Enjoying the cold with Korean ice cream

According to my phone’s AccuWeather application, Manila is in 28 degrees Celsius. However, it feels like 10 deg lower. The country has been frequented by typhoons and LPAs these days, but thankfully, Manila has not been the target of these.  Still, cumulonimbus clouds, strong wind, and continuous rain are common. Yes, we like the cold temp for a change, but flood caused by these ill conditions is really a bummer.

After the meeting this afternoon, my colleagues Jae and Micah wanted the three of us to try those Korean ice creams available in the canteen. Since we assume that I have more knowledge in everything Korean, they trust my opinion on what flavor to choose. 🙂

On our way to the cafeteria, we stopped in the third floor landing to look at the blurry Makati skyline – so foggy because of the thunderstorm expected to pass within twelve hours. It will be colder and wetter in the region, but we still want to eat ice cream!

Makati from afar [taken from my mobile]

Unfortunately, Melona’s red bean fish ice cream sandwich was not available. In fact, only one flavor was not out of stock. Grr! Of course, we settled for this one. I wanted to expose my colleagues and friends to Korean culture and food!

We had 뽕따 (bbongda) Korean ice cream cheesecake bar. I wasn’t sure if the two will like it, but I have the feeling that they will.

At her first bite, Jae exclaimed her approval of the cold treat. “Masarap,” she said. Micah, who is a picky eater (hehe), also agreed. Together, the three of us enjoyed the ice cream with Tortillos.

Here are some of the photos of the ice cream sandwich we had:

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  1. WOW,, That’s my favorite!! I know it’s really delicious. Please treat me too like your friends hahaha I really want to know Korean food ^^

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