Give your books a new, personalized home this year

Are you a bookworm like me? One who itches to buy and read more books than he/she can manage in his lifetime? Are you often seen in book shops, hauling new and old books alike to add to your ever-increasing to-be-read pile? If you answer yes, then I guess I am safe to confess to you this problem I currently have.

It’s a given fact that I love reading. It is an integral part of my life. Of my existence. I go as far as to say that it is my lifeline. If I didn’t discover my passion for this world’s greatest hobby, I don’t know where I will be now. I am grateful that I started to be enamored with this leisure pursuit in an early stage, so much so that the feeling of holding a book and reading those printed words intensify each year. To feed that thirst for books, I began acquiring copies of my preferred genres and tried to quench the desire to read more. Sooner, I noticed that my small book shelf was no longer enough to occupy my books – novels I bought in local book stores and discount shops, some given by friends, others I won from various giveaways, and copies sent by authors themselves for my review. Some are already read, but most of them still untouched. Others were still even in their own packages.

I suddenly felt somewhat sad by the current state of my dearest books. Sure, they are just papers and inks to some, but I value the authors and publishers’ efforts to create such masterpieces. Thinking that I am somewhat a bad mother to my babies, I am embarrassed when I realized that I am not seeing to their welfare.

Am I sounding crazy already? If not, can someone please raise his/her hand and join me in admitting that we are neglecting to care for our books?

With this thought going around my head for days, I googled for inspirations. What about a new bookshelf? Mine is relatively smaller than the volume of books I have now, so I think it is high-time I splurge for my life companions. I salivated for some images I found over the Internet and I like to share some interesting photos to you, fellow bookworms.

This first photo is a very stimulating shelf, I guess. If you feel lazy to continue reading that classic novel, go to your shelf and READ.

read shelf

For some of us who are nationalistic at heart, why not a shelf shaped as our country? I found this one. I would like to see a version for my country, but it will be a challenge to whoever will design it. The Philippines is an archipelago with more than 7000 islands, so good luck with that.


Music enthusiast? No excuse to be a bookworm, too. You may even get this guitar-shaped shelf and boast it to your rock band. m/

guitar bookshelf

And for sport enthusiast? I couldn’t find something for soccer or tennis, and this is the best that I could share. Skateboarding, anyone?

skateboard bookshelf

Ah, I happened to get another one. Boating!


Animal lovers, I thought of you, too! Here’s a cute dog shelf to remind you of man’s best friend.

 dog shelf

For tea lovers like me, don’t fret! You can enjoy a drink while browsing over the titles in your tea cup bookshelf.

teacup shelf

And for others who want something simple yet unique, how about an invisible shelf? One way of entertaining your guest with a quiz “Find my bookshelf in 10 seconds”.



Those are just some of the designs I saw which caught my attention. I don’t know where to get them, and I’m afraid most, if not all, are not available in my country. I bet they cost a lot, too.

I saw this furniture shop over the web and it offers simple and minimalist stuff, just what I like. There are a lot of choices for bookshelves depending on the design, personality, and budget of everyone. It is in German though, so I used Chrome’s translation to get a better feel in browsing. If you want something homey, you can find items here which can even suit your house paint and design. If you are looking for something classy and elegant, the store also features those pieces. There are actually a lot of products being offered, and the indecisive person in me is getting confused on what to choose. They all look good to be a permanent fixture in my house.

Whatever design I will choose, one thing is definitely clear. I will buy a new bookshelf for my collection. They deserve that. Aside from covering them with plastic and opening them only in a 50-degree angle whenever I read, that’s the least I can do for my buddies.

What about you? Do you have too many books that you don’t know where to put them? Are you also due for a new shelf? Do you think you’ll get one of those personalized shelves I featured? Or those simple ones from an online furniture store? Whatever your thought is, please let me know in your comments.

33 thoughts on “Give your books a new, personalized home this year

  1. Fantastic post!. I loved reading it. Thankfully, I have a huge bookshelf and it’s only partly filled. Still among those books, I have many many unread!. I loved the READ bookshelf and the invisible one. The boat shelf has a very homey feel to it. Cute!.

  2. Those shelves are gorgeous! If I were left to my own devices, I would probably buy every single one. Too many books and no place to store them anywhere. =[ I run out of shelf space fairly quickly!

  3. We have so many books that my husband got me a Nook & I’m forbidden from buying anything but ebooks anymore. Cause it nearly breaks his back every time we move and we have to haul boxes and boxes of books. We have an entire wall full – the shelf is huge!

  4. ‘a bad mother to my babies’, lol how cute, it can keep us awake at night the not so good conditions we force upon our books, love the ideas though and if anyone does the Philippines bookshelf, please send me a link for that would be immense!

  5. Aw, I find all these book-shelves great! They’re fun and give a fresh and individual feeling to the home…and give the book-worm excuses to buy MORE books! 😀
    Yes, I have many, many books and quite a pile of books still to be read (when I can find the time), too 🙂

  6. Love this! May I reblog this post?
    I come from a family who used teapots as plant holders, and a victorian stule bath tub as a garden water feature. Things made of other things are great!
    My books are stacked too high on my shelves, like sardines in a tin! Must not buy any more books until I have a real set of shelves.

  7. My favourite was the teacup one – I love tea! Really liked the first one, the ‘READ’ one as well, although it looks quite large. It’s lovely to hear someone talking so passionately about caring for their books. 🙂

  8. I really liked this post! I can understand your love for books because I’m just like you. I have a very serious problem with space, and the big problem is that I cannot get a new bookshelf because I don’t have space for it either. If I could, I’d get the one that is the word “read” and the tea cup one that is so cute! I really wish I had space for that.

  9. while others wished for a walk in closet, I want my own library at our house hahaha!!! It’s a joy for me when I finished reading a book that I get attached to it I can’t move on how it ended LOL anyway if I’m given a chance to decided on how my bookshelf would look like I want the invisible one ^^V

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