De-stress Yourself at Blossom Floral Spa

Have you ever felt so worn-out after a day’s work? Busy with tasks and client meetings or hectic schedule with a lot of school deadlines? Troubled by your relationship? Stressed? Desperate to take a breather? Well, you are not alone. We all experience these once in a while. The question is, how do you relax and de-stress yourself?

Stress has been recognized as one of the major illnesses in today’s society. It is cumulative, and the impact of amassing burden over a long period of time could be quite serious in a person’s mental, emotional, and physical health. Alas, there are various ways on how to separate ourselves from this social cancer. My favourite technique is through going to a spa.


Last month, I had the opportunity to try yet another spa in the metro. I visited quite a number already, and after my experience at Health Land in Thailand, I got more addicted to massage centres. Thankfully, numerous spas have been sprouting like mushrooms here in the Philippines, so I won’t have a hard time picking one which would suit my fancy. For today’s review, let me introduce you to Blossom Floral Spa.


I. Go to a spa.


Blossom Floral Spa is strategically located at the busy and popular Maginhawa Street in Teachers Village. Freshly opened late last year, it has already created a sensation among students of nearby UP, Ateneo, and Miriam universities. Residents and guests along the neighborhood also flocked the spa. When I pursue further education, I will be residing somewhere near the area and possibly frequent the place, too.

II. Go to a place with a relaxing ambiance.

This de-stressor gives a long-lasting relief. Once you found a place where you can relax and forget about all your anxieties, go here anytime, anywhere when stress hits.

blossom floral spa, spa, massage, maginhawa, sauna, pamper, de-stress

Upon arriving at the location, Blossom Floral Spa exudes a dainty aura which appealed to me quite easily. A small fountain was there as a centrepiece of its mini zen garden. As I entered the establishment, I noticed that the furniture were more intricately designed when inspected closely than what I had originally thought when viewed from the outside glass walls. From the elegant curve of the chairs to the grand display of chandelier, the interior played with the feminine senses.

blossom floral spa, spa, massage, maginhawa, sauna, pamper, de-stress

blossom floral spa, spa, massage, maginhawa, sauna, pamper, de-stress

Also worth noticing were the abundance of fresh and artificial (painted and printed) flowers all over the massage center. Aside from its aesthetic purpose to make the spa more beautiful, I also thought that these blossoms actually serve as remedies for those who are suffering from mental and emotional baggage. As I once read in a scientific journal, stress was proven to be mitigated by nature. By surrounding people with beautiful creatures of the earth, the body and mind can be relaxed.

blossom floral spa, spa, massage, maginhawa, sauna, pamper, de-stress

blossom floral spa, spa, massage, maginhawa, sauna, pamper, de-stress

III. Go out with friends, family, and loved ones.

Being with someone makes us feel less isolated and alone, which will lower our anxiety level. Getting pampered with your best friend or sister is much better than doing it alone sometimes. In Blossoms Floral Spa, there is a wide array of massage and spa treatments to try together.

Some services offered:

24K Gold Body/Facial Scrub

Rose/Lavender/Green Tea Body Scrub with Petals

Thai/Maya Massage

Lanolin Whitening Body Mask

Jelly Foot

IV. Take a mental vacation.


When stressed, it is sometimes good to use one’s imagination and daydream. The activity is said to lower blood pressure, clear the mind, and reduce fatigue. In a spa, the best place to do this is in a sauna.

blossom floral spa, spa, massage, maginhawa, sauna, pamper, de-stress

Not all spa in Manila has a sauna. Thankfully, Blossom Floral Spa has its clients’ best interest at heart when it decided to add a sauna in its establishment. Here, a small Japanese style sauna complete with wooden timer and thermometer was built. Patrons are given a robe to wear inside the sauna and other spa premises.

V. Eat your heart out – in a healthy way.

Chewing is one great de-stressor. It releases tension from the jaw, especially to those teeth grinders. By choosing to eat, especially those sweet and carbohydrate-enriched, mood-boosting food, serotonin, the chemical responsible for the body’s calmness and relaxation, spikes up.

blossom floral spa, spa, massage, maginhawa, sauna, pamper, de-stress

Thus, it only follows that right after sweating out in the sauna, I was treated with sugar-free treats.

VI. Drink Green.

Soothing drink promotes relaxation. Perhaps it is through that reason that the biggest population in the world consumes tea. Though I am not Chinese, I also prefer tea than coffee. So, imagined my delight when a hot cup of Blossom Floral Spa signature Moringa tea was served to me after those handful of sweets. What a healthy and tasty choice!

Experience the calming effect of human touch.


blossom floral spa, spa, massage, maginhawa, sauna, pamper, de-stress

With dim lights and comfortable bed, I went through a one-hour full body massage. It was with oil, but I couldn’t even get a whiff. The masseuse was well-trained and strong. In no time, I had my much needed stress buster.

VII. Surround yourself with beauty.


Beauty is all around us. By accepting our own appearance and noticing how special we are, we are getting relieved of tension. It also boosts our confidence.

blossom floral spa, spa, massage, maginhawa, sauna, pamper, de-stress

blossom floral spa, spa, massage, maginhawa, sauna, pamper, de-stress

Mani and pedi with Thai nail polish in blue

With my entire Blossom Floral Spa experience, I could say that it has been helpful in de-stressing and pampering me. With various ways on how to calm and relax people, I have come to realize why this massage parlor is getting all the buzz around the neighborhood. I highly recommend this to those who love themselves and value their mental and emotional health. Let’s all be stress free!

About the Spa

Blossom Floral Spa

103 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City, Philippines

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Mon-Sun 12 PM – 12 MN

For reservations and inquiries: 63 2 330 2291 / 63 2 330 2290

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  1. I absolutely love the way you wrote this post!. Also lovely pix and you just reminded me that I need a full body massage really badly!. Man, such a nice experience. Love the spa. Very neat and pretty.

  2. Aww, why are some of the nicer spas and salons so far away from me here in Makati? I guess the next time I’m ever in QC I know where to drop by!

  3. i won’t really go to a spa just to destress. i love work challenges, so i usually work even harder to overcome the source of stress. or i’ll just munch away my stress at work. hahaha!

  4. I think I might need to go to a spa soon too so I can say “Sayonara, stress” as well. Haha! Blossom Floral Spa look so nice. It will be nice to go there with friends. 😀

  5. Your post is very timely! Though not because of work, the weather is easily stressing me out! Will definitely visit this salon when I get the chance. Maginhawa isn’t too far from my place naman, and there are tons of restos to check out.

    Anyway, love the way you constructed your post. Very engaging! It somehow made me de-stress with you. 🙂 Oh, and that nail color is lovely! <3

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