Fotor: My Newest Photo Editing App Favorite

As a blogger, it is very important to take photos of clothes, events, portraits and landscapes for my site. Pictures make every article more interesting to read, so I always make it a point to include at least one in a post. As much as I am happy with the quality of the raw photos my Samsung Galaxy S4 takes, I still love playing with effects, filters, borders, and stickers using photo editing applications and software. Whenever I see a vibrant and colorful photo, I always wonder how to do that. Hence, my continuous search for photo editing apps.

Fotor, photo editor, photo editing, free, online

Few days ago, I stumbled upon Fotor. It is another photo editor available for various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. I downloaded it for free at Google Play Store and tested what it has to offer.

Fotor, photo editor, online, free, download

It has the basic editing tools like crop, adjust, effects, scenes, borders, tilt-shift, and text. The user interface is good, friendly, and intuitive, so there is no need to worry if you are a beginner like me. I don’t like those apps which don’t have labels to their editing icons; they assume everyone already knows each of them.

Fotor has various photo effects to choose from and I love them all. They make me look more beautiful. 🙂

Fotor, photo editor, online, free, download

Fotor, photo editor, online, free, download

Fotor, photo editor, online, free, download

Each tab for Classic, Lomo, B&W, Art, and Vignette offers tons of features as well.

However, I have read that Fotor has collage and text options but I failed to find it in the mobile app. Thus, I tried downloading it in Windows for FREE and was happy that I found everything that I was looking for.

Fotor, photo editor, online, free, download, collage

Photo collage was a fun experience as it let me do whatever I wanted. I could add up to nine photos for the collage and change border thickness, background, and color. There are many layouts to choose from, but there is also a freestyle option where one can do a collage scrapbook-ish. It also has a 1:1 ratio which makes edited photos Instagram friendly! I hate it when I have to crop or put borders to my pictures when I upload them to IG.


As a noob in photo editing, I prefer mobile apps, one-tap enhance, and one-click editing over complicated processes. Perhaps that is why I don’t like learning Photoshop. Instead, I keep on searching for easy and user-friendly applications that could give me high-quality and professional looking photos for my blog. Now, I think I have found one reliable app that could help me with my blogging needs and social media life. If only the mobile version also has collage and text features, this will be perfect.

Have you tried Fotor before? Which mobile photo editing app are you using? 

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  1. thanks for sharing this sis ^_^ will definitely check this out. hassle kasi minsan ang many steps. di gaya neto, one click lang, kaboom! dyosa! hehehehe!

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