CNS Fashion mini haul

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After my appointment at Wink Laser & Wax Studio, I grabbed the opportunity to play clown and delude myself that I am a model of a sort. With the help of a friend, I awkwardly posed wearing my CNS Fashion mini haul.

CNS Fashion is an online bulk seller of jewelry and trendy clothes. It offers affordable and fashionable glam pieces which can go well with different outfits and styles. To check more of their items, visit their site here.

military charm necklace silver curved cross bracelet  star print leggings

I got a silver curved cross charm bracelet, military charm necklace, and star print leggings. I managed to have photos wearing the first two, and the last one will be posted separately.

My thoughts:

Military charm necklace – I chose this because I wanted to sport a cool and tough look sometimes. Most of the time I go for sweet and feminine type, but I want to experiment when in the mood. Anyhow, this one rocks. I like that it has three-layered chains in gold, silver, and bronze. Each has its own charms which I found interesting.

Silver curved cross charm bracelet – Even though I am known by some as a skinny person, it still managed to surprise me that the cross charm of the bracelet have the same diameter as my wrist – around two inches. Both the charm and chain have good quality and I don’t think the color will change or fade when exposed to the elements. It is simply designed and I like it because I can wear it in almost any outfit.

Star print leggings – My love for stars resurfaced when I saw this one. It’s for a skinny fit and I love it. I have tried it on when I received the package though I frowned when I look shorter when I wore it. Hmm.

Still in BGC (Bonifacio Global City), my friend urged me to smile in front of the camera while she poorly captured my photos. Go, let yourselves be the judge.

Camera 360




Do you like wearing jewelry? What type do you like? Have you tried buying some from an online jewelry store?

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One thought on “CNS Fashion mini haul

  1. I lov ethe bracelet. So simple and beautiful. Nice pix. Love your dress. I love buying jewelry online. Mostly I have bought for others as gifts. My favorite jewelry is earring 🙂

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