Friday ice cream

August 17, Friday

Everyone seems so energized today. Not only because it is the last day of the week, but more importantly because there is a long weekend ahead for us. Both Monday and Tuesday next week are declared holidays in celebration of Eid-al-fitr and Ninoy Aquino Day, respectively.

This morning, our Friday brunch buddies were gathered in the first level of the canteen, happily eating our meal while inserting jokes between bites. The show in the first floor’s TV was Black Swan, and we tried to watch it albeit the low volume and microscopic subs.

Anyhow, after the “main course”, some.of us had coffee and tea, while Micah and I planned to have some ice cream. And oh, not just ordinary ice cream. Korean ice cream! Yay!

Micah bought Ench0 bar, a product from 빙그레 (Binggrae). I haven’t tasted it, but it looked delightfully yummy. Dark chocolate filling layered with vanilla ice cream? Yep, that’s Encho.

And what did I have?

Samancho ice cream! Fish shaped waffle with vanilla ice cream and red bean paste.

붕어 싸만코

진짜 맛있어!

My fish eating Encho bar

Just sharing.

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