Bloggers Must Haves: Essential gadgets

This topic has been sitting in my backlog posts for almost two months now and I am happy to finally put it live. After acquiring a new phone last July, I felt more powered to keep in touch with my family and close friends over the net. As a blogger, a new gadget is a huge help for taking photos, doing quick posts, and reading articles from interesting websites. I am so happy that after two months of its official release, I finally got my hands on Samsung Galaxy S4.

Blogger’s best friend #1: Trusty smart phone

s4 life companion

Okay, treat this as an infomercial or anything you are comfortable with, but I will just rave about some of its special features which are not found in other phones. Samsung, hailed as “The king of android phones” made everyone awed with its newest addition to the Galaxy S family. Having a five-inch screen, the phone is tad bigger than GS3, but still smaller than Note1 [Isn’t that weird when both of them are five inches big]. It can still be held using one hand and can fit some of my jeans’ pockets.


It has a 13MP back camera and 2MP front cam. The HD images captured from both are so vivid one can actually thought they were taken from a digicam. It has various modes to choose from such as Night, Beauty Face, Best Photo, and Drama Shot, but my favorite is Sound & Shot where I can capture an image including a background sound. However, I think the best feature in this department is its dual camera function where both front and back cameras can function at the same time. By using this, you can easily capture an image in front of you using the back cam, while taking a photo of yourself using the front. When you are on a date or eating with someone, there’s no need to ask another person to take photos of you together as you can do it by yourself. It will be the end of awkward and stiff looking poses as you take a self-shot in a beautiful background!


I have tried taking a video using my GS4 and I am very satisfied with the output. It has 1920×1080 resolution which makes any video so alive compared to other phones.

Photo Organization: Story Album

Since it lives with its name of being a smart phone, it automatically creates a story album whenever it detects photos taken on the same date, weather and location. From there, I could easily choose photos to be featured for my next blog post.

Always on Sync

I can also let my pictures be seen in my family’s phones and Samsung TVs (up to eight devices) by using GS4’s 1 TB storage hub. How’s that for real-time photo sharing?

Always on the go

I have tons of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese friends here in my country and it is very helpful for me to use GS4’s S Translator which features a lot of languages to be translated using text-to-speech and speech-to-text functions. As a blogger, I also meet a lot of people from all over the globe and it is nice to learn some foreign words once in a while!

Other cool features

Air gesture

This enables me to control my phone by using hand gestures above the sensor. A simple right swipe will immediately move the current webpage I am viewing to another opened window in my browser. It is very helpful when I am scanning for a specific photo in my gallery – I simply look like a person flipping book pages!


GS4 is so smart that it can control natural human motions. By simply putting a phone in my ear, it would automatically call a contact that I am viewing.

Air View

Whenever I hover my finger over my phone’s screen, some helpful information pop ups. While I am browsing, it could easily magnify some text which is good for other non-responsive websites.

Smart Pause, Stay, and Scroll

Using its sensor, it is easy to detect my eye movements while using my phone. While watching a video, it would automatically pause whenever my eyes go somewhere else (like to a friend who’s bugging me while I watch a trailer of Catching Fire). When my attention goes back to the video/phone, it will also automatically resume. Very cool!

Isn’t Galaxy S4 simply awesome? Well, some of you might not agree and honestly it doesn’t matter whether you use Apple, HTC, Sony, or a payphone.

wordpress on the go

The main point is for us bloggers to have a gadget which can quickly and satisfyingly assist us in all our blogging needs – photos, videos, browsers, and platform apps. For a blogger who constantly moves, it is a necessity for me to bring a handy smart phone to take photos of things I want to feature and review.

What are your blogging essentials? Do you also invest on smart phones to do some field and travel blog posts? Any thought, just share and let me know.

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3 thoughts on “Bloggers Must Haves: Essential gadgets

  1. I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 and I have been happy with it as far as my first smartphone. It’s been a great smartphone for getting my feet wet. When it’s time for my contract to renew I would love to get the S4, that is if the S5 hasn’t come out by next May!

    1. Oho! I bet you bring your laptop with you anywhere so you can easily update your blog. A mobile gadget is easier to check notifications and reply to comments though 🙂 How have you been?

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