Denim’s appeal: wearing Kooding denim point shirt

I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.

― Yves Saint-Laurent

Inspired, I wore my newly sent denim point shirt from Kooding, a Korean online clothing store. Before I go on with my thoughts about the new addition to my wardrobe, let me introduce you this unique shop which proudly showcases real, Korean-made apparel. As someone who loves anything Korean, it is a surprise haven for me.

Kooding is known as one of the leaders in providing clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories straight from Korea to various parts of the world in a cheaper, faster, and easier way. The shop has all kinds of fashion styles and trendy items coming from popular Korean brands, so customers do not need to look for products and inspirations in several places. Convenient, right?

kooding cute dresses

kooding sexy

kooding lovely

Why will you prefer Kooding?

A store coming from one of the stylish countries in the world, Kooding isn’t just an online shopping mall. It has:

  1. Exclusive popular Korean brands
  2. Best quality products
  3. Latest trends
  4. Best customer service in English, Korean, and Spanish
  5. Secure payment system
  6. Global standard shipping fee
  7. Cheap, fast, easy, and safe shipping

I can attest that all those seven listed above are true. When you go to its website, you will see a lot of items and categories to choose from. Just decide on what you want/need and the shop provides you with options according to your preferences. There are featured Korean shops which I really like. Unlike those many online stores which get their products from China, Kooding is 100% Korean. I love it! I feel like a Korean actress or idol whenever I see myself wearing their clothes. Me and my imagination, haha!

kooding denim point shirt

The shop sent me this Kooding denim point shirt for review. I was enticed by the photos of the model wearing this item that I was internally jumping when the shop agreed to give this to me. A few days after I finalized my order, a parcel from FedEx arrived at our home. It was quick, safe, and very convenient! After settling the bill, I happily peeled the top of the plastic and peered inside. Excitement rushed through me as I carefully pulled the shirt from its package.

My thoughts:

First, I checked the shirt for quality. The fabric is breathable. It is named as a denim shirt, but it has a cottony feel that I like. I am not a fan of stiff denim so it is a blessing in disguise that this has a soft texture. Upon thoughtful checking, I was happy to found out that not a single thread was out of place. Call me weird for that, but who wants a shirt that was badly hemmed? Anyway, even the buttons are aligned and everything, so those pleased me. After my careful inspection (and I am an OC on that department), I tried it on.

Now, I ordered the smallest size available. Still, I realized when I stared in the mirror that it was a size or two bigger. Blame my abnormal skinny-yet-fat-on-some-places figure. How can I wear it without looking like a scarecrow? Hehe. Take a look at the photos below and be the judge. Does it look big on me?

 Camera 360

Camera 360

This long sleeves shirt can also be conveniently folded. Perfect for the weather here in the Philippines!

Camera 360

Camera 360


I love it! The item was delivered as the exact copy found in the online shop and the material was not cheaply made. My only suggestion is for them to sell smaller sizes so it could fit perfectly on skinnier ladies. Other than that, Kooding rocks!

Well, what do you think? I love denim, but I am not sure if I look nice wearing it. I am afraid to ask, but do I look fat? Be careful when you answer. Haha!

Anyway, Kooding has some special promotions for you guys. One can get 1 point for every $1 spent in the shop. A $5 gift certificate is also up for grabs for every 250 points earned, too!

What are you guys waiting for? Let’s check out Kooding!

10 thoughts on “Denim’s appeal: wearing Kooding denim point shirt

  1. Okay, first I am a guy and what does a guy know about young lady’s fashion? So I’ll go with the basics. Yes, it looks big on you. But….roll the sleeves up as you did in the last picture and that solves that problem. Next, the collar is way to big for your thin sensuous worthy-of-soft-kisses neck. Did I say that???? Maybe if you undo the top button it will deemphasize how large it is around the neck of that makes it drape more. Finally, try wearing it outside of the pants. Yes, it will still look oversized, but it may appear like you are wearing a man’s shirt which always looks sexy on a pretty girl…at least that’s how it looks in the very few romantic movies I’ve seen. There now, that’s better. I would not worry too much about it. You would look great in a paper bag. I’m done. Thanks for sharing. I’ll just go take a cold shower for now….

  2. The shirt is somewhat big, but rolling up the sleeves did help. I don’t think I’d wear it untucked, as the male commenter suggested. I think you’d look dwarfed. No, you do not look fat. You look like a tiny girl wearing an oversized shirt. So there you go. Enjoy!

  3. Hey!. I think the shirt is indeed big on you. But if you roll the sleeves up like in the last pix, it will be ok. I am not a huge fan of Jeans. never been and never will be I guess… Very nice review about the site…

  4. Hi, i wanna ask about kooding online shopping. I have read about the free shipping, do they really give you free shipping to your country? And about the quality of the products, is it really look exactly as the deatil that is shown in the picture?

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