I came, I saw, I conquered: The 30-day Blogging Challenge

Finally! Yesterday, I posted the last entry for my 30-day Blogging Challenge. Whew! At first, I didn’t expect that I would be able to finish it, what with my busy schedule and attention span. The topics given weren’t that easy to write about everyday, but I have gathered thoughts and ideas from my daily reads and experiences. From serious philosophy to almost forgotten childhood memory, I have braved the challenge to simply write and express myself.

Being a new tool to prevent my seemingly writer’s block, I can say that it had successfully pushed me to write even about mundane things. My brain kept on thinking of interesting ways how to present a day’s theme as well as on how to start or end a post. It went on for a month. And like muscle memory in training, my brain became used to thinking new ideas for writing.


I couldn’t succeed in this challenge without support. For my two colleagues who also joined me in this endeavour albeit hectic work and personal schedules and complaints about a day’s topic, I thank you for staying with me through it all. And of course, who will forget my active and enthusiastic followers, commenters, and likers? I owe this to you guys! All of you inspired and motivated me to continue writing things that would be appealing and interesting to you. My heart skipped a beat everytime I received comments. Oh, how glad I was when someone read (and suffered) from my often distractedly long posts!

Thank you all for sticking with me for this past six months. I know I am a beginner in blogging and that most of my posts are created in trial-and-error method, but you stayed. It made me feel that I have, even a little, a knack in writing. I will be eternally grateful for your help in making me realize that.

So what’s next for me? For the horror of some, I will continue writing more! 🙂 And how about for you lovely readers? Hmm. Stay tuned for a surprise!

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34 thoughts on “I came, I saw, I conquered: The 30-day Blogging Challenge

  1. you did a magnificent job… very enlightening and entertaining. you truly have talent, and your blog is a great opportunity to further explore and develop your writing style! BRAVO!
    Kahuna-pule Kimo

    1. Oh thanks! I love our tea conversations, too! I am yet to check out the site you have given me, but will sure do in the future. By the way, I am thinking of trying matcha green tea. Have you? I like to order that kind in some coffee shops and it has this kind of authentic feel – Japanese/Asian way.

      Well, it is okay. It’s not the quantity but the quality of the posts that counts! 🙂

      1. I’ve tried mancha I think?! there is a blend here called Arctic Fire that I really like; it’s a black china tea base with beregomont flowers I think? I’m going to try Licqourice Legs next, which is more a herbal tea I guess, made from the roots: my friend has just done a sort of clean eating program in a 12 week challenge for her health club and she told me it’s quite sweet naturally so it kicks the cravings…….it’s going to have to be very good if its going to beat my cake fix though!!

        1. I have tried matcha/mancha green tea and I like it. However, I think we can buy a powdery version of it. The powder is used for anything green tea – cakes, ice cream you name it.

          I don’t know about Arctic Fire. I’m not sure if I have tried it here but with a different name. That liquorice legs seems interesting. Is it like a herbal, dietary tea?

          Tea over cakes, I say! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the like on my mindfulmonth.wordpress.com blog, where I’m currently engaged in my own 30 day blogging challenge, NaBloPoMo style. It’s great to read your experiences from ‘the other side’ of the challenge, as it were. I’m only a week in but already I’m finding the practice invaluable (as is the support of kind readers!)

  3. That is awesome that you took the challenge and kept to it. Very well done. I, too, did a thirty day challenge – The October Memoir and Backstory Challenge. It was to write about the first 25 years of your life OR your child’s life, OR your character’s life if you’re a writer.
    I’m a writer, but I wrote about my life and the life of my daughters.
    You can see my blog at http://timefloats.wordpress.com
    Due to a number of family issues in which I had to go out of town, I didn’t finish the challenge, but I liked it so much that I’m continuing with the theme. It was a great deal of fun to do this challenge and to read the other challenged bloggers posts also.

  4. this one could be an inspiration for me to make my own 30-days-writing challenge…. I’m still beginner, and i have a lot to share about my daily activities, but i think i would rather to blog about a one or two most interesting, and inspiring things of my day… thanks for inspiring me 🙂

  5. Hello
    Just wanted to say thank you for reading and liking my recent post about completing nanowrimo.
    Much like ur 30 day blog challenge, which i might try as i’ve neglected my blog recently (i’m sure i heard it cry once), it was hard to hit the word count each day againsy tiredness and backache.
    Did u struggle in parts with ur challenge? If so, how did u over come it?
    Thanks again

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