Catching Fire Inspired: Colored Wedding Dresses from DressV

Last weekend, I re-watched Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and like the first time, I was awed how it was faithful to the novel. Even while in the middle of the movie, I nodded every time I remembered a particular scene from the book. As a bookworm, I can only count how many film adaptations were successful in following the plot and even the minute details from books. Being a reader gives me unlimited ways to imagine how a person or scene would look like, and it amazes me how the visual presentation of everything I read sometimes I agreed with my imagination.

When Catching Fire was starting to film, there were already a lot of speculations about the exciting scenes from this second installment. Among one of them is Katniss Everdeen’s set of wedding gowns designed by her stylist, Cinna.

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Imagining the wedding gown to be white and grand, nothing prepared me for the visual image Suzanne Collin’s descriptions would make. I admit that when I first saw it, I squealed with my colleagues and got excited for the upcoming movie.

It became so popular that a lot of women wanted to have as much ruffles in their dress as possible, but nothing could cause an uproar than the result of Katniss’ twirl in her wedding gown.


The Mockingjay gown looks lovely and fierce as ever

Though the color goes beyond the conventional white, I was again surprised by the number of people copying the girl on fire’s trendy dress. It seems that we are already starting to accept that it doesn’t have to be white – colored wedding dresses are also cool.

Inspired by Katniss Everdeen’s wedding dress? I have collected some designs from this online shop, DressV, and look what I got!

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This white wedding gown with black accent reminds me of the point when Katniss slowly started turning to a mockingjay. Looks elegant, right?

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Remember Katniss’ hot red number in her interview? It may not be as hot as that, but this wedding gown from DressV looks lovely as well.

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From my heart, this is something I would love – a gown fit for a princess! It looks so royal and elegant!

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Almost every girl dreams to get married in her white wedding gown. I guess history and society affected us to think this way. With books and media, however, we are slowly opening our minds to various possibilities.

What kind of wedding gown would you like to wear in your wedding? 

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  1. I love the gowns, it makes me remember a disney princess especially the one with real live action disney makes like mirror mirror and the new disney movie maleficent and of course i would like to wear this someday! its all pretty!

  2. wow,the gowns are so elegant and beautiful but i like the first one!hope i could wear it on my 25 wedding anniversary.

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