Fan girl: I met SHINee’s Min Ho!

I didn’t expect I would immediately adapt to my new working surrounding and colleagues, but shortly few weeks after I started I think I have found a friend. Jelyn, a Public Administration graduate from UP who is four years older than me, became my instant friend right after the final interview in my company. We share the love for food: pasta, cake, milk tea, and Oreos. We also love shopping, pigging out, taking photos, and immersing to different cultures.

Happy Jelyn in one of our after-work bondings at Shangri-la Plaza

Happy Jelyn in one of our after-work bondings at Shangri-la Plaza


Happy Monica, too!

One time, we had a lunch out since there are too many important people conducting meetings in our company. While deciding where to eat, we passed one of Korea’s popular cosmetic brands – Etude House.

I’ve been using some of Etude House’s products and had pulled Jelyn inside the store to browse for their new items. I didn’t plan to buy anything because a friend went back to her country for vacation and promised to get some cosmetics for me try on. Since I rarely wear makeup, she told me that she’ll introduce me to “barely there” look most Koreans have.

Still, I managed to talk myself into buying a cleansing cream and a face mask. I just want to try different masks and a cleansing cream looks promising, too. So after convincing myself that I need/want both, I purchased them immediately.


While paying in the counter, I saw Shinee Min Ho’s life size standee smiling at me. My heart instantly melted! After seeing his face for straight two weeks because of my drama marathon of To the Beautiful You (아름다운 그대에게), a Korean version of Japanese manga Hana Kimi, I thought I was hallucinating. Hey, that’s an exaggeration. Anyway, I was so happy to see him that a part of Nelly Furtado’s Try started playing in my head:

minho etude

“…Then I see you standing there

Wanting more from me

And all I can do is try… ”


And I did try. Asking permission from the cashier, I asked Jelyn to take a photo of me and Min Ho. Here I thought I am not a fan girl! Good thing the cashiers were not making fun of me so that lessened my embarrassment.



Hehe. Thought it was for real? I am not that a “fan girl” as to see Min Ho in person. I think SHINee has been to my country a few times before, but I am not that very interested to watch them. Perhaps when I’m in Korea…

Wait for more of my adventures and experiences in my new job with my new friend. I am sure there are a lot to come!

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10 thoughts on “Fan girl: I met SHINee’s Min Ho!

    1. He’s one of the members of a Korean boy group called Shinee. Recently, he also starred in a Korean version of Hana Kimi. This series had Taiwanese and Japanese versions. Haha for whatever reason, I suddenly didn’t care whether they’d look at me while my photos were taken with a Min Ho standee 🙂

  1. LOL I thought you were for reals when you said you met Min Ho, like at a hand shake or something, but a life size poster is just as real as the real one. Although I’m not a huge fan of them I have lots of other Korean stars that I might go “fan girl” on. But not like, super crazy “fan girling”. 😉

    1. Haha gotcha! That’s my real intention, actually. 🙂 I am not really a fan of Shinee, but I enjoy some of their songs and appreciate the faces of the members. Then I watched that series and liked Min Ho more. That explains my craziness at the Etude store, I guess. Which Koreans do you like?

      1. I like a lot of them! At the moment I’m in love with actor Choi Jin-hyuk because I’m watching The Gu Family Book and it’s awesome~ I also love Jung Il-woo and Lee Ki-woo since forever. And then there goes the boy groups (the under-rated ones). Too many to name ;P

          1. I’m really enjoying the series. It’s an Historical drama so if you enjoy watching that kind of genre then go for it. Lee Seung-gi and Suzy (from Miss A) is also the leads in the series too.

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