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A breath of fresh air always follows a dry, frigid winter. After everything has been covered in white and snow, green is starting to sprout everywhere. With the warmer weather and bloom of colorful flowers, it couldn’t be denied any longer that spring has arrived.

One of the best things most people look forward to in this season is the cherry blossom viewing. All over the globe, several countries have the fortune of witnessing these magnificent trees burst forth into blossom. From the United States of America, to Korea and Japan, these trees make spring worth waiting for. Festivals are even made to celebrate this wonderful gift from nature.


Spring is the most glorious time to visit the land of the rising sun, Japan. Hanami is a Japanese word which literally means “flower viewing”, but which generally indicates cherry blossom viewing. From March to May, local and foreign tourists alike travel to all over the country and take part in Hanami festivals. During these celebrations, people marveled at the beauty of sakura or cherry blossoms by usually having a picnic under the trees. They bring home-cooked meals, do barbeque, and drink sake or rice wine.

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Shimmering blossoms of Japanese most popular tree make everyone gather each year in parks, gardens, and temples to herald the coming of another spring and rebirth. Tea ceremonies held under the trees are also popular for locals and tourists as well. A lot of presentations of arts can be watched nearby.


Philippines is a tropical country with only two seasons – wet and dry. However, it did not stop Filipinos in adoring spring and its flowers. When I was in Japan few years ago, I had my first spring season and what a wonderful experience it was! Everything was vibrant and colorful, fresh, and youthful. Even people are smiling and with a happy disposition. How I wish it is spring every time!

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“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” 

– William Shakespeare

To go with the season, I ordered this yellow floral polka dot lapel chiffon dress from SheInside. For everyone’s information, SheInside is one of the first online fashion stores helping those fashion conscious to look more chic and fabulous. Offering the latest trend in formal and street style fashion, the shop has been home to thousands of customers worldwide.


sheinside, dress, floral, spring, fashion, style, gongjumonica, ootd, yellow

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.”

– Pablo Neruda

I certainly love the print of this dress. Yellow always reminds me of spring and wearing something in this color makes me particularly cheerful. The material used is also comfortable to wear. I got the smallest size, but the sleeves are still big and long for me. I know I am just too small. 🙂

sheinside, dress, floral, spring, fashion, style, gongjumonica, ootd, yellow

“Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes.”

– Carl Friedrich Gauss

With the sun brilliantly shining above the earth, I admired the beauty nature has provided us. Although my country doesn’t have four seasons and cherry blossoms, I am glad to be one of the sunny and cheery flowers for today.

sheinside, dress, floral, spring, fashion, style, gongjumonica, ootd, yellow

Do you also look forward to Spring? Which season do you like the most?


Dress: SheInside | Shoes: SM Parisian and Accessories | Hair and Makeup: Angel | Photography: Ismael Philip Binos


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22 thoughts on “Blooming for Spring | SheInside

  1. I’ve always wanted to do some cherry blossoms viewing and I’ve heard there’s a place like that in Korea, too? I love our outfit hun, reminds me of sunshine, so much. and yes, I wish it’s Spring all the time. My hubby told me yesterday that where he was from, the weather feels like spring time always 🙂 xx Donah

  2. Love the dress! Yellow is such a charming color and it doesn’t hurt that the collar design looks classic and lovely. Sana may bigger size, bet ko syang maging maternity dress! 🙂

  3. Yellow is a pretty color and so is Spring. But you know, The Philippines actually has three seasons: Rain, Summer, and the inbetween from October to February which is characterized by soft showers and cool sunny days. It is a season most cherished by gardeners like me. It’s the best season to plant and to wear flowers in the Philippines 🙂

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