Blog of the Year 2012 – 2 stars!

Merry Christmas, everyone! To celebrate the spirit of this Yuletide season, I think it is the perfect time to have this acceptance post for a blog award I received almost a month ago from Rahul. Then a few days ago, I received another nomination with the same title from Kit.

blog of the year 2012

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For more information, check out the FAQ on The Thought Palette.

I believe that Christmas is the season of loving and giving, and so I am very happy to share this award to a few people who I believe are very deserving. The rules do not require an explanation for the award, but I would like to say something for those people I have chosen. Without further ado, here they are:

Heather. She’s someone who has accomplished not one, but three Nano novels. Isn’t that exceptional? Sure, someone can easily write a story, but doing that under time pressure makes it more difficult and challenging. I admire her for having the courage to continue joining such contest while maintaining her reading pace.

Steve. I think I first met him when he commented on my post “Are you blind, too?”. I don’t wan to highlight this, but his eye condition did not hinder him from exploring the world though books, and I was deeply inspired by his passion for reading.

Marc. I was surprised by this person who took his time in contacting me personally to read his book. I was overwhelmed, too! It is not everyday that a published author sends me an email, you know. I haven’t read his book, but the blurb is very promising. I very much want to read the novel written by someone so humble. He is someone I want to be when I grow up, even though I won’t gain a few more inches, I’m afraid. Writing isn’t about earning money, though it seems a great benefit from it. Instead, it’s about the passion and expression of thoughts and ideas.

Juanita. People have used many adjectives to describe me, but creative was rarely used. My brain is very active and healthy when it comes to creating fiction and poems, but my creative juices are always absent when it comes to handmade things. But Juanita isn’t like that. She’s someone who can create some thing as small as earrings and as huge as sweaters and dresses! It may not sound surprising for others, but I never relished the idea of me doing womanly tasks, so seeing someone so accomplished always leave me awed.

Rebecca. She’s a book lover like me. I am inspired by her book reviews that I started creating my own. She is so friendly and a frequent visitor in my site. I am very happy to meet a fellow bookworm through this platform.

Jae. She is the person to be blamed for this monstrosity called my blog. Seven months ago, she “pestered” me and insisted on creating a blog for myself. She persuaded me that I need an outlet to express my irrational thoughts and realist point of views. I agreed and this site was created. Wait, so why does she deserve this award? Aside from our hectic work schedule, she fits her physical training, reading, writing, and wedding planning in her spare time. I know we women are all multi-tasker, but really, can we juggle all those mentioned everyday?

Micah. If Jae cannot understand some character’s quotes sprouting from my mouth, then I cannot follow Micah’s list of authors. I know I am a wide reader, but I am nothing compared to her. How I wish I have read more classics during my school years! She inspires me to go back to the classics at the same time revisiting my old taste for mysteries and murder novels.

Wontaek. He is a Korean, but his English is passable. Even with the language barrier, he created a WordPress account to catch up with me. He may not be that eloquent in his posts, but I admire his courage in plunging in the world of writing and expressing one’s thoughts.

These people are deserving in their own right to receive The 2012 Blog Award. I am very happy to give them one bright star for their achievement in the blogging world. May the continue to inspire others and keep on shining for the next coming years.

I would like to take this opportunity to continuously thank everyone who has been nice to me since I started this site. Until now, I am surprised to see people welcoming me with arms wide open. To  my followers who are forever receiving such nonsense posts from me, to my visitors who reblog my posts, to commenters who spark conversations from something I said, I sincerely thank each and everyone of you for supporting me until now. The year is about to close and I can see myself looking back to this year with a smile and contentment in my face. Thank you!

And oh, stay tuned! I think I have more backlogs than ever. I have two more awards to receive, and I hope I can post them before the year ends!

 Ciao for now, folks. Let’s enjoy the remaining days of the holidays 🙂

33 thoughts on “Blog of the Year 2012 – 2 stars!

  1. Monica! I am once again so flattered by your mention. I firmly believe that we are all creative in our own ways; and the total opposite of you, I am not creative with words! We all have our own niches 🙂

    I hope you are having a good time with your family and friends in this festive season.

    There is another blog award awaiting my attention (It is sitting in my Drafts), and I hope to get this one out in January, too!

    Thank you so much once again.

    1. I hope that this serves as a good Christmas gift, too! I am so glad to meet such a creative and inspiring person as you. No pressure, you can write the post any time. I heard you are moving so I hope everything goes well with that.

      Enjoy the holidays!

  2. Thank you very much, your kind words make me smile and i feel like I need to get reading even more now. You are inspiring to me, as your enthusiasm keeps me going when blogging or reading may be getting a little tough. You wholeheartedly deserve this award because you brighten up al lour blogs.

    1. You are most welcome, Ste J. I’m sorry but I feel awkward calling you that. Does Ste stands for Steve? *grins* You are inspiring, too! I have to read more than half of your 2012 Quest! Which reminds me of that post to be made…

  3. I am known to the government 9for tax purposes) as Steve Johnson, As its you though you may call me anything you like, but not Matilda or Hetty, I feel I am to manly for those names.

    1. Oh my, Hetty? You brought tears of laughter in me, seriously. Who the H is Hetty? LOL. In the Philippines, we have a fast food franchise named Jollibee and one of the mascots is Hetty. She’s the girl spaghetti with blond pasta hair. Hahaha now how can I forget you whenever I see her? 🙂

    1. Most welcome, Rebecca! I love reading your posts, too. I wish I have more energy to follow you in your reading habits; you seem to read more than I can take. 🙂 I am looking forward to read more of your reviews, too!

  4. Hey, Nic. Thank you for the mention in the post. Well, things turned out to be great as I see it. I’d take the credit for pestering you into blogging! Hahaha!

    Happy Holidays, Nic! I’ll see you soon. 🙂

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