Goodbye 2015

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Goodbye 2015.

This year had been a mixture of ups and downs for me. I had my fair share of happiness, sadness, gratitude, and disappointment.

This 2015, I kept on taking my grad studies and even attended a summer school in Europe. I tried taking a challenging government examination and still waiting for the results. I discovered my real love of traveling and visited nine countries and several provinces in the Philippines. I have realized my worth and learned that I should only be with those who accept and appreciate me. I was able to realize who my real friends are. I have met interesting people who I hope would continue to stay. I realized that to be happy, I do not need acceptance and approval of my so-called friends in the social media. I am still learning to move away from the world of SNS and inspirational memes and get a real life and be the inspiration to others.

On one hand, I have realized how unfair the world really is. I discovered people who were only using me for their own advantage. I have burned bridges and detached from all kinds of relationships which no longer make me happy.

Goodbye 2015. Goodbye to all the pain and heartaches that I have endured. Goodbye to all the mistakes and unwise decisions I have made. Goodbye to all the people who had deliberately put me down. Goodbye to my old self.

Thank you 2015. I appreciate all the good things which made this year wonderful and the bad ones which only made it more colorful and memorable. The year may be full of bumps and hurdles, but it brought countless learnings and meaningful realizations and made me a stronger and wiser person. As I look back to these past twelve months, I can only say that I am now ready to face 2016 armed with these experiences I had.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye 2015

  1. Likewise, this year had been the most challenging for me. With grad school stuff and pursuing a [slightly] different career, felt like I started from square one. Plus, the pressure from people who want to control our lives. Well, let’s take our time Monica. In time, everything will fall into place. Happy new year Monica! Love the good vibes you’re spreading. 🙂

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