Fibr: Home’s Most Powerful Broadband

We can no longer stop the rapid change and development in technology nowadays. With the rise of mobile phones that are smarter than ever, along with the increase in production of tablets and computers, a decent internet connection is almost a necessity. I assume everyone can relate to the feeling when we are surfing the web or simply replying a message in Facebook then suddenly the connection gets wonky. You would love to throw your mobile device for a minute there, right?

Having a lot of Korean friends, I feel envious when they boast that their country has the fastest Internet speed in the planet. A full movie can be downloaded in five minutes or less. I almost cried when I confessed that it takes almost half a day for me, given a stable connection. But alas, the largest telephone and broadband company in the Philippines thought of something! Need bears innovation, indeed.

Fibr, PLDT Home’s most powerful broadband, allows users to seamlessly browse multiple websites. Perfect for a blogger and social media enthusiast like me! In addition to that, Cignal TV channels can also be available for viewing. I haven’t tried Cignal, but my friend assured me that Cignal Digital TV is so clear and high-definition. Lastly, and definitely the feature I am most excited about, Fibr can enable viewers to stream hundreds of blockbuster movies on-demand using Clickplay! This can be one good reason to have movie dates, don’t you think?

Here is an infomercial about PLDT Fibr:

Speaking of movies, it is already November and I am highly anticipating for the film adaptation of Catching Fire, The Hunger Games sequel. I cannot contain my excitement to watch how Peeta and Katniss fight for their lives and beliefs in the third Quarter Quell. With that, a question came to mind:

If you were a character in the Hunger Games, how would you use Fibr to help you train to win the pageant?

In preparation for the pageant, I will use Fibr’s ability to have multiple sites browsing by reading a lot of tutorials on makeup and hair styles. I will discuss with Cinna the design of the clothes that I will wear and on how it could make my image clearer by being “the girl on fire”.

Also, I will brush up on my martial arts skills and read on survival tips. I need to get ready on the Quarter Quell and it is important for me to use Maps to study the layout of the arena.

With the fastest internet connection in the country, I could easily research on the previous victors’ profile. I could learn more about their fighting skills and strategies through their interviews and videos.

More importantly, pageant is all about pleasing the people in the Capitol. I will create a fan page for Peeta and me and try to be active in social media promotion. I will attract sponsors for the game by being charming and actively updating them with the latest news.

Oh, what an exciting way to prepare for my fictional Hunger Games pageant! With the aid of technology, everything could be planned and made easier. I just hope Fibr will also be there when the time comes!


Fibr is now available in over 800 fiber-powered villages nationwide. Visit or call 101-FIBR (3427) for more details.

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