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As I have mentioned in my previous post, I took the first step in pursuing further studies last month. It was almost three years since I gained my bachelor’s degree and I was very excited to be a student again. There is something refreshing and youthful on being in a university, walking around the campus with the younger generation, and learning from my class instructors. I now feel more alive – confident that I will be gaining more knowledge on my chosen field of study, which will later help me pursue my dream.

From my experience, studying can be both an interest and a chore. In my undergraduate degree, there were those subjects which captured my attention and made me feel more involved while others almost bored me to death. The tip is to continue absorbing information from favourite classes, while trying to find/get any form of fascination from the boring ones. This may be easier said (or written?) than done, but you can start experimenting now.

For me, I dress to express myself and find confidence in whatever I do. If I wear good clothes, I feel good. It may sound shallow, yes, but I personally find it easier to say “Aja, fighting!” in a pretty dress than in my sweatpants. Relating to studying, I feel more inspired to learn more. I believe I can be compared to grade school students this way – they are eager to go to school whenever they have new shoes, pencil case, or book bag.

At a very lucky opportunity, I was invited to a media launch of Parachute Bags here in the Philippines, and I was like, “Just what I needed!”

Parachute Bags: Where Fashion Meets Function

At the event, I saw these pretty and eye-catching bags on display. I noted that from the appearance alone, the designs can be popular to both young and adult consumers alike. However, I was in for a surprise when the product demo started.


Parachute bags, as I began to understand, are made from the same material of a parachute.


Aside from being fashionable, Parachute takes pride in creating bags with special purpose and function in every style. For 2014, the company offers convertible, 2-in-1, foldable bags with multi-pockets and several compartments to meet everyone’s needs.



Also, the bags are great organizers, too. With a lot of nooks and secret pockets for gadgets and what-have-yous, the bags’ engineering was pretty serious in making our lives more comfortable and convenient.

Alex Gonzaga for Parachute


Alex Gonzaga, a Filipino host, model, and actress, is now the current endorser for Parachute bags. Just like the products she’s endorsing, Alex embodies fashion, chic, and talent. Furthermore, she is cool, fun, and entertaining as well.

Gongjumonica for Parachute

Of course, the princess has to try! This bag has caught my attention and after a few minutes, I decided to take it with me for an impromptu photo shoot sans hairstyling and make-up!


I personally love this bag. Being in my early twenties, I still find it comfortable to wear backpacks, as long as the design matches my taste. This one does!


The bag is roomy – it can accommodate my laptop, iPad, textbooks, and novels. On some days that I do not want to use my gym bag, this can be a nice alternative, too!



Surprised? This can double up as a trolley, too! Perfect for those overnighter with friends or colleagues.

Parachute bags are available online at,, and Physical stores at Rustan’s (children’s accessories department), Robinson’s (ladies’ department), Galleria and Filinvest, Market Market and Colon, Lee Plaza Dumaguete, Felcris Davao, Gaisano Cagayan, and other selected stores nationwide.

Parachute Bags: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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  1. I love the design and colors.. It will be such a refreshing change. 🙁 when i was in college there was this trend going on where we use to decorate back packs with colorful button/badges.. 😀 I miss my college days… I wish i had seen these then.. giglove

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