Beautiful Beings by Kailin Gow: review

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Title: Beautiful Beings

Genre: YA  Paranormal Romance

Title: Beautiful Beings and Heaven and Hell

Author: Kailin Gow

Date Published: 7/25/11


An ethereal exclusive boarding school with unearthly beautiful students…

Lux, a rebel girl, who has been seeing demons and angels since she was two…

Asher, the bad boy on a motorcycle who sketches angels…

Brax Kingsley who instantly captures Lux’s eyes when she moves into the neighborhood…

And the Hatchett twins whose parents were murdered, leaving them a ridiculous fortune…

All brought together…all part of the puzzle behind the Beautiful Beings.

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beautiful beings


First of all, the cover is nice. I like the cover art with those wings. I am fascinated with angels and I like reading novels featuring them. Vampire stories are too ancient and I like reading angel stories instead.

The book started fine – no kilometric descriptions about rain or hibiscus flower. The picture the author painted for the prologue was rich. I could feel being present in first scene, with the looming shadow in the room which gave me the first impression of a heavenly being starred in the story. I think there was no better way to start the book.

The heroine of the story was Lux, who was brought to a rich boarding school after her family transferred to a different state. The story crawled in explaining about the move, but was able to get a faster pace in the middle. Honestly, I could’ve put the book down and stop it at that, but thankfully it regained my attention before I did just that. It was like U-shaped – the premise of the story started well, and when the reader was beginning to anticipate what will happen, everything went downhill only to revive it back at the last minute.

As for the characters, they were described well, but not too much which is fine with me. I hate to see god-like beings without flaws. It would be too unrealistic. Even though this is a supernatural/fantasy story, I was glad that the writer tried to make the characters human – faulty in physical, emotional, or mental way. Those beautiful beings were not excluded in this.

However, it was too much for the heroine. I understand that she was portrayed as a teenager. I can also accept about the hormones. But what I can’t understand was her state of mind. She’s lucky to have men flocking around her, all handsome and unique while I don’t even have one! J Kidding aside, I felt like she didn’t know what do with them. Being confused in that kind of situation is understandable (who wouldn’t?), but being in a perpetual state would be unbelievably stupid. I don’t know if she’s a plain OC, or showing early signs of Parkinson’s disease, but why can’t she decide? When she was with Braxton, the goody guy (who seems perfect for me), she felt like everything will be fine and safe with him. When she’s with Asher, the bad boy of the school who turned out to be his guardian [angel], she felt connected to him. And when she’s with Moore, she felt like a real woman powerful enough to attract a handsome (with a dark side) man as him. All these confusion happened every time she kissed them.

I could understand if it only happened in the beginning, but she remained like that even until the end. Not only was her love life problematic, but her entire life was incomprehensible. I couldn’t connect with her.

The conflict was okay, though I felt more confused than in the beginning. Even at the end of the first installment, I wasn’t sure where Lux heart belonged. I am a Lux-Braxton fan, but it seems the story won’t be that way. The book ended in another problem which made me feel bereft when I reached the last pages. It left me hanging! But it was effective though. Now, I have reason to start picking the second installment. J

Overall, this book is an okay read for those who do not have high expectations. It was interesting at first, and ended up as promising, but the author should’ve done something in the middle. Rooms for improvement are visible, yet readers are still recommended to try this book for its unique plot. Let’s wait for the second book and hopefully, it will get better.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

kailin gowAbout the author:

Kailin Gow has appeared on top national syndicated talk shows such as ABC Radio, Barbara Dooley show, Chat with Women on KKNW Seattle, Broadminded on Sirius Radio XM, and more as a leading authority on YA and women’s issues including self-esteem, body image, dating and sexual relationships, abuse, and bullying. Kailin has been a published author for over 10 years with over 100 titles published under her name and under pen names.

She is the founder of the community social site, The Saving You Saving Me Project, which helps teens, young adults, and women deal with social issues like sexual abuse, self-esteem, body image, bullying, cutting, relationships, and more in a positive community environment. The Saving You Saving Me Project is an extention of her YA-mature fiction Saving You Saving Me.

Kailin Gow began writing books for tween girls to help them with self-confidence and self-esteem. Her book, Gifted Girls Activities Guide to 365 Days of the Week, became a reference book used in girls organizations across the U.S. As her tween fans grew to become teens and young adults, Kailin began writing engaging and entertaining young adult book series for them. The results are book series like the Frost Series, PULSE Series, Wicked Woods Series, Stoker Sisters, Phantom Diaries, The Fire Wars, FADE, DESIRE, and more.

All her books are inspired by personal experiences. Saving You Saving Me was inspired by her experience as a peer counselor for young women during college and from her psychology major college roommate’s experience being in a relationship similar to the one portrayed by Sam and Collins in the book. Loving Summer was inspired by Kailin’s experience growing up with a family consisting of a mother, two sons, and a daughter who went through a similar experience of tragedy in the book. Aunt Sookie is based on herself and some actor friends she knows. The Frost Series, Circus of Curiosities Series, and FADE Series came about through vivid dreams. Never Say Never was inspired by Kailin’s experience as a radio host and working with and interviewing bands, as well as having college friends who were in bands. Kailin also played the drums and keyboard for a band she once started. A classically-trained musician, she was once led her school orchestra, playing first chair violin. Her experience in the music world and her love of Phantom of the Opera, inspired the Phantom Diaries. PULSE was inspired when Kailin was in the hospital suffering from heavy blood loss post surgery and needed several bags of blood to survive (like a vampire). Beautiful Beings was inspired by her college encounter with a young demon exorcist. A pastor once told her she had the gift of sight and that she was destined to become a prolific author, many times over.

She began taking her writing seriously when her daughter was diagnosed as being on the spectrum and her mother was fighting three types of cancer. Four years later, her daughter was no longer on the spectrum, and her mother became cancer free. Kailin believes in hope and miracles, after having been through several struggles and experiences herself. This is why she writes.

When not busy inhaling chocolate and drinking coffee by the gallon, Kailin makes time for writing fantasy books, blogging as an expert blogger for Fast Company, volunteering as an Emergency Responder and volunteering for battered women’s shelters. For fun, she plays the electric violin, and puts together a music playlist for her radio and web shows.

Her Frost Series consisting of the Bitter Frost Series, The Wolf Fey Series, and the Fairy Rose Chronicles along with her other book series are being developed into worldwide MMORPG Games by SEE GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT, which is the world’s leading game developer known for developing the top blockbuster films into games.

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  1. Awesome review. I love how you write… “It was like U-shaped” and love your jokes. I’ll check out the book. The author looks like an awesome human being whom I’d like to support.


    1. It was at that point that I don’t know how to describe it other than comparing it to a letter in an alphabet. I am glad you understand my joke because some don’t. I have a horrible humor 🙂 Yes, please check out the book and let me know what you think about it.

  2. Doesn’t sound like my cup of tea but thanks for the review, I enjoy reading your words, whether the subject is one that interests me or not, I usually find you make it interesting in your telling.

    1. It seems I already know that this is not your cup of tea. Hmm. Thank you for supporting my reviews. I honestly don’t know if others read them, but I am glad you do.

      By the way, it seems weird that when I try to click your avatar or name, it links me to the Blogs I Follow. Then when I respond to you, I see that option “Follow” beside your name. Am I not following your blog? Strange.

      1. You have been following for three days as I assume you re-added, so not sure why you weren’t following before, although i accidentally clicked unfollow once when going for the top like button. Strange, but even if it says you aren’t following me I know you are, like a secret blog ninja. You’d make a good ninja.

        1. Oh dear. I swear I was following you from the beginning. I might be stupid as to accidentally clicked the unfollow button.

          A ninja? Hilarious. If you’ll meet me in person, I don’t know how you can create such an idea. I am so uncoordinated that I can kill myself just by staying in my house. But I am into Mixed Martial Arts now so perhaps I can dream to be a ninja. Hehe

          1. If we met, it would be a non stop book chat and possibly flapping of arms as we both stored up good points to get into the conversation whilst the other one was talking. I am impressed with your lack of coordination, not since watching Bambi have I encountered such magnificent abilities.

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              There are many things to know about me and being uncoordinated is one of them.

              1. I haven’t been swimming in years, me in not many clothes is something I try not to afflict on many people. You live in a country of over 7000 islands and you can’t swim surrounded by all that water. I like your style.

                Book chats with you would be even better than actually reading a book. I don’t say that very often at all.

                1. Haha you are funny. May I copy your reason of being unable to swim, too? Aha, and I’ll shall add one: I think I will look like a fish bone when I swim!

                  I am flattered though I’ll settle for any kind of chat with you.

                  1. a fish bone, that is an interesting image and now I would like to see that! we have awesome chats, that is because we are absolutely fantastic people, in my humble opinion.

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                      Oh, spare me the embarrassment and don’t think of me as a fish bone. I assure you I look hideous as that.

  3. even though it was a little disappointing, it’s hard when you can’t connect with the main character, I’m happy to see that you are willing to give the next one a try. That tells me that you enjoyed it on some level. Not all books will wow us, but sometimes that isn’t needed.

    1. True. I know some stories are not real, but I still want to connect with the story and the characters. There must be something human in them, right? I have enjoyed the book in some points, yes, so I will be waiting for the second book.

  4. Just came across this review today (been a little busy with my little monster). As always, I love your reviews and will probably pick up this book at some point in time.

    How do you find the time to read and do reviews at the rate that you do?! You astound me!

    1. Thanks for reading my reviews. I sometimes wonder if others do, but still continue writing them. Some say I have a lot of energy in me that I can read two books in a day and still manage to write a review and hang out with friends.

      Perhaps it is because I am young and single. I still live with my folks who have helpers so I don’t have to get busy doing house chores.

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