BGC Fun: Wink Laser and Waxing Studio

Two weekends ago, my colleague and I finally fixed our appointment at Wink Laser and Waxing Studio located at BGC (Bonifacio Global City) in Taguig. We had ourselves scheduled for an underarm waxing service, a first for her and second time for me. It was both our first time to try this new hair removal place in the metro, thanks to the advertisement and promotion of SampleRoom Philippines.


Come, let’s take a look inside

At the heart of Bonifacio High Street, Wink Laser & Waxing Studio created its home for those beauty and skincare junkies who want to be as hairless as possible. The salon specializes in laser, but it does offer waxing services for eyebrows, face, body, genital areas, and limbs. Even though both hot and cold wax it uses were imported from US, it has a very affordable price. For only Php330 (US$9) underarm, Php850 (US$22) full leg wax, and Php 680 (US$17) Brazilian, one can feel clean, beautiful, and satisfied after the treatment.

wink laser and wax

The laser machine


The place is very hygienic and I observed how they implemented it. Once used, all sheets and wooden spatulas were replaced per client. The attendants wore proper attire and I noticed that the assigned staff for me, Giane, washed her hands many times during my session.

Other types of wax

Other types of wax


This is the hot pink wax used for my underarm treatment.


Princess in Pink! Pink wax, that is.

As mentioned in my first waxing experience, I am a bit hairless in my skin (not the head, thankfully). It’s no wonder when Giane used the pink hot wax for me which she explained as the specific kind for extremely fine hairs. She applied a decent amount on my underarm and after pulling it, showed me the tell-tale signs of hairs stuck in the wax. Not wearing my glasses, I squinted and tried to pretend I saw some. She did it twice (the applying, not the showing) and soon exclaimed that the full treatment was done. I almost raised my arms to show my deforested (not that I have many hairs, I tell you) area and screamed “Hooray!”. Well, almost.

Underarm hairless, my friend and I paraded around BGC. Talk about playing tourist in the luxurious city!

SAM_2618   SAM_2616

SAM_2614   SAM_2619

Have you tried going to a waxing salon? If yes, what services do you avail? If you haven’t, do you see yourself going in the future?

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