Certified four-eyed me: New eyeglasses and stuff

Last November, I wrote a post titled, “Are You Blind, Too?” which got a lively discussion and sharing after. Apparently, I am not the only one who has poor eyesight and depends highly on eyeglasses. According to the comments caused by my post, I found out that most people still prefer to wear specs than modern contact lenses. Personally, I am afraid to wear contacts. I don’t even wear mascara for fear of accidentally poking my eyes!

Anyhow, last year my eye grade is like O.D -2.5 and O.S. -2.0. If you are wondering, O.D. means Oculus Dexter which literally means Right Eye while O.S. stands for Oculus Sinister or the Left Eye. With the figures above, you can easily interpret that my eye grade for both eyes are different. Fast forward to seven months and my company’s optical shop partner went had eye check-up for the employees. I was saddened to know that my sight became poorer. I now have an O.D. -3.0 and O.S. -2.5!

For a minute there, I had a quick flashback of possible reasons why I need to wear thicker glasses. Like a cannonball, memories of how I abused my eyes rushed to me. At least ten hours a day, my eyes are exposed in front of a computer. Add a total of one to two hours of mobile usage. While on my way home or somewhere else, I read using my Ereader. When I arrive home, I still manage to force myself into reading at least 30 minutes per night.

Back to the present, I had sealed a purchase of a new pair of eyeglasses to match my new eye grade. After serious consideration on which frame will make me less snobbish and geeky, I finally settled on a full frame, black rimmed, Levi’s spectacles. It comes in lime arms which I don’t like, but there isn’t any other color option so…

my new glasses

To make my nerdiness official, here’s a snapshot of me wearing my eyeglasses. I’m sorry of the quality isn’t good; it’s taken using a mobile camera only. 🙂

Camera 360

Camera 360

While drafting this post, I noticed that I was wearing my gold chained, crochet pacific blue Swarovski crystal pendant necklace. I got this after winning one of the many giveaways I participated before.



The delicate chain is in gold with a knitted gold wire surrounding the pendant. It was exquisite. The crystal is simply beautiful and it gains more elegance when it catches the light. It is no fancy jewelry. I don’t think it is like any other fashion pieces one can sport in a street fashion. Instead, it is a valuable item for any sophisticated and classy outfit.

When I received it a few days ago, I appreciated it more when I learned that it was handmade. I adore and respect highly those people who use their own skill and creativity to create wonderful pieces that not everyone can do. The master of my new jewelry is none other than Orit Hadad, an Israeli jewelry designer who has a passion for knitting and crocheting. After being recognized with her crafty work, she started in a designer’s boutique in Tel Aviv then eventually ventured to have her own business. Now, she owns a shop in Etsy after her name, Orithadad.

Since she is so generous as to host a giveaway which I actually won, I would like to show my gratitude my featuring some of her excellent pieces here. Take a look.


swarovski in gold  rose quartz necklace


wine earrings  bridal earrings

On another but still related note, I also wore rings and a bracelet in my photos above. I am not sure if it is visible in the pictures so I took a close-up shot of them together.

These three items are from Rings and Tings, an online fashion store created by two creative and fashion-oriented students from London. The shop offers the latest and affordable fashion trends ranging from jewelry, clothes, and bags.

If you are a fan of Kpop, you might like their idol-inspired backpacks…

big bang  super junior

Or shoes…

leopard creepers  felt flats

The owners are nice enough to send me some sample items to try and review. One day I received a small package containing the three items I wore in featured photo above. It consists of two gold fashion rings and one cross charmed bracelet. They were made in good material as I suspect the colors won’t fade after being exposed to sweat and other elements. The designs are also cool and youthful which made me wish to receive more samples in the future. Ha!

Sadly, because I am as thin as a paper the sizes of the three products are big for me. I tried wearing the rings through all my digits, but even my thumbs were skinny. On one hand, the bracelet reaches up to my elbows. Yeah, meet a stick person in real life!

Still, I managed to get some passable photos wearing them, right?

  Camera 360

Camera 360

This post seems to be full of my photos and the articles of clothing I am wearing: Levi’s eyeglasses, blue chiffon dress bought from an online shop, giveaway won Swarovski necklace, and sponsored jewelry. In a way, I am agreeing to some who says that I am starting to become an endorser. Well, am I? What do you think? 

My giveaway is still ongoing for few more days. Please join and try your luck!

24 thoughts on “Certified four-eyed me: New eyeglasses and stuff

  1. I love Swarovski! They have such beautiful items. Their new collection is all blue and turquoise and fuschia, and so very pretty!

    By the way, I started wearing reading glasses too. Working for eight hours before a computer was not good for me. =[

    1. Me, too! I love how it catches the light. My favorite color is blue and I a sure I will love their new collection.

      Welcome to club! Come post a photo of you wearing it. True, our eyes get the effects of staying too much in front of computer

    1. Thank you, Kimberly. I am far from lovely. These photos were taken after working hours. I looked like a zombie 🙂

      Good thing you love the shoes. Go click the photos and check them out

  2. I love those glasses and you look really good wearing it!. The dress is nice too.. Congratulations on winning the giveaway. I love handmade jewelry man!

  3. Love the glasses. I wear contacts, only because glasses make me ill. I get dizzy and can’t walk so I stick to contacts. I do wear my glasses in bed when I read though.

  4. wow the necklace seems so nice I love the color and its perfect.
    I am having a hard time in choosing what is the best eyeglasses for me though.

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