Help me choose!

Happy holidays, everyone! How’s your Christmas?

I am out of office for two weeks and currently enjoying a blissful holiday. While surfing the internet yesterday, I stumbled upon a shop in Etsy (Rakunshop) which offers unique and cute stuff. Sure, items found in her shop are too dainty and feminine, but hey, that’s what I want!

Tell me, aren’t these shoes lovely?

anchor pink flats

navy rabbit flats

Now guys, I need your help. Can you help me decide which items below should I choose? I know all of them are beautiful, but I just need a single item. I cannot have all of them, can I?

I know this is asking a lot from you guys, but I hope you will be able to help me. I want something pretty and I hope you will lend me a hand in choosing the perfect handmade item. I trust your preferences! 🙂

This poll will be active for a week, I guess. After that, I will be happy to follow the result of my readers’ pick.

Thanks a bunch, dears!

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35 thoughts on “Help me choose!

  1. They’re all adorable! I voted for the calico cat, because I think that’s just the cutest one. I liked the matryoshka dolls almost as much, but I think the calico cat is more symmetrical.

  2. I think the Matryoshka dolls are adorable! I have a real life Santa Claus version of those dolls which makes them pretty seasonally appropriate.

  3. You’re brave to follow out choices (although at this point my fav is winning). But I guess when you pick the items, you can do it like that!

    And I agree with edgeofjade, I thought Peter Pan was a bra, too!

    1. I trust the collective opinion of my readers, even if they’ll choose a bra *ahem* for me. Oh, I will surely follow the winning choice!

      Haha. Too many people thought it was a bra. It was an unconscious way of getting people to read (and comment) my post, I think. *just kidding*

  4. The Matroyshka dolls are winning and I personally did vote for that!.. Those dolls mean new life and I think it’s ideal for the new year.. I did think the peter pan necklace is a bra and felt weird later when I realized it’s not.. hahaha..

    1. Well, that’s good though there are few more days before the poll closed. I take this seriously and will surely follow my readers’ choice.

      Caught you, Naz! It was unintentionally put. I know it’s a peter pan necklace, but it surely looks like a bra… LOL

  5. Seems like I’m not the only one who thought the Peter Pan one was a bra, haha. I voted for the Matroshyka dolls! So cute, and I’ve always had a soft spot for them. =D

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