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I know I am already overdue for another trip to the salon when the roots of my natural black mane is showing and the tips are already dry. I dyed my hair in light brown twice and it complemented my skintone well, but it has been months since I last had my hair color treatment. It is just as well that I received an invite from Azta Urban Salon SM Jazz branch to try their Discover Ombre services.

Azta Urban Salon has been catering to the needs of young market, providing hip, stylish, and trendy hairstyles since 2004. With its reasonably priced treatments, personalized customer service, and well-trained creative team, Azta is becoming more popular to new urbanites’ demands to follow the latest trends in hair and fashion.

The day before my scheduled Azta Style Sessions, I was asked to choose from the seven ombre hair color that Azta is offering:

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Guess what I chose?

Sombre is a subtle and softer kind of ombre with the art of low-light dimension coloring. This technique plays around with shades slightly lighter than natural base color for that wearable ombre look.

Requesting for a style peg, I sent a photo of Victoria from FX, a Korean idol group. I love how her hair flows smoothly and I do covet her bangs. I have a natural wavy hair and haven’t braved wearing bangs, but I want to try having one now.

When I arrived, I was greeted by Ms Meg, the marketing manager for Azta Urban Salon. She ushered me to my designated seat and I couldn’t help but be surprised in a very personal treatment I immediately received.

Azta Urban Salon, Ombre, Discover Ombre, Azta Style Session, Giveaway, Ombre Giveaway, gongjumonicaThis cute frame was put in front of my chair. There is also the names of my styling team. Mr Jo, Micay, and Ced.

Azta Urban Salon, Ombre, Discover Ombre, Azta Style Session, Giveaway, Ombre Giveaway, gongjumonica

As soon as I was seated, I was asked my choice of beverage and was served with milk tea along with these sweet treats. Perfect!


First, senior stylist Mr. Jo assessed my hair and planned how to go to my ombre treatment. I had digital perm more than a year ago which made my hair dry and damaged, so he recommended not to bleach my hair.Azta Urban Salon, Ombre, Discover Ombre, Azta Style Session, Giveaway, Ombre Giveaway, gongjumonica

After that, Mr. Jo cut my long tresses. I think I waved goodbye to four inches of hair! He then styled my bangs, first in my entire lifetime. Next, I was ushered to their washing station. My hair was shampooed and conditioned by Micay and he has these gentle hands which massaged my scalp well.

Highlights for that sombre look was first applied then after some time, my hair was dyed up to the roots. Everything went smoothly and my styling team has the softest and gentlest hands that I couldn’t help but felt sleepy. Soon, it was time to wash my hair. Then, it was dried and styled. It’s time for the revelation.


Azta Urban Salon, Ombre, Discover Ombre, Azta Style Session, Giveaway, Ombre Giveaway, gongjumonica


I am very pleased to see my new look! It looks very polished and sophisticated. My mane becomes shinier and softer and the curls more pronounced. And oh, my bangs made me look different in a good way!

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I wish I could look like this every day! I am in love with my new look.

I couldn’t help but look in the mirror several times to ensure that what I was seeing was real. The number of compliments I am receiving is overwhelming.



Azta Urban Salon, Ombre, Discover Ombre, Azta Style Session, Giveaway, Ombre Giveaway, gongjumonica, sombre, balayage

Impressions of a Princess, in collaboration with Azta Urban Salon, would like YOU to have your own ombre makeover experience! One lucky reader of will win an ombre makeover of your choice at Azta Urban Salon SM Jazz branch in Makati to be used this month of November. Open to Philippine residents who can go to the abovementioned branch only. Before we head on to the contest, please read the following:

IMPORTANT NOTE. PLEASE READ: It is very disappointing to see a lot of invalid entries in my previous giveaways. If you wish to win, please be honest in sending your entry as I do validate. One dishonest entry can automatically disqualify you. Tips: Do not follow to unfollow later on. When you subscribe to my blog via email, a message will be sent and be sure to click and confirm your subscription.

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58 thoughts on “Discover Ombre at Azta Urban Salon SM Jazz + Giveaway

  1. I want to win this Azta Urban Salon Ombre Makeover because i really want to have an Ombre hair (but i can have that because it is too expensive to have it. lol), it feels like it is to astig to have an Ombre hair.

  2. I want to win this Azta Urban Salon Ombre Makeover because I would love to cover my grey hair that is already showing up. I would like to look a lot younger with my age and it would be my first time if ever I win.

  3. I want to win because my hair is such a disaster. It long and dry. I want to have a hair makeover in time for the holidays. 🙂

  4. Thanks for this giveaway sis! the recent salon where i had a hair makeover kinda murdered my hair so I want a new haircolor / style. crossing my fingers to win!

  5. Because November is my birthday month 🙂 been so stressed us lately and ond of my break from the corporate world is blogging, girls like you help me relieved my stressed. Thanks for the effort in blogging. P.S i love your love story, i may not comment on your blog but im definitely lurking 🙂

  6. I want to win the Ombre makeover because I want to experience the vitality and that radiant look like the way you look at the picture. 🙂 I’ve never done anything else to my hair except have it rebonded then cut, rebond then cut. I want to change it for the better.

  7. I want to win this Azta Urban Salon Ombre Makeover because my hair is dull always on pony tail I would like to have style so I could gain confidence because Its a bit expensive I could prioritize having it style but this would be a great gift for myself

  8. Well I haven’t tried ombre before and my dark roots are several inches long already! And yes, it’s time for a new hairstyle. Hoping to win! [Fingerscrossed]


  10. I’ve always wanted to do something different with my hair but can’t afford to do so. I want my hair to look lively and trendy despite my stressful environment at work. I think Ombre makeover is the key for me to look younger and radiant 🙂

  11. i want to win the Ombre Session because i want to bring my hair back into life! its is so drudging to look at my hair so i really wanted to get this opportunity..

  12. The last time that I had my hair pampered was 3 years ago and this was because I had to attend a wedding. Being a mother of two and a wife, I am so busy taking care of everthing..from cooking to cleaning the whole house to doing the laundry weekly that I do not have the time and money for leisure. I had to had my hair cut just to easily manage it and tie it up the whole day. The usual on-the-go-look of a Mom. I wanted to look sexy for my husband and younger and this would REALLY help me achieve that. 🙂

  13. Hi, Monica! Em here! 🙂

    I always wanted to try Ombre. It’s just that it was so expensive. Hehe. I also heard a lot of good feedbacks on Azta Urban Salon and I would also love to try out their service. Thank you for giving your readers the opportunity! 🙂 Take care always. Miss you, girl! :*


  14. i love ombre hairstyle so much because it’s cute to see and cool.i always watch on youtube how to do ombre hairstyle but i’m always failed.i’m so happy if you give me an opportunity to try it for the firs time!

  15. I want to win this Azta Urban Salon Ombre Makeover for a new look and also an advance birthday present to myself on nov 22 🙂

  16. I want to deserve to win the Azta Urban Salon Ombre Makeover because I have been planning to do ombre on my hair in Azta for a year now. My whole 4 years in college, Azta Katipunan is the only salon I go to, and now that I work and live in Makati, I’m happy that the SM Jazz is open and nearby already. I need the update in my hairstyle because I find it comforting when I feel troubled, it feels like a refresher.

  17. I want to win this Azta Ubran Salon Ombre makeover because, all this time I’ve been scared of making drastic changes (a reason why my hair has been jet black all this time :P). Now that I finally have the guts to and a chance to do so. My inner and braver self says go. 😀 I don’t want to regret doing anything that I could’ve done when I had opportunity to do so.

  18. I really want to win a make over from Azta Salon because i have kids so i don’t have time to take care of myself,and i don’t have money for myself, that’s why i’m always joined to contest and also i want to have a new look before christmas and new year!, Thank you miss 🙂

  19. I want to win this Azta Urban Salon Ombre Makeover because i have been wantin to have an ombre hairstyle buiit i dont know where salon to go to

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