Choosing the Right Black Dress | Nuffnang 7th Anniversary Bash

Nuffnang, one of the leading blog advertising agencies in the country, will be rocking its 7th year anniversary in the blogosphere very soon. To celebrate, affiliated bloggers are invited to attend an exclusive party on February 28, Friday, starting from 10:00 PM at Cabana Club, Resorts World Manila. Dress code will be black and white suits and evening dress. As much as I am excited to go, I am faced with one problem – what shall I wear?

It is a common situation for us girls to have an outfit dilemma, especially if we are going to attend a social event. Appearance is important and we want to look our best. We can’t just pull out a long dress from the closet without considering if it has already been a style fad or not. For us, a keen eye for design and comfort is a must in selecting our fashion ensemble.

Being an online shopaholic that I am, various stores came to mind. There were those I have already tried and others which just picked my fancy. I browsed through all of them looking for inspirations, but without any special result. Thankfully, someone introduced me to a new online shop featuring high quality dresses in affordable price. Let’s check the site together!

ZDress is another worldwide online fashion retailer shop which has been gaining more popularity these days. It has a huge range of clothing and accessories being updated to the latest trends daily. It also promised to have superior quality in its products in a factory low price. Well, the last part got me most interested to try and search for my outfit.

Help me choose?

zdress, black dress, mini, LBD

I first saw this mini black dress with chiffon long sleeves. It looks casual and classy for me.

zdress, black dress, mini, LBD

How about this black crisscross sleeveless dress? It looks daring, but the front is so plain cotton. I am not sure I could be brave enough to wear this, but the design is good.

zdress, black dress, mini, LBD

This is really a black and white ensemble. It has that sexy asymmetrical skirt and white tube top. Will I rock this?

zdress, black dress, mini, LBD

I have seen a lot of this type before, but I don’t own one. It looks a perfect party LBD. Shall I add it to my collection?

zdress, black dress, asymmetrical, LBD

Lastly, I have seen this safe and sweet midi dress. It is plain black with only asymmetrical cut in the skirt, yet it suits my personality. I am not sure it is appropriate for the event though.

Oh, which to choose? I find it difficult to find an outfit since I really don’t go to bars and clubs. Yep, I just confessed that. I am a very boring person stuck in books. Anyhow, which dress do you think would suit me and the occasion? Please let me know!


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18 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Black Dress | Nuffnang 7th Anniversary Bash

  1. Nic, I’d either go for the crisscross dress or the midi one. The trick to these plain and simple styles is to accessorize. Don’t go over the top, though! You don’t want to draw so much attention in a funny way. Good luck! 😉

    P. S. I received the same invitation, too; as if I’m the type to go to such events. Haha! Have fun!

    1. Miss Jae~ I am replying to my blog comments na! The crisscross dress looks good, but I’m worried about the fit. It might be too loose on me and my shoulder length is narrow. I’m seriously considering the last midi dress though. And ah, not really a fan of accessories. Allery to alloy, remember?

      Haha it is late nga eh! Might have a quick appearance lang. For pictures lol

      1. Snob ka na kasi!

        Anyway, go for the midi dress na lang. There’s sophistication in its simplicity naman. You don’t have to wear plated accessories naman, dami diyang hindi maiirritate skin mo. 🙂

  2. all dress are classy 😉 but i love mini black dress with chiffon long sleeves 😉
    when you wear this dress your look superb beause you are so pretty :*

  3. I think u shld choose 4th Black dress.. It would look perfect on u n
    yes I have participated in Jollychic giveaway.. Fingers crossed.

  4. As a man, I don’t expect you to take my advice but I will have a go anyway and say the 1st and 3rd, I think the third would be my final pick. The last one is classy as well though, in fact they all are…I haven’t got a clue, I may go for a lie down.

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