Dwell in possibilities with JAMY fashion

More than a year ago, I couldn’t see myself as a blogger who would write for her international audience and maintain an entertaining voice in the blogosphere. Now, my site is live for almost two years and I am still overwhelmed by the amount of followers and active readers I have. I received several blog awards, book review proposals, product review offers, and store collaborations, which all made me feel very grateful to each one of you who continue supporting my writing.  Every time someone liked, commented, shared, and reposted my articles, I feel satisfied being read and appreciated. I kept on saying that blogging is my new passion; it gave me this certain purpose and happiness in life.

As I look back, I couldn’t imagine myself not taking that huge leap into publishing my own thoughts. Thanks to my former colleague, Jae, she encouraged me to have an outlet of my opinions. I dwelled in the possibilities and found promising ones along the journey.

Why don’t you try blogging? An answer immediately formed in my mind and without thinking twice, I took a plunge into the deep sea of possibilities.

Perks of a Blogger

Possibility #1: Instant celebrity

Along with a gradual rise to stardom, one possibility that I considered was the number of people I am going to talk to through my blog. Originally having a free site hosted by WordPress, I easily gained readership from US, Philippines, UK, Canada, and Australia. The rest of the world followed. Soon, I reached my first one thousandth follower which put me in cloud nine. It continued growing and I found myself having new international friends who are so accommodating in sharing their thoughts with me.

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Possibility #2: Freedom wall

Technically not a wall, but having a website of my own helped me to be comfortable with whatever I wanted to write. I could freely talk about my love for reading, culture, history, politics, food, and fashion without thinking that someone might not like it. During the times that I was down, I found writing a very cathartic activity, too.

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Possibility #3: Product endorser

If this is not your first time to visit my site, you would’ve noticed my right widget bar filled with banner ads from various shops. You might be wondering what those are and nope, they aren’t affiliate links for me to earn money. Instead, these online stores are willing to do collaborations with me by sending some of their products for free in exchange of an honest review.  I feel like a popular celebrity!

I usually get review products like these!

jamy pinkbanana

jamy fiona dress

jamy bongashop dress

jamy possess set

Just a few days ago, I received a parcel from South Korea containing items I got from my newest partner, JAMY.  This is an online store featuring several Korean clothing and cosmetic brands for both men and women like Aboki, Tom & Rabbit, Niponjjuya, Pink Banana, among others . Since 2007, its mission is to provide the best Korean fashion to the international market by having a Joyful theme, Artistic style, Magical products, and Youthful lifestyle.

For this article, I would like to share a cute dress I got from Tom & Rabbit brand from JAMY. Since my favorite color is blue, I instantly fell in love with the hue and design of this piece. Don’t you think it’s lovely?

jamy tom & rabbit dress

Possibility #4: Playing like a Model

Reviews are more effective when someone actually uses the products received and for this case, I have to try and wear the dress. Smiling in front of a camera while sporting this lovely number sounds a better way to make my point, don’t you agree?

jamy dress

The dress is in free size so I had to pray and hope for the best. Fortunately, it fits nicely and the material hugs my body in all the right places.

jamy tom and rabbit

I especially like that the shoulder length of the dress is the same with mine so I don’t have to suffer from loose/hanging sleeves.


Furthermore, I like how the skirt blooms from waist down. So princess-like!



Love my pink bag? I got this from Dresslink in a very affordable price.

Thanks to blogging, doors of possibilities were opened before me. Things that I didn’t think I could do before are now easily within my reach. Through being active in my website and positively engaging to a lot of people I meet both online and offline, I am now able to taste some perks of being a blogger. Getting something out of writing wasn’t in my intention when I first started this, but who doesn’t want to experience more things that life has to offer?

Do you normally take chances and try out possibilities in a certain situation? Please share and let me know.

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Stay tuned for another outfit and review post for JAMY soon!

54 thoughts on “Dwell in possibilities with JAMY fashion

  1. Oh my gosh!. I love these pics, Nica. The dress is gorgeous and the photos have the right amount of light and your background is beautiful. Love your heels and clutch too. I love being a blogger too. It’s one of the best things I have done in my life!

  2. you are extremely right in saying that blogging gave us space to share our views about what we feel and what we like. Yes it gives happiness in life. its a well defined post by u … thanks for sharing

  3. Great post!
    You look really nice in this blue dress and I like your pink bag too. 🙂 I’ve seen thejamy’s website a couple of months back and I love most of the dresses and shoes on their website.

  4. we have started blogging recently and are enjoying it very much.. wouldnt say no to some perks though 😀
    You looks lovely in that dress.. the color is so attractive! love the cut of the dress too!
    – giglove

  5. Gorgeous dress! Kept my current blog for a two years or more, love to have a voice! I agree it´s rewarding to blog! I like taking chances on travels actually for some reason, love traveling to exciting destinations.

  6. I like the color of the dress. You have great legs by the way. Thanks for inspiring us on your story of success. It’s loving what we do that brings us there and I hope you stay humble. giglove ^_^

  7. I’m so happy that I started blogging too! I”ve met and become friends with so many people that I would have never met other wise.
    Love your dress! Royal blue has found a big place in my wardrobe recently. GIG

  8. I wasn’t familiar with JAMY before – I’m on their site now and Wow – great items!
    I love blue too, and that dress looks great on you!

    I normally don’t take too many chances. I like my comfort zone

  9. wow your experience is inspiring. I had been writing in a diary but not constant though since I can’t manage to be online most of the time. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  10. Nice taste is obvious! You really keep a very nice fashion blog and your ideas are inspiring to us. I loved the dress on the 2nd pic! You are the best!

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