Freeway x Juan Luna Collection Launch: Rediscovering Philippine Heritage through Fashion and Art

Yesterday, October 10, I was very privileged to receive a VIP pass for this year’s Freeway National Masters Collection Series launch. Held at the Lopez Memorial Museum in Pasig City, the event was teeming with activities in spite of the rain and heavy traffic. Along with fellow fashion bloggers, art enthusiasts, critics, and media, I was awed at how grandiose the celebration of history, art, and fashion was exhibited by a single affair.

Freeway Masters Series x Juan Luna 03

Freeway, a Philippine fashion trendsetter, has been showcasing the lives of prominent Filipino national artists for years now. This year, Freeway raised the bar in choosing to celebrate an internationally renowned master whose art pieces transcend time. This man is of course no other than Juan Luna, the Filipino Master for Visual Arts.

Knowing the Master behind Spoliarium: Juan Luna

Popular for his romanticism and realism styles, Luna is considered as one of the greatest artists of the Philippines. Pursuing his passion for the art, he travelled to Europe where he got his first achievement and recognition in his work The Death of Cleopatra, which won a silver medal in the Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Demonstration of Fine Arts). Later, he kept on impressing both the Europeans and his fellowmen by his outstanding works such as Spoliarium, Battle at Lepanto, El Flautista, Espana y Filipinas, The Happy Beauty and the Blind Slave, Tampuhan, Mestiza Lady at her Dresser and Roman Ladies.


Spoliarium [credits: National Art Gallery]

Espana Y Filipinas by Juan Luna, oil on canvas, 1886Espana y Filipinas [credits: Lopez Museum]

Immortalizing Luna

The creative minds of Freeway team have ingeniously chosen to immortalize the revered master in its newest historical collection. Fusing art and history with its expertise, Freeway revolutionized the meaning of fashion by creating a sense of pride for Philippine heritage and culture among Filipinos. The 24-piece  debut collection Luna series is consist of tops, sleeveless shirts, jumpsuits, and corporate and tailored dresses for ladies, plus some men’s casual tees. In preparation for the coming holiday, the clothing line also offers gift ideas like phone cases, mouse pads, coin trays, necklaces, and canvas bags. All of these clothes and accessories were printed presenting some of Luna’s well-loved pieces such as Espana Y Filipinas, El Flautista, Una Dama Francesca, I am Cold, Fencing Positions, A Roman, and Various Subjects.

Halter Top with Hemband &  Una Dama Francesca by Juan LunaHalter Top with Hemband &  Una Dama Francesca by Juan Luna

Extended Sleeves Tee with hemband & A Roman by Juan LunaExtended Sleeves Tee with hemband & A Roman by Juan Luna

Mouse Pad with Espana y Filipinas by Juan LunaMouse Pad with Espana y Filipinas by Juan Luna

iPhone 5 Case with El Flautista by Juan LunaiPhone 5 Case with El Flautista by Juan Luna

The Event

“The Master is coming,” that was one of the teasers of Freeway’s newest clothing series. The Master indeed came and showered us with his presence in the collection of his most celebrated works. All of us were able to view and admire his masterpieces shown in the Lopez Museum’s ongoing exhibit, Trajectories.

Trajectories Exhibit

This exhibit features paintings and sketches of 19th century Philippine art masters such as Juan Luna, Felix Hidalgo, Vicente Manansala, Fernando Amorsolo, among others.  All these will be available for public viewing until October 31, 2013.

After oohing and aahing at the amazing detailed information and trivia provided by the guided tour, guests were gathered in one room to view Freeway x Juan Luna campaign photos and videos. Soon, our attention was caught by the exclusive fashion show being presented to us. Honestly, it was my first ever live fashion show event and I was overwhelmed to be one of the very few to witness the unveiling of the collection. The models all looked ethereal and the Luna pieces featured in their clothing were perfect to achieve the look that transcends time.

Freewayx Juan Luna Fashion Show 01.jpg

Freewayx Juan Luna Fashion Show 02.jpg

Freewayx Juan Luna Fashion Show 03.jpg

As I admired the models’ effortless walk and projection, I was imagining myself playing model while sporting Luna. Haha! I noted my favorites and grateful that Freeway made the Master’s designs available to everyone by producing casual and semi-formal attire.

FreewayxJuanLuna Launch

After the excusive show, host ANC anchor Lexi Schulze piqued our interests to know more about the celebrated Master and his works. Conducting a very lively, engaging, and witty interview with art historian, Mr. Santiago Pilar, and Lopez Memorial Museum Director, Ms. Mercedes Lopez-Vargas, guests had a glimpse on how Juan Luna lived and his way of making a mark in Philippine and international art scene.

Thoughts of the Blogger

Having my first VIP pass and fashion show, I reached another milestone in my blogging life. I felt important in being one of those selected few to be part of such a special occasion. Even though we forgot to charge and bring our cameras, here are the rest of the humble shots using my 13MP smartphone.

 admiring Espana y Filipinas.jpg

FreewayxJuan Luna collection Monica.jpg

Special thanks to my blogger friend, Dovi of Amour Pour Cadeux,for giving me an extra slot for this event.

MonicaDovi.jpgDovi and I ^^

These were handed to us upon confirming our attendance in the registration. Look closely!

FreewayxJuanLuna press kit.jpgMy first ever press kit

thefreebies.jpgGiveaway! Thanks to Friends of Freeway for these


From Freeway: Freeway x Juan Luna Horizontal Shoulder Bag with I am Cold by Juan Luna Navy Blue; available in stores nationwide

From VMV Hypoallergenics: Skin a Jiffy Facials gift certificate

From Macadamia Hair: Healing Oil Treatment


FreewayxJuanLuna A Roman teeLook what I also got here!

Freeway x Juan Luna Colorblock Extended Sleeves Tee with hemband & A Roman by Juan Luna, Red


And of course, Dovi and I took the opportunity to have an OOTD photos. LOL


Dovi OOTDDovi 🙂

Impressions of a Princess OOTD


This was definitely a night to remember. The organizers successfully executed a smooth and flawless event at the same time fed the interests of everyone in revisiting the rich heritage of the Philippines through fashion and art. The Freeway team was very friendly and the photographers were kind enough to take our photos since Dovi and I forgot our cams. History majors, who exclusively guided the two of us were so accommodating to explain and answer tons of questions and clarifications from me. Also, it was good to meet Miss Dulce Festin-Baybay, Public Affairs and Media Relations Head of the Lopez Library, who happily chatted with me for a long while as we expressed our interest in the largest Filipiniana collection the library is housing. To crown it all, the highlight of the event was the creative showcase of Luna’s original masterpieces and their digital translations in the newest Freeway collection series.

Want to know more of the Juan Luna collection? Starting today, October 11, the Master’s collection will be available at Freeway stores nationwide and online shop at You can also visit their Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram @FreewayOnline for more information.

What are you waiting for? Be proud of our heritage and culture by appreciating the works of our Filipino artists. I can’t wait to save up for this favorite!

Shortsleeves Dress with Artwork by Juan Luna

**Waiting for the official photos to be released!

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