Casino Culture & Fashion Tips

When we think about casino culture, a number of things come to mind. For many of us, the primary image is still the sight of the Las Vegas Strip and its dozens of famous casinos and hotels. For others, the first thing that comes to mind is the gaming: cards being shuffled, chips being stacked, banter between players. But the truth is, casino culture has evolved a great deal in the past decade, and while live casinos still thrive all over the world, many associate the industry primarily with Internet sites.

Indeed, leading platform Betfair offers an incredible range of online casino games, including themed slot machine and arcade games that add so much entertainment that many users will hardly care that they’re not on an actual casino floor. Poker, blackjack, casino arcade machines, roulette, blackjack… you name it and a top online casino will have it. And for people who are in it strictly for the games and the money, this all renders live casino environments obsolete.

But one reason that live casinos and resorts have remained popular is that for most people who enjoy casinos, it isn’t just about the games and the money. Those are merely components of a larger picture. The truth is, for those who enjoy travelling to casinos, it’s really about the atmosphere of it all—and one of the biggest components of that atmosphere is fashion.

Think about any casino you’ve ever been to, or any film you’ve ever seen that deals with casino drama. Most of the time, the people sitting at high-roller tables or strolling confidently across casino floors are dressed impeccably, displaying a strong sense of fashion but also a certain gaudiness or flash characteristic of casino culture. How someone dresses on a casino floor doesn’t just project his or her own image and confidence; it plays into the overall image of that casino. And for that reason, there are certain commonly established ideas about casino fashion that are worth a look for anyone planning a gambling trip in the near future. If this applies to you, here are a few tips to consider as you pick out your outfits.


  • Accessorize. When dressing up to show off your sense of style, it’s always nice to have a few personal touches on hand, and these come in the form of accessories. So if you’re looking for one piece of your outfit with which to make a statement, make it something small but noticeable—shoes, jewellery, and for the ladies, even a handbag can go a long way.
  • At most big casinos, you’ll need to go formal. These days, most will at least let you in to gamble if you’re in casual attire. But you may just feel out of place if you sit at a table or eat at a casino restaurant where everyone else is looking fashionable. Now, formal doesn’t mean a tuxedo for men and a $3,000 dress for women. Perhaps thinking of “wedding attire” as a goal would be a good starting point.
  • Wear a watch. This is almost more of a tip for how to enjoy the casino than a rule about how to dress. Most of us check the time on our mobile phones, which has made watches obsolete as tools. But wearing one in a casino may just remove some of the temptation to check your phone incessantly, which in turn can keep you more engaged with the tasks at hand! Plus, a watch is a nice fashion touch. Also, using your phone at a table is frowned upon.
  • In America, you can go a little more casual. Granted, the sexy image of a casino patron, such as one you’ve seen in films, is a little more exciting. And if you’re dressing up for the occasion, it’s worth it. But if you’re looking to keep things simple, GQ pointed out that American casino-goers tend to get away with casual attire.

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