the perfect gift to show our appreciation to all of you. For those who have yet to read the novel, what are you guys waiting for? The book is free only for two days so let’s get the most out of it! Share the news to your family, friends, colleagues, and pets if they can read. Will you enjoy it? Find it not your cup of tea? Let the author know! Feel free to write even a one-liner review of the book in Goodreads, Amazon, blog, tissue paper, or anywhere you want. 🙂

Once again, thank you everyone! Will announce the four lucky winners of the giveaway in the next few days. Stay tuned!

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  1. It was absolutely wonderful reading Marc’s interview. Loved getting to know him better. I love his mentions of his wife. Such a sweet couple for sure. Being together for 45 years is huge!!. Am sure working at radio stations would have been really exciting. Am stoked to know that he is working on another book of a similar genre. Looking forward to it. Such a lovely gesture to make the book available for free on Amazon for free for a limited time. Shared with friends 🙂

    1. I know what you meant, Naz. It is wonderful to meet people who are very much dedicated – may it be at relationship or work. I hope that I will someday meet someone who I can share more than half of a century together!

  2. How did I not see this in my WordPress Reader? This interview is wonderful! The fact that he would choose to be Atticus from To Kill A Mockingbird makes me giddy! I loved Atticus when I first read about him and I love him now! And I have heard that Wonder is an amazing book.
    And yay for Marc’s upcoming book! I can’t wait ^_^

    That title is the shortest title I have ever seen 😛

    1. And why did I only see this comment now? Anyway, it is nice of you to like our interview. I am yet to read The Mockingbird, unfortunately. It seems I got so distracted with Mockingjay that I left this one out. I also share your excitement for his second book!

      I also feel the same way with his autobio title *giggles*

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