Dove’s #WeAreBeautiful Campaign: A Beautiful Legacy

Are you beautiful?

If I am going to ask you this question, will you be able to look at me in the eye and confidently answer in an affirmative?

Last December 2013, Dove revealed that only 7% of Filipina women identify themselves as beautiful. This statistic was very alarming, so the brand responded to this figure by launching the #IAmBeautiful movement. For my Filipino readers, I am positive that you remember watching and seeing active promotions for this cause. Perhaps you even participated in their selfie campaign?

After a few months, there seemed to be a paradigm shift on self-acceptance and self-worth as Filipinas were encouraged to embrace their beauty. To date, there are more than 1 million women declaring themselves beautiful. What a success! Included in that number is yours truly. 🙂

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Now, Dove is ready to take this campaign in a whole new level. As the public’s interest has now been piqued, it is high time to address underlying significant issues facing Filipina women of all ages today. How will the brand do this?

Introducing the Dove Legacy

In a recent study conducted by Dove Philippines on adolescent Filipina girls, it is shocking to know that 2 out of 3 girls feel pressured to look more beautiful. External pressure from peers and friends drive them to beauty anxiety. Still, these girls are still hopeful to look better in the future. In fact, 81% of these young ones look up to their mothers as their role models.

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Dove believes that behind every girl is a mother who taught and guide her to believe and accept her own beauty. Moms have the power to mold and develop their children to be confident in their skin. With these in mind, Dove mothers have the capacity to create a future generation of empowered women who embrace their real beauty.

Therefore, inspiring mothers to accept themselves as beautiful is integral in helping out young Filipinas. Daughters often mirror their mothers’ actions and beliefs, so a confident mom can reflect a self-assured girl as well.

To further promote this new cause, Dove has recently released a film entitled Dove Legacy. Please click the link above to watch this very inspiring video.

#WeAreBeautiful Campaign

dove, dove legacy, #wearebeautiful, #iambeautiful, beauty, beautiful, real beauty campaign

With this insight of how a mother sees herself is reflective on how a daughter views her own beauty that Dove launches the #WeAreBeautiful campaign. Mothers must realize that they hold the power to change their daughters’ perception of beauty and their self-worth. Only when moms themselves accept that they are beautiful can they also influence their daughters to think the same. Indeed, what a daughter feels about herself starts with her mother.

dove, dove legacy, #wearebeautiful, #iambeautiful, beauty, beautiful, real beauty campaign

Once again, thank you Dove for this advocacy in helping and encouraging Filipina women to embrace their own real beauty. I am confident that we will be able to reach more women this time!

What is your beauty legacy?

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  1. So true! The generation today is prone to physical beauty and mothers should be more responsible enough on how they will build up not only the daughters but her kids regardless of their gender. Only at home that children must understand the value of real beauty inside and out!
    Pang- Miss U ang peg ko! hehehe!

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