Date a Man Who Reads

In my last post, I have suggested for men to date a girl who reads. For this entry, I’d like to persuade girls (bookworm or not) to date a man who reads. 🙂

A bookworm is, basically, someone who loves to read. This person has the passion to enjoy reading stories of different genres and time periods. More often than not, a bookworm gets too engrossed with his/her reading that he/she seems oblivious with anything that goes around him/her. Sometimes, especially if the bookworm finds one of the character too interesting or near his/her personality, he/she imagine him/herself in the story itself.

I have previously written an argument as to why men should date a woman bookworm, and I am really glad that many people have read and liked that post. Almost all of the people who have liked and commented there are fellow bookworms, and it made me inspired to write a sequel.

There are lots of things which can occupy our free time and sadly, some people prefer going to gym, hitting the mall, or chatting online. I don’t have anything against those mentioned, but as a confessed bookworm, I find reading more productive and enjoyable than others. Sure, going to gym can help flatten my stomach or tone my arms, but I still find attracted to reading.

As a girl, some might say that I am a loner or anti-social to be reading books than going out with friends or dates, or a geek with my face always buried in a book. But I don’t care. This is what I do, and I take pleasure in learning lots of things with this hobby.

But what could be nicer than meeting someone who shares the same obsession and excitement to books with you?


A Male Bookworm

Why would you date a man who reads? 

  • You have the same love for books. Most couples tend to have a successful relationship due to their same interests and hobbies. Compatibility is one important factor in a blissful bond.
  • He understands you. A woman booklover tends to be over-emotional sometimes, even in petty things. He has read tons of books, and may have come across a same situation where he will be inspired to do what the hero in the story did.
  • He is a romantic. 18th century and regency era novels never fail to portray well-bred and knight in shining armor men. Thus, you can expect him to be a charming gentleman, thanks to those romantic stories which he stored in memory for his reference.
  • He is comfortable to be with. If you are a girl who is not fond of going to mall or watching in theaters, you don’t have to worry. You may enjoy each other’s company just by going to your favorite coffee shop, tea house, or ice cream parlor while reading or discussing the recent book you have read or currently reading.
  • He is an intellectual. Well, it’s not uncommon for a reader to have a vast knowledge accumulated from all the books he has read. If you like debate and argumentation like me, you are in for an interesting competition. Life with an intellectual bookworm will sure be exciting.
  • He is loyal. Surely he has read romantic novels and learned that nothing good comes from cheating so you will be relieved to know that you won’t have other woman to compete with for his attention. Be aware of being jealous to books though.
  • He can be expressive unlike others. He may even write you poems or songs. What’s sweeter than a man whispering romantic and poetic lines to you? In addition, you can easily know him by his opinions or comments to a certain book or situation as these are direct reflection of his personality.
  • He is easy to please. Want to make him happy? Go to a near bookstore and buy one of the books he is salivating to have and give it to him. He will be in cloud nine with that simple gesture. Keeping your man happy and satisfied is sure to guarantee a happy relationship.

Those are the eight reasons I have thought of why a woman should date a male bookworm. Upon reading my own writing, I have this urge to go bookworm-hunting and find the right man. Who knows, he might  just be around the corner, nose buried in a book.

What about you? Would you like to date a bookworm? Why so?

15 thoughts on “Date a Man Who Reads

  1. I wholeheartedly endorse the sentiment behind this post. Why? Oh, no reason. It’s not like I’m a guy who knows entirely too much about supernatural romance novels. Although to be fair, once you’ve read one (okay, 5, maybe 12– well, let’s just say no more than 18) you’ve kind of read them all. It’s just for research, I swear.

    Anyway, this post has my unbiased approval.

  2. Sadly, my boyfriend is not a bookworm (more like a video-game ninja, or a movie nut). Yet once he’s hooked with the first few pages of a particular book, he’ll stick with it till the end. Sounds like loyalty to me, so yeah, girls – find men who read! 🙂 🙂

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