Awarded again: The Sunshine Award

In my previous post, I thanked Asha for giving me The Booker Award. Now, I would like to send my gratitude to Lottie Eve for thinking that I deserve the Sunshine Blogger Award. I don’t know how I got this though I hope that optimism isn’t one of the criteria for nominating. Sometimes I am too negative that my friends tease me of being a giant, vertical minus sign.

Lottie, thank you very much for continuously following my blog and reading my posts, especially the reviews. For the benefit of others, Lottie is a fellow bookworm and novice book reviewer. I find her blog too cute, pretty, and feminine. If you want to check out her opinions regarding a particular book, head to her site at Book Adoration.

sunshine award

Now to accept the award, of course there are the rules to follow.


Sunshine Blogger Award Rules

  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. State 5 things about yourself.
  4. Pass the award to 6 other bloggers and link to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by ping back.

I love receiving awards and nominations, but I sometimes dread answering facts about myself. I know my life is an open book, but sometimes I find questions like those hard to answer. Perhaps I don’t know myself well? Moving on, let’s hear (read?) five things about me.

1. I admire women (and especially men!) who can raise their eyebrows. I don’t mean the duo eyebrow raising. I am referring to the one-sided, slanting of an eyebrow. It looks intimidating in a way and how I wish I could do that. But no, I cannot do it. So instead of raising mine, I pull them towards each other and try to frighten others with my frown.

2. Another thing I cannot do is whistling. Yes, I cannot do that. Whenever I tried, it sounds like a whistling kettle overused for more than a century.

3. I once tried driving a motorcycle with my uncle present to guide me since I did not know how to operate it. We were in our village and I was balancing while moving slowly. Suddenly, I was approaching a dead end! I panicked and tightly gripped the accelerator. I thought it was my end. I hit the wall, but my uncle caught the end of the motorcycle in time to lessen the impact. Thankfully, I was wearing safety gears.

4. If I see a typographical error, I always check the places of the letters in the keyboard. If they are near, I can accept it as an error. Otherwise, I will force myself not to advise the person concern to watch his/her spelling.

5. I cannot write in cursive. Actually, I can. But not legibly. I am sensitive to others and would not like to hurt their eyes whenever they read my writing. It is too ugly and incomprehensible at times that even I cannot understand what I have written.

The Nominees




Emma Snow



Congratulations! I hope you guys continue to shine in the blogosphere 🙂 Thanks Lottie for this opportunity to share this award with deserving people. Let me show my appreciation to you by my current Etsy giveaway as well as other giveaways found in my Giveaways tab. Enjoy participating!

17 thoughts on “Awarded again: The Sunshine Award

  1. I can’t raise one eyebrow either. I am able to do a pretty good death-glare, though 😀 And I can’t whistle either. I have to admit that I am guilty of errors in punctuation but I rarely have errors in spelling.
    P.S. I gave you the award because whenever you post something I do a little happy motion with my hands. So I would say that your blog gives some sunshine to my day 🙂 From what I have read on your blog so far I wouldn’t say you are a negative person, though.

    1. Thanks again, Lottie. Apologies for having this post months late, too. Haha. Perhaps we can form a club for those who can’t whistle and raise one eyebrow.

      I don’t know if I can do a death glare. My friends laugh when I try to form my face like that

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