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On the other side of the world, spring is yet to come, but in the Philippines, we are already tasting the summer heat. Almost everyone is fantasizing about an escapade with skinny golden bodies, sky blue water, and large waves. Living in an archipelago with more than 7000 islands is sometimes an advantage for beach adventures, but being a city girl also has its drawbacks. One of which is having no nearby sea to swim in.

Fortunately, one resort exists amidst the high rise buildings and busy lifestyles in the metro. I was even lucky to be invited in its Bloggers Day a little over a week ago. To share my experience, I am writing this first summer post for 2014.

Club Manila East, resort, pool, Philippine, near Manila

Club Manila East is a one-stop resort in Taytay, Rizal, which offers various water-related activities and innovations to delight its clienteles. Aside from its various pools, this waterpark also features a FUNtasy Lagoon, Boating Area, Buzzy River, Beach Volleyball, Beach Waves and Ocean Waves which never fail to entertain everyone. It also caters accommodations for both day and night tours, as well as function venues for events such as parties, group activities, and team buildings.

That morning of February 9, bloggers and guests were assembled in front of our designated cabanas. There, Christian Sikat, CME Marketing Officer, warmly welcomed us and gave a run-down for that day’s activities. Then, we waited for a while for the arrival of CME’s VP for Operations and Marketing for a brief introduction and orientation. For our free time, we took leisure taking our OOTDs.

Club Manila East, OOTD, outfit, style, fashion, summer

Club Manila East, OOTD, outfit, fashion, summer

Club Manila East, OOTD, outfit, fashion, summer

Soon, we met Mr. Reu M. Dellota, VP for Operations and Marketing, and Mr, Louie Ramirez, Senior Manager for Sales and Client Relations, and we chatted a bit about the resort’s vision and how they want to be more active in social media and blogosphere. We also have a mini discussion about the resort’s history, amenities, and other branches. Here’s a photo of us bloggers and facilitators.

CME Bloggers Day, event


As a warm-up, CME gave us the chance to experience Beach Volleyball in the city. Unimaginable? The resort features a court with fine sands, score boards, and referee stand fit to collegiate and international games.

Club Manila East, Beach Volleyball, Summer

credits to: the-travelhub

Being a non-sporty type that I am, I joined the game with only one goal in mind – win the prize! Unfortunately, the other team won with three gift certificates each. I internally blame my [lack of] skills.

Club Manila East, Beach Volleyball, Summer

The winning team. You know what to do, sister!


After basking in the sun’s harmful rays, I reapplied my sunblock lotion to get ready for our next activity. We headed to the FUNtasy Lagoon and directed to its Boating Area. There, we experienced kayaking. It was a first for me! Didn’t know the paddle could provide arm exercise.

CME, kayak, boating, summer

go paddle, sistah!

CME kayak_2

Row,row, row your boat

Next, a free lunch was provided to us by the CME staff. I think I exceeded my yearly dose of soda – three cans!


Having my almost perfect tan, I did not want to stay longer under the sun, so I urged my sister and friends to go to CME’s Shaded Pool. I’ve been wanting to try this since I saw it in the huge map near the entrance. Finally, a place where I wouldn’t get burned!

I enjoyed floating and swimming in the pool despite the noisy Korean kids also present. Seems like we weren’t the only ones who were afraid of Mr. Sun! I could understand snippets of their conversation and complains for the temperature. Haha! Meanwhile, the others also tried the resort’s giant slide. [no photos available]


Few minutes after 1 PM, we tried the CME Fly, a 350-meter zip line with a height of a six-storey building. From up above, the rolling Beach Waves up to the Giant Slide can be seen. Being the only who had tried zip lining several times,

Club Manila East, zipline, CME fly

I cheered my sister and friends to boost their courage and face their fears.


The last activity for the day was surfing. For Php 1500, one can enjoy a two-hour basic surfing lessons with an inclusion of surfboard rental. Since I am a blogger, I was entitled to this for FREE!

Club Manila East, Oceanwaves, wave, wavepool

The Club Manila East “Surfing in the City” has been the resorts exceptional draw from the date it was opened. Being the first and still the only one in the Philippines, it has captured beginner and trained surfers alike to catch waves right here in the Metro. In partnership with the Philippine Surfing Academy, classes are done with a personal trainer and surfboards internationally made for wave pools.

Club Manila East, Philippine Surfing Academy, surfing, wave pool, summer

To start, bloggers [and my lucky sister] were given a land-based orientation to know the parts of a surfboard and some rules and tips when surfing.

Club Manila East, Philippine Surfing Academy, surfing, wave pool, summer

Next, we practiced our stance when standing in our boards.

Soon, our professional instructor deemed us educated enough to try surfing. Paddling in our surfboards to those swells, our trainer guided and instructed us to push up and stand. “Never give up! Don’t be afraid to stand!” was my teacher’s mantra.

CME surfing_3

I countlessly fell down in the water, scraped and bruised my knees in the pool floor, but he was patient teaching us. Before the session ended, I was proud to count one successful and several almost-there attempts. Didn’t beat my sister who was the first to successfully stand though.

When our class ended, we were given free time to have fun frolicking in the water and using the resort’s amenities. I noticed that whenever we go, there were staff visible to attend to our needs. Lifeguards were also there and maintenance were seen cleaning the areas every so often. Food was also generously provided for us. With my OOTD outfit, I looked and felt like a spoiled daughter of Club Manila East!

It was a fun-filled [yet skin darkening] experience I had with my sister and blogger friends. I was beyond grateful to The Club Manila East Resort for opening its amenities for us and being accommodating and friendly to our inquiries and requests. To Christian who initially sent an invitation even when I was lounging in another resort in Pattaya, thank you for receiving us so warmly. I really love to come back and bring more friends!

club manila east, resort, pool, waves

Who’s ready for summer? Club Manila East Resort is ready to accommodate you, your family and friends. This February, they have an ongoing promo where the entrance fee is reduced to Php300. Yay! I will definitely come back to try their new amenities that would be opening soon. How about you?

Club Manila East is located at KM 24 Manila East Road Taytay, Rizal, Philippines. To know more about the resort, check their website here

Are you excited this summer? Share your plans! Have you tried surfing before? In beach or pool?

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  1. Oh my gosh!.. You look amazing and had such an awesome experience. The pix are so nice. The white top is beautiful and your accessories are perfect. The pink you used is light and so I like it. The third pic in this post is the best. Love the blue top in the last pic too ♡. Girly gorgeous.

  2. i really enjoy with you summer post 😀
    white top is beautiful and your accessories are perfect <3
    I love boating 😉

  3. You guys looked like you had a lot of fun! Too bad I missed it. Hope to see you all in upcoming events!

    Club Manila east is indeed ready to accommodate the flock of visitors for the summer! The place to be for a quick barkada trip 🙂

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