Early Christmas presents for me!

Thanksgiving did come and go and I am very grateful with how I am doing in this blog. Now, I have almost 500 WordPress followers, plus SNS friends, so I really feel that I am doing something right in my writing (and ranting?). There was a recently concluded giveaway and I am happy to announce that the prize is ready to be shipped! Congratulations again to the winner!

But it seems I also got my share of winnings. This week, I was surprised to receive such a number of parcels in my home! Most of them are printed books I won in giveaways and contests found here in WordPress. My mom personally received them and curiously asked me where they came from, and I just answered, “From my international friends!”

I was like a child eager to open Christmas presents. I love bubble wraps, but I know that the items inside are more important. I unwrapped them all and here are what I got:

books I got from mail

The first one is an original DVD copy of 500 Days of Summer.

My friends teased me for living in a cave because I haven’t watched this film. But it seems that luck is on my way as the good girls from Leah and Sam gifted me with one. They shipped it to my home address, too!

Next is a book titled The Legacy of Dreams by Allie Jean. Unfortunately, I forgot where I got this so whoever that angel sent this to me, thank you!

After that, two books came at the same time. I opened the smaller package sent by Becca Chopra. It is the second installment to the Chakra Diaries – a fictional narration of ten people who saved their lives through the lens of chakras. This book, The Chakra Secrets, is the author’s path in healing and balancing the seven chakras. Becca is so sweet to include a card and a letter, too.

I won this book from Linda, another WordPress blogger. I participated in her Thursday Throng where she features authors for appearance, book signing, etc., and I was fortunate to win a copy of The Chakra Secrets in one of her Author Interviews and Giveaways. I didn’t expect that I would win. I had fun chatting with them and I am glad to know that Linda loves tea, too! I think some of Linda’s giveaways are still open so you guys head to her site and visit the Thursday Throng for a chance to grab paperbacks and/or e-copies of awesome books!

Then with a building anticipation, I reached the bigger parcel. For some reason, I immediately knew what it was – the thing I was waiting for! I carefully tore the wrap and behold:

Homeschool hijinks is extremely kind enough to offer a signed hardbound copy of Rick Riordan’s latest novel, The Mark of Athena. If you have been reading my posts even a month ago, I was gushing over this recent masterpiece by Riordan. It was a dream came true to now possess a signed copy of his book! Thank you very much Homeschool hijinks for opening a prophecy-like contest to decipher in exchange of a signed book.

I actually planned to finish this post with the DVD and three books, but earlier this morning, my colleague, Jayvin, gave me a special edition of Brida by Paulo Coelho!

She is starting to find new homes for her books and other stuff since she is going to migrate in US after her Big Day next year. She even wrote a letter wishing me to find a soulmate soon! Oh, how I wish it will be sooner. 🙂

It is true that giving gifts is such a thoughtful act to make the receiver feel appreciated and loved. The thought of sharing something to another – may it be bought or handmade, shows how grateful one is for the existence of another. So in this coming Yuletide season, let’s express how we value those people in our lives by giving something from us. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we should buy something of a higher monetary value. Guys, handmade presents are cool, too! So why don’t we try doing engaging ourselves in do-it-yourself projects? What do you say?

20 thoughts on “Early Christmas presents for me!

  1. Congrats Monica! 😀 That is so exciting! I love winning books! I had a lucky streak earlier in the year, and won quite a collection of books from Allen and Unwin – via their facebook page. It was fantastic! But now I need new bookshelves because the books are overflowing! (Actually I need a new room, to put those new bookshelves!) lol

    1. Thanks, Heather. Joining giveaways and contests are fun and exciting, indeed! I also love winning books, especially printed and signed ones. However, since most promos are only available in US, I can also settle for ebooks.

      Wow. I am interested in joining another site. May you share it with us here? The more the merrier, they say!

      I envy you. I wish I can have even a new shelf. 😀

  2. Congratulations on all the winnings Monica and I must admit Brida is one of my favourite Paulo Coelho books, I read it on holiday when I was going through some pretty significant changes and it really hit the mark.

    You are right about my blog too – I do have some giveaways that are still open and you can find them all here: http://womanontheedgeofreality.com/2012/11/23/free-book-giveaways-still-open/ The latest Thursday Throng Interview is now up too and that has a free eCopy of The Lazuli Portals up for grabs too.

    1. Thank you, Linda. I started reading Paulo Coelho just a month ago, but I love The Alchemist. I hope it will be the same with Brida. With your good experience with it, I have higher expectation for that novel!

      I am encouraging my readers to please check out Linda’s link above to learn more about new authors and their novels. You guys might also win special prizes like what I got!

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