Happy Holidays!


happy holidays


Merry Christmas to everyone!

*This post is updated as of 22:33 December 24

Hi, guys! I just got home from an obligatory Christmas eve mass. It cannot be denied that the Christmas spirit is really in the air. Here in the Philippines, most of us are practicing Catholics and this season is no doubt the biggest and most festive part of the year. No, it isn’t because of the huge store sales and discounts.

I hope this isn’t late and I pray that this holiday isn’t about commercialism.   Let’s find it in our hearts the true meaning of Christmas. I want to write more in here, but it’s less than two hours before midnight and I have to help Mom and our helpers prepare our Christmas feast. So I think of ending this post with a song from one of our singers, Jose Mari Chan.

Let’s sing Merry Christmas and a happy holiday
The season may we never forget the love we have for Jesus
Let him be the one to guide us as another new year starts
And may the spirit of Christmas be always in our hearts

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38 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

          1. It is Christmas morning now…celebrations are about to start…

            But for Noche Buena my husband and I went to church where I was one of the main singers in the service. I had made a potato leek soup from scratch before I left, so we had that while wrapping last minute gifts, watching movies and baking cookies and cheesecake for dinner at my mom’s house this evening. 🙂

            1. Oh! The time difference is almost 12 hours. I am about to prepare to sleep now. It’s almost the 26th here.

              Aha! So here’s someone who can sing well. I was part of the choir when I as younger, but I am not that active now. I settled for children welfare community in my parish since I always love kids.

              I envy you! I don’t know a thing about baking aside from eating baked goodies 🙂

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