BDJ Fair 2013

Belle de Jour, the team responsible for the popular Belle de Jour power planner, had another surprise two weeks after I attended the second BDJ Beauty Social held at SM North EDSA Skydome. Last October 13, the group had its annual beauty fair along with the launch of its 2014 planner. With its mission to inspire and empower Filipino women nationwide, the organizers invited a lot of bellas to attend and encouraged everyone to celebrate the power of creating their own life’s masterpiece.

Just like in the Beauty Social, I was lucky to be one of the pre-registered VIP girls. For only Php100, I got a charity pass with the proceeds dedicated to RockEd Philippines, Ang Bata at Kalinga – Volunteers for Children’s Welfare Inc., and Bahay Bata Center. I was so happy to be able to contribute something for these organizations!



I went there with my university senior, Enzy, an hour before the event started and was surprised to see the place filled already. Together, we scanned for booths with the shortest lines and tried their activities.


First, we tried the Tarot Card Reading.

There was already a line building up, so we grabbed the chance to try it earlier than others. I am honestly skeptical about any fortune-telling, but I tried to go to the booth with an open mind. Imagine my shock when the tarot card reader scolded me as soon as I sat in the plastic chair with, “Stop being so negative! You are so negative, it affects your aura.” Niki, that’s the name of the reader, was very perceptive even though I gave the vaguest answer I could. All in all, the reading went well – with descriptions, numbers, and dates. I got more good news than Enzy did, which kind of annoyed her. I could give the team 4/5 stars; they should learn how to put enough incense or else the customers will die coughing!

Soon, my blogger friend, Ghia, arrived and the three of us scouted for more activities. Since a lot of people were squealing at the SM Parisian booth, we lined up and tried our luck to win shoes and bags. It wasn’t our lucky day.


Feeling more bitter than coffee when none of us won?

Then it was time for the fair program we signed up before the event. Ghia and I headed to the stage and excitedly chose our seats to listen to Miss Universe 2010 4th Runner-up Venus Raj talked about her inspiring journey to the crown.


I audibly sighed when I had my first glimpse of her. I know I was uncommonly thin until three years ago, but Venus Raj was thinner. She’s so skinny, tall, and golden!

After the talk, Enzy, Ghia, and I availed Wacoal photo booth’s service and got our smiles captured.


Enzy, a fan of Asian hair and make-up, tagged us to line up for CanMake’s gyaru make-up session.


After almost 20 minutes of no “traffic” improvement, we decided to move on.

Then I found myself eager to have a new hair do. Thanks to Tokyo Posh for this glamorous wig! I would love to have one, but a bit pricey for me.



Which do you prefer? Short straight hair or long permed mane?

Originally, I wanted to go wall climbing for my VIP pass, but my friends won’t try with me. So I just took a photo of someone  bungee jumping.


In the Print Social booth, they had this cool live Instagram printing. We were able to print our solo photos I uploaded in my Instagram account.

In the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf booth, I availed my free cup of hot Moroccan tea. Was a buzz beater since there were only ten cups of left.


Too hot to handle [the tea]?

The BDJ Fair 2013 was a very fun experience for me. I think I am getting more comfortable with my feminine side (not that I have the masculine counterpart hehe) especially withi hair and makeup. I enjoyed hanging out with my two lovely friends as well. Here is our group photo!



Tarot Card reading

Magicka Infinitum

+639055384322 – Niki

Tokyo Posh Hair Extensions

R2 Level, Power Plant Mall, Makati City

+63 2 6595085

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  1. Wow, you sure had fun!.. You saw Venus Raj.. Yay!. So awesome.. I think both hairdos look great on you :)… The tarot card reading sure sounds fun… Man, i would love to hang out with you one day!

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