Poetry: Escape


phantoms of the forest

[photo: The Phantoms of the Forest by Casoni Ibolya-Iby]


With my young heart, I loved

purely and innocently, I gave

yet I was inadequate

for he left.

Soon another one grew

but was abruptly cut

as a bud, it didn’t blossom.

The cycle repeated.

The leaves changed colors

for how many times –

I could not remember

as my frail heart

weakened to beat.

Oh desolation! This emptiness

when will it leave?

I grew weary and prayed

for this misery’s end.

Until now, in here

surrounded by earth, I pushed

this limpid glass over me

as I screamed for someone to notice

someone to care.

Then, it dawned on me.

This is how my journey

my lifetime

will finally end.

No more melancholy, despair, and sadness

as I stopped battling with the glass

I now understood. The way I came and

the way I go will always be like this.





4 thoughts on “Poetry: Escape

  1. Hi Monica. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting.

    I really liked this piece. Something about the way it is written made me read it several times over; and each time, I saw something different – something I had missed on the previous reading. I particularly liked the line: “The way I came and/the way I go” – which encompasses both what has been and what is to come; and somehow still holds out hope.

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