Digiperm Experience at Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio

Last November, I had my first perm done so badly that I steered clear from having my hair touched by other people. I have natural wavy hair, but had been wearing it straight for more than seven years so I decided to flaunt my curls by having a perm. Unfortunately, my hair was murdered in that first experience. To read more, you can find the entire story here.

My hair was growing longer and the curls dried and dull. Wanting a new hairstyle, I googled for some pegs and found myself liking those with bouncy waves achieved by having a digital perm (digiperm). Filled with renewed courage and faith to trust other people’s hands on my crowning glory, I searched for the best hair salon for this service. The hits were mostly Korean hair salons and I shortlisted three candidates: Bangs Tony & Jackey, Aaron Yoo Hair Salon, and Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio.

Choosing for the Best Digiperm Salon

Narrowing my choices to three, I read reviews and asked comments from those women who had their treatments done in the three salons. My criteria were accessibility, quality, result, service, and price. Bangs Tony & Jackey has a lot of branches here in Metro Manila, Aaron Yoo has two and both are in Pasig, while Beauty Brick has one located in Makati. For quality and result, some reviewers say that perms made in Tony & Jackey used chemical treatments that make hair easily dry and weak while Aaron Yoo’s customers commented that their large curls look like small-to-medium sized only. Patrons kept coming back and recommending Beauty Brick for the “perfect”curls they do. As for service and price, Tony & Jackey is known to have expensive services and mostly based on hair length. A friend spent more than Php10,000 to have her hair permed and she didn’t mind it one bit because she was happy with the service and result. Aaron Yoo has average price around Php5000 or less, but they often offer vouchers in MetroDeal, Ensogo, and Groupon which cost Php1000. Beauty Brick has a standard of Php3500 for any hair length.

With all those facts, I chose to go to Beauty Brick Salon. I convinced myself that not all salons are the same to the last I went to and having all those positive comments and reviews, I felt safer with my decision. Late Friday afternoon, I sent a message to book an appointment for Saturday and received an affirmative response in less than ten minutes. My fate was sealed.

The Experience

beautybrick salon

It was rainy when I arrived, but the place was cozy enough. I was greeted by all the staff and the receptionist checked my schedule. I was ushered to sit in one of their couches and offered hair magazines while I waited for the availability of a stylist.

Prepping Up

Soon, I was called for shampooing and once done, the owner, Mr. Shin, a Korean but Japanese-speaking senior stylist, approached and examined my hair. It was no surprise when he deemed my hair damaged. After all the treatments it had – rebond, color, and perm, my hair was in no way healthy. He reiterated how damaged my hair was a lot of times by speaking in Nihongo to his right-hand, a Filipina also fluent in Japanese. I understood completely what they were talking about though. 🙂 With my hair condition, Mr. Shin could not predict the result of the treatment nor guarantee that it would bubble up and be curly. The two of them tried persuading me to wait until my hair grows longer so the damaged part could all be removed, but I insisted. Mr. Shin, caring about his salon’s image and satisfaction of his customers, told me that he would try his hardest to give me what I wanted.

My hair was chopped shorter than what I originally wanted and Mr. Shin explained that he needed to remove as much damaged hair as possible. From my butt-length hair, it was reduced up to the bra line. After the haircut, a staff introduced too many products that they would use to my hair. She explained each of their purpose, but I wasn’t able to take photos or know their names and brands. All of them are organic though. Products were applied and washed and I lost track of how many times I changed seats for all those.


The Perm Process

Mr. Shin took his time in checking personally each of the clients’ hair treatments and when I was ready for the curlers, he went to me and did the front sides of my hair. He initially asked how I liked my curls and I answered big for I want those sexy, loose waves. It could be achieved, but the expert offered to have medium curls for me as these would last longer and eventually become loose later. Accepting his advice, I opted for medium-sized barrels, 16 and 18 I think. Starting the task of applying the curlers to my hair, Mr. Shin worked with his light hands while loudly giving instructions to his other staff. Other stylists continued on the rest of my hair and once done, they made me go to the hot perm apparatus which basically defined what a digiperm does compared to cold perm. Sorry, my photos were lost so I couldn’t share, but I managed to borrow from Google.

The digiperm machine

The digiperm machine

I forgot how long it took, perhaps 20-30 minutes, but I felt my hair getting heated by the octopus-looking device. The heat was tolerable and thankfully, I didn’t smell that my hair was burning! Haha. Next, I had my hair washed again for the last time. Always chatty, I talked around with all the friendly stylists who handled me and the shampoo guy told me that after the washing, I could already see my curls.

The Result

Was I scared? Of course. I did not know what the outcome would be like. A pessimist, I was already devising ways how to hide my hair should the treatment got ugly. When Mr. Shin’s assistant approached me with a smile on her face, doubt slowly ebbed away. Of course, my hair was still wet and I didn’t know how she could judge that it was a success, but still. Anyway, together with two more staff, they slowly dried my hair and curls began to appear.

Okay, I told you I have natural wavy hair so curls appearing on top of my head were no surprise. However, when they dried my hair more, I could slowly see the tell-tale signs of new, curlier, hair! They twisted my hair a lot of times while drying, and for few minutes I looked like this.

 goldilocks hair

Don’t worry, I didn’t dream of being  Goldilocks. The stylists were so friendly and genuinely concerned that they stopped once in a while to ask whether the heat was okay or the tugs painful. They gave me scalp and back massages, too. Expert advices and do’s and don’ts were also freely given to me while they concentrated on their task. Done, they called Mr. Shin to do the final touch. Like magic, he pulled my hair out of those beautiful locks to have voluminous, bouncy curls. I was stupefied as I stared in the mirror! My thin and always-sticking-to-my head crown was fully transformed.

beauty brick digiperm hair


Accessibility – Appointments can be easily scheduled and confirmed, but I don’t know about walk-ins. Beauty Brick Salon has a lot of customers even in the morning so I think it is better to save a slot by calling them first. The salon could be easily found along Jupiter street, Makati, next to Red Ribbon and a staff could give you directions should you wish to.

Quality and Result– If you have read the paragraph before this section, you could easily assume that I am one happy customer. I am very satisfied with the result of the treatment as it gave me more than what I wanted and expected. The curls stayed soft and smooth and even smelled wonderful. I was told that with proper care, my curls could last a year and still look beautiful!

Service and Price – All the staff were very friendly and accommodating. They asked me a lot of things to see to my comfort and satisfaction. Product used were organic and I did feel that they used generous amounts on me based on my hair condition. An exception to my salon experiences, none of them tried to sell me with their products. Mr. Shin is a very gifted and talented man for his craft. We both knew that it was a risk I took to have my hair treated, but he succeeded to give me his best and expertise. For only Php3500, the experience and treatment were worth it. When I go back again to avail their services, a 10% discount will also be given.

Overall, my digital perm was something I could not forget. It gave me a very satisfying service which raised the bar of my criteria and expectations to other salons. For women out there who wish to have gorgeous waves, head  to Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio now and experience being treated as a princess.

Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio

Address: Unit 103 Dona Consolacion Bldg. 122 Jupiter St. Bel-air Makati City

Phone Numbers:0917 5200044; 0947 4529878

*Impressions of a Princess is in no way affiliated to the salons mentioned in this review.


For those who are wondering how my hair turned out months after my digiperm at Beauty Brick Salon, here are my photos. My hair was in its natural state – neither curled nor iron.

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What’s your hair perm experience?

27 thoughts on “Digiperm Experience at Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio

  1. glad that ur the latest blogger to blog about beauty brick. i was having second thoughts on whether i shud curl my hair or not anymore because of the price, i wanted it to be “sulit” and not that expensive as tony and jackey. thanks for blogging this. the curls suits you btw :3

    1. Hi this is beautybrick salon.we want to inform you that this landline no.4735107/4083398 are no longer connected to beautybrick salon due to tecnical prob.for more inquuries and reservation kindly text or call to t.his no.09175200044/09474529878.new landline no will be post if avail.already…….sooon.tnx from beautybrick…

  2. I have been weighing my digiperm options just like you did (between Beauty Brick and Tony and Jackey), and your post just nailed it for me – Beauty Brick!!! 😀 Just working on my schedule, and I’ll set up that appointment super soon! My hair is quite the opposite of yours I believe, mine’s limp, thin, and naturally straight, but I’ve already had a traditional perm before, and it’s been colored already, so mine’s no virgin. 🙂 Hoping and praying my experience goes as beautifully as yours. 🙂

    1. Hi this is beautybrick salon.we want to Inform you that our landline 4735108/4083398.are no longer connected to beautybrick salon due to tecnical prob.for more info and inquiries kindly txt or call us to this no.09175200044/09474529878 new landline we will be post once will be avail.tnx from beautybricksalon…

      1. Hi! I just want you to inform regarding your contact info beacause a lots of your customer are calling and texting on me.09474529878 that mobile number is belong to me also,kindly update pls

  3. umm. hi. since you got your hair permed at beauty brick already, I was wondering if their services are affordable? if so, how much is the price range? I wanted my hair to be digitally permed before this year ends.. thanks in advance

  4. The digiperm machine looks scary. yes, it looks like an octopus. 😀 I’ve always wanted to try digiperm too.

  5. Do you have any idea if they’re open this holiday season or still open as a business? Been trying to contact them since last week of December via SMS and calls (mobile and landline) to no avail. I’m getting frustrated because I can’t decide whether to wait for them or move forward with Tony and Jackey. I mean, if they’re too full with customers, they at least should have the decency to politely turn down clients by responding to their queries and being upfront with the scenario… Hay… sayang yung publicity pag hindi ready to be sustained operationally. 🙁

  6. Hello I would like to ask on how did you booked your appointment in beauty brick like what you have said, u sent a message to them.. uh may I just know what are the important details I should tell and such??

  7. Hi! Planning to have my hair done at BeautyBrick too. I have almost butt-length(a bit wavy because I tie it a lot) hair. Does the 3500 price you mentioned already include the wax you need to apply to your hair every morning after bath? 🙂 Your hair’s nicely done. I think Mr. SHin will assess your hair first?

    1. Hi. The wax costs 500 and is not included in the Php3500 treatment price. Yes, Mr Shin will assess if your hair is okay for digital perm. He could also suggest curl size and style 🙂

  8. I also had a horrible perm experience! And until now, still waiting for my hair to grow (soooo tagal) after cutting the ugly ends haha. My question is, do you have thin hair to begin with?

  9. Hello! Im from Legazpi City and I need a help.My husband is coming home next week and he wants me to get my hair curly.not the kinky one but the uso today na wavy lang.I’m scared to try since I never try to curl my fine and straight hair.I’m looking for a salon in metro manila that is best in making kulot kulot.its best if there is one near mall of asia.thank you.

  10. How I wish my experience was same as yours. Mine turned out bad. I availed the digiperm service of EdwinLisa Salon at their JP Rizal branch in Makati using the Metrodeal voucher. It was a total of almost 6hrs of procedure and it cost me 4k (incl. root color, treatment, half rebond) but the result was frustrating. I was told that I’m okay to leave even if my hair was still dripping wet and was applied with 10-12pumps of curling lotion. When my hair finally dried, it was so stiff and heavy. My hair looked so messy and frizzy. I don’t know what to do with my hair now, I even messaged the fb page of EdwinLisa but they did not reply. I had my digiperm at a Korean Salon last year but the result was beautiful and it even cost me less (ensogo voucher 1.8k only).

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